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Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar Review

The Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar provides a high level of detailed craftsmanship, which is unusual for guitars in its price range.

Yamaha FG730S
Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar Features

  • Solid Sitka Spruce top
  • Laminated Rosewood sides, back, bridge, and fingerboard
  • Body and neck binding is white/black
  • Tuners are die-cast chrome
  • Tortoise pickguard
  • Choice of finishes: Natural/ Cherry Sunburst/ Tabacco Sunburst

The Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar expertly utilizes a blend of Spruce and Rosewood, in order to deliver a full bodied sound for an affordable price. This guitar has a list price of $490-$493, yet with some smart shopping it can be purchased for $300, brand new. It is designed to uphold the standard set in Yamaha’s FG series of guitars. How do those musicians who have played this acoustic instrument rate its performance?

The Pros of the Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar:

  • The value of this guitar for the price is unbelieveable. Even in stores, the sales people tout this as one of the best guitars for sale. This guitar offers way more than is usually found in an acoustic guitar of this price.
  • The sound is very clear, yet has the fullness associated with the dreadnought style. This guitar has a sound that is more mellow than some of the others in its price range. Fingerpicking really brings out the mellow sound of this guitar. The solid top lets the sound out of this instrument. Even though the sound is a bit higher than is common for a dreadnought, it still has the well-rounded tones that this body type should make. It has an “almost harp-like voice.”  People often comment on its “cheery” tones. It has a deep resonance which has been described as a baritone if it were a person. The tones from this guitar sound like those from a much more expensive instrument. The sound quality of this guitar compares to more expensive brands without pick ups. This guitar has excellent sound projection.
  • The low action made it unnecessary for a set up. The right set up makes this guitar great. With the right set up, this guitar gets played almost as much as the high end instruments for which it was meant to be a back up. The low profile of the neck makes this guitar feel “quicker” than most guitars of this type. A change of strings really brings out pleasing tones. The right setup for this guitar transforms it into a “can’t put it down” instrument. It is so enjoyable to play that a musician’s skill level can grow by leaps and bounds in a short period of time.
  • It is more than suitable as a first guitar or a jam session guitar. “Beater” would be the usual classification except that this instrument is too high quality to really fit that terminology. Great guitar for the intermmediate player as well. This is the perfect guitar for small venues that need  no amplification.
  • The construction of this instrument is clean and strudy. The quality of the craftsmanship is a pleasant surprise.
  • This guitar makes a great gift, but it is tough to part with if played for any length of time. It is well received as a surprise gift.
  • This guitar stays in tune. The tuners almost have a vice-like grip. The Yamaha FG730S hardly ever goes out of tune.
  • This guitar looks good and keeps on doing so over the years. The abalone details of the rosette are beautiful.

The Cons of the Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar:

  • It fell apart.
  • It has a narrow neck.
  • It has an unusual sound for a dreadnought.

Overall, this acoustic guitar from Yamaha really seems to meet up to the standard for which the Yamaha FG Series is known. This company does not believe that a lower priced instrument has to mean low quality. This company is known for a consistent level of craftsmanship. Hearing from the very satisfied customers about how great this lower priced guitar is, makes one wonder about the craftsmanship and sound quality that must lurk in the higher end offerings from Yamaha. The FG730S has the ability to be enjoyably played right out of the box. The already loud, clear, full-bodied sound that projects from this instrument can be further improved with a simple change of strings. Some other modifications by some musicians have made this guitar skyrocket into one of their most cherished pieces.

Almost everyone who has spent any length of time getting to know this guitar has been taken aback by the unusual sound of this dreadnought cut guitar. Those who preferred its warmer, more mellow tones have chosen this Yamaha over other guitars in its price range. The more that this instrument is played, the more often words such as resonant come up. The sound quality on this guitar is so good that it is often compared to more expensive guitars by other companies. This one at times falls short, but this guitar is significantly less costly. It is just that its quality is so apparent that this difference in price is for a moment forgotten and these comparisons are made.

The Yamaha FG730S Acoustic Guitar was designed for the beginning to intermediate guitarist, or as a jam session instrument. The thing is that once guitarists fall for this Yamaha guitar, the recommendation for guitarists of all skill levels comes up. It makes a wonderful gift and out of the many online customer reviews of this instrument, only one person seems to have had that unfortunate experience of this guitar falling apart. The praise for this instrument ranges from construction, looks, tuning, playability, and sound. In fact, more than one guitarist has suggested that this Yamaha should set the industry standard for solid tops in this price range. It does sound as though one could purchase this acoustic guitar with no regrets. Any guitar that gets better with age and/or modifications the way that this one seems to, should be able to please almost any guitarist.

Yamaha FG730S
$299.99 from Amazon

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