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Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood Review

The Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood is one of the most popular models that belong to the Z Line Pro series. Like most models under Z Line Pro, this product features 4 Speed Touch Sensitive Electronic Controls, but this one comes with an LCD display. It boasts of its efficient and quiet operation brought by its truly functional blower and fan as well as its filters. It is a Z line product so you can expect it to be one of the best in line in terms of performance and overall quality.
Z Line 36 Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood
Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood Features

  • 4 Speed Touch Sensitive Electronic Controls
  • LCD Display
  • Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Baffle Filters
  • chimney Extensions Available for up to 12′
  • completely installed blower and fan
  • Power: 110 v/60 Hz
  • Material: 430 Brushed Stainless
  • Lighting: 2 – 20w Halogen


The 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood features an excellent stainless steel design from the chimney extensions down to the main hood. The stainless steel design this product has is high quality, making this range hood look good as well as durable. It also features an LCD display that not only displays the speed you have chosen but is also a proof that this product is advanced kitchen equipment, made to perform well and be of convenience to the user. It also features 4 Speed Touch Sensitive Electronic Controls which also makes this product a good-looking product for the kitchen.


The Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hoodalso features components that make this range hood perform well such as the Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe Baffle Filters. This feature effectively filters steam, smoke and odor from the food being cooked so that the kitchen and the whole house won’t smell of food. It also features excellent blower and fan that can be controlled to either low speed or high speed depending on your needs. These excellent features contribute to the excellent performance of this range hood especially when it comes to eradicating cooking smell in the kitchen.


The 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood features a completely installed blower and fan. In fact, everything that you need or all components needed to make this range hood function well are built-in already so all you have to do is mount it on the wall. There is no need to install this range hood piece by piece, etc.

The Pros and Cons of the Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood

The Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood is most reviewed by many consumers and previous users because of its excellent description and features. Based on most consumer reviews about this product, it has several pros and cons:


  • This is a VERY QUIET MACHINE and the cubic feet per minute are excellent.
  • The stainless steel is not cheap but high grade & comes with heavy thickness. It is also beautifully polished and is attractive as well as a great performer. The two piece chimney surrounds are also heavy duty Stainless Steel.
  • The exit of the 6″ round flu from motor has a butterfly damper that opens when fan engaged so it will be great to prevent back flow from exterior.
  • It effectively dispels heat at top sides because the uppermost section has two sides consisting of a series of venting.
  • The entire hood and two sections are protected by a clear or blue skin of plastic that is easily removed after installation.
  • It is effective in catching any accumulating grease from motor area low point that is accessed via the removable baffle because of the included small approximately 2″X3″ clear plastic topless box that has slots that slide into brackets under motor housing.
  • Installation is easily done & straightforward. The two hole mount and pigtail make this easier than an under cabinet model to install.
  • This product is super well made.
  • It has a nice overall look and material quality. It is even better looking when mounted or installed.
  • The buttons operate well and the LED indicator on the front is nice. They make it easy to operate and use this range hood.
  • The lights work well and can be rotated to focus on the cooking surface. They can serve as your light for cooking convenience in dim lighting.
  • It has good fan suction even at low speed. You can be sure that all the steam, the smoke, etc. can really be sucked and filtered by this range hood.
  • The 4 speed controls are nice and not found on other brands. This makes this product very unique.
  • The hood can be set up to shut itself off after 3 minutes. There is o need to worry about forgetting to shut it off.
  • It has so many vent setting and adjustable lights, so it looks expensive, making it a super value range hood.


  • The two halogen lights are in rear of unit and are only 20 Watt each so total 40Watt; so woefully dim for cooking surface.
  • The unit tends to vibrate when hanging on two bolts. You’d need to put additional screws if you want to get the peace of mind that it would hold firmly on the walls.
  • The included wall screws and anchors, or the plastic duct are useless. The screws holes for the chimney flue are too large for the bolts they provided. You are better off buying the right parts for your installation from a hardware store.
  • It is louder than you expect it to be. The noise level is just the same as other rage hoods wherein it gets loud on high.
  • The baffles fit very loosely into the housing and sit a little lop-sided.

Overall, the Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood is the best deal because of the price. It is also the best range hood to buy if you want to incorporate a high end look to your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Z Line 36″ Stainless
$299.25 from Amazon

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