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Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review

The Yamaha F335 is a great guitar for beginners because it is rather inexpensive while still having the classic high quality construction of a typical Yamaha guitar. It has a combination of an appealing outer appearance, great sound, and it will stay in tune fairly well. Staying in tune is one of the more important things to look for in an acoustic guitar. This guitar has two different features that are made to keep the guitar in tune. The steel truss rod in the neck keeps it straight despite the tension of the strings. The gold tuner machines stay in place so that contributes to how the guitar stays in tune. The Yamaha F335 has a Merati body and a Rosewood neck that give the guitar a pleasant sound. An important feature in the wood of the guitar is the spruce top. The spruce adds to the resonation and volume of the guitar. The truss rod of the guitar is added to the guitar just before the instrument is shipped out. This guitar has a pretty high action, which is not uncommon in acoustic guitars. To adjust the action to be higher, you can simply use a tool that can be found at any guitar supply store.
Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar
Right now, the Yamaha F335 is very popular amongst beginners. In fact, it is one of the most popular acoustic guitars out there today, and for a good reason. The stability of the guitar is a main contributor to its popularity. The problem that many beginners’ guitars have is that they have low quality tuners, so the strings do not stay in place, causing your guitar to go out of tune unexpectedly. This can be quite the nuisance while practicing. Luckily with the Yamaha F335, the strings are very stable and it will stay in tune for many tuning sessions. In addition to this, the guitar has a supreme quality sound. The solid spruce top and Meranti back are what gives the guitar is excellent sound. Meranti is quite expensive when used in guitars, but luckily that does not reflect in the price of the instrument. The rosewood fingerboard also adds to the tone quality of the guitar. Another great thing about this guitar is the look of the guitar. It is a guitar meant for beginners, but it certainly doesn’t look like it. Unlike other guitars that have flimsy plastic pick guards and faulty finishes, this guitar has a sleek, appealing look. It has the classic dreadnought look along with a spruce top with a glittering finish, rosewood for the fingerpick and bridge, and a tortoiseshell pick guard. The tuners are also gold die cast which adds more to the look of the guitar. It has the look of an expensive of the guitar without the price.

One of the biggest appeals of the guitar is how expensive it looks despite being so inexpensive. It will stand out even among more expensive models. It is perfect to give as a gift, as the person receiving the gift will be quite happy to see that they received such an expensive guitar. It is different from typical beginner’s guitars in that as much effort was put into the appearance of the guitar as into the sound of the guitar. Beginners will take delight in the look, feel, and sound of the guitar. Since it isn’t heavy on the wallet, it is perfect for those who are just starting out and don’t want to settle for lesser quality guitars. It is just as suitable for more seasoned players as well. This guitar has such versatility that it will be loved by both novice guitar players and those who have played for years. The price of the guitar is a mere fraction of the price of much higher end guitars, yet it can it can match up just as well.

This Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar is also ideal for travel. It can withstand harsh conditions that instruments may be subject to while being carted around. It can be used for both private use and for performances. The sound quality is that great. Beginners can use this as their main guitar for practicing, while more advanced musicians and career musicians will find that this makes a superb back up guitar or one that is great for just strumming and trying out new song ideas. If you are just starting to play guitar, you won’t want to settle just for any old instrument. Starting out with a bad instrument may sully your experience with the instrument and cause you to dislike the instrument. Using a quality instrument is important to developing your relationship with the instrument. It can be hard for beginners to choose a quality instrument without guidance, as they don’t have the necessary experience to be able to identify a quality instrument. However, this is one instrument that is guaranteed to be a quality instrument. You can be assured that by purchasing this instrument that it will be the right choice.

It is also the perfect choice for those looking to purchase a guitar as a gift for a loved one who plays guitar. The Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar will be recognized as a quality instrument once it is received in the hands of a guitar player. Gift this to beginners, or someone who is revisiting the guitar after many years of not having played. With the low price, you won’t have to spend a lot of money for a gift, and your loved one will be more than satisfied with their brand new guitar. It might be difficult to pick out an instrument if you know little to nothing about them, but this one is the perfect choice without fail. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a quality instrument. It is more than the price; the quality of the sound and the construction of the instrument are important as well. The Yamaha F335 possesses a combination of all the elements that make up a good instrument, and all for such a low price.

Yamaha F335
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