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Yamaha FS720S Acoustic Guitar Review

In the big world of acoustic guitars, there are a lot of choices presented to you. There are wide varieties of instruments for the acoustic guitar category. You may be wondering which acoustic guitar would suit you the most. There are things to consider too, like your playing style, your budget etc. If you are able to answer these with certainty, then it will be easy to make a sound judgment when buying your acoustic guitar. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s not just the price that should be considered in buying but the features as well. The Yamaha FS720S Acoustic Guitar is promising with its impressive features at a very reasonable price. This top class acoustic guitar has been crafted well. When you play guitars, they have to be well made. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend so much for a music instrument. Your priority should always be quality at a good price. This is what makes the FS720S amazing. This high-end acoustic guitar would surely make your music inclination perfect and truly valuable. Craftmanship is very important as it will determine not just the quality of the guitar you have but will have an impact on your performance too. Needless to say, despite your tight budget, you would definitely want the best instrument possible.
Yamaha FS720S
Yamaha FS720S Acoustic Guitar Features

  • Comes with Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • The back or sides are made of Eastern Mahogany
  • With Nato Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard/Bridge
  • With Natural Finish
  • Nato Neck Natural Finish

Excellent design

The Yamaha FS720S Acoustic Guitar is well built and shaped. The Rosewood Bridge feature gives you a western feel. The neck of the guitar is also extremely impressive. It’s nato neck has a natural finish making it incredibly awesome. In addition, it is well bound for durability and efficiency. The solid sitka manifests a strong built on the sides and at the back which is being complimented with the rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Also, the eastern mahogany sides and back of this guitar provides for extreme durability. The look of the guitar, admit it or not, is one of our priorities too. This simple, stylish and durable guitar will still look good through the years. When you buy something, you wouldn’t want it to go obsolete right away. Yamaha’s FS720S promises you that.


In choosing an acoustic guitar that will survive for the longest time, choose the ones that are made of high end materials.  The Yamaha FS720S Acoustic Guitar, given the features is one step ahead of other acoustic guitars. Playing music to some is mystical. It allows them to share the music that resides within them. Thus the need for a guitar that will enable them to share at their best for longer periods.

Advantages of using Yamaha FS720S Acoustic Guitar

  • Ease of playing. With Yamaha’s FS720S, there’s no need for any additional equipment unlike electric guitars. You can play it anytime, anywhere.
  • Quality guitar. When buying something of value to us, especially to musically inclined persons, quality is of utmost importance. We don’t want the instrument we love to play to last for only a couple of weeks or months or so.
  • High-end. This FS720S is one of the best in its class provided its features, the solid sitka top, the eastern mahogany sides or back, the nato neck and the natural finish all make up a high-end guitar.
  • Reasonable price. acoustic guitars are cheaper than electric ones. No need for amplifiers or cables. The FS720S is a decent one and is worth the price you’ll pay.

Disadvantages of using Yamaha FS720S Acoustic Guitar

  • Thicker strings. Acoustic guitars are made of heavier gauge strings making it harder to press to get a good clean sound.
  • Edgy body. This FS720S has an edgy, large body making it inconvenient to play.
  • Thick neck. The neck of the FS720S is thicker and is somewhat uneasy to grip when playing.

Generally, the ease of playing acoustic guitars is its great advantage. The versatility of Yamaha FS720S makes it a superb guitar despite the drawbacks which are superficial only.

Yamaha FS720S
$279.99 from Amazon

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