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Yamaha F325 Folk Acoustic Guitar Review

Any aspiring guitarist will surely love to learn how to play the guitar without the need to purchase a very expensive model. The Yamaha F325 Folk Acoustic Guitar is an affordable model; it is sold for less than $151.96 online. This Yamaha acoustic guitar is an ideal beginner guitar that is not just low priced but is ideal for learning basic guitar lessons since it is easy to play.
Yamaha F325 Folk Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha F325 Folk Acoustic Guitar Features

  • Weighs 6.4 pounds and measures 41.9 x 20.8 x 5.5 inches
  • The top is made of laminated spruce
  • The back and sides are made of Meranti
  • The neck is made of Nato
  • The fingerboard and the bridge is made of rosewood
  • The tuners are made of die-cast chrome
  • With a dreadnought body style
  • The pick guard is made of tortoise-shell
  • With a rich gloss finish
  • Available in natural color, tobacco and sunburst
  • Your purchase comes with a digital tuner, gig bag, DVD guitar lessons, extra strings and picks
  • With a limited lifetime warranty

This model is well crafted and is a basic instrument that any beginner can play; it features a regular-sized fingerboard that is ideal for learning how to position your hand and fingers, how to do basic strumming and plucking as well as how to move from one area of the board to another in one swift movement. With a regular –sized guitar to learn the basics of playing the instrument, a beginner will be able to play with ease plus play with the proper stance the positioning of the instrument.

It’s important that all these are integrated in learning how to play an acoustic guitar as well as using a standard and reliable piece of instrument. When an aspiring guitarist learns through these means, it is without a doubt that he will learn faster and master lessons better.

Yamaha guitars

Yamaha is one of the most popular companies that offer a variety of musical instruments and audio equipment. It is already a given that anything made by Yamaha is made with an expert design and from well-developed technologies. The Yamaha F325 will be an ideal folk acoustic guitar for anyone who would like to learn how to play and how to perform with this type of guitar. And with its durable design and features, it will be an acoustic guitar that will be in the family for years to come.

Advantages of using the Yamaha F325

  • The appearance is definitely one of the best attributes of the Yamaha F325. The body looks well designed and well built, the neck is well fashioned and the top looks durable and will last for years to come. The laminated spruce top makes the guitar stand out from all other acoustic guitars since it seems to give the instrument a brand new finish each time.
  • The Yamaha F325 is made of wood that are not just pretty to look at but are also very durable compared to most woods used for guitars. Another thing to note is that guitars tend to expand in time which is a natural way wood behaves; this will ultimately lead to changes in the tone and pitch of the instrument. However in a Yamaha guitar such as the Yamaha F325, this is greatly diminished since the gloss finish offers a lasting layer that will guard the wood from surface changes as well as protect from scratches, marks and spills.
  • The price is what overwhelms so many users and consumers since it costs less than $160.00 online. Definitely a worthwhile investment since the guitar has a rich and full sound despite the strikingly low price. This low price provides an advantage to novice guitar players who are looking for a better and an affordable alternative to a Fender, Taylor or a Martins.
  • Practice makes perfect which is why even a well-talented guitarist needs a heavy duty and well-rounded guitar to use for practice is a welcome sight. This guitar is ideal for practicing finger techniques, stances when playing, playing the guitar on stage and so on.
  • For kids and teens who are still learning how to play the guitar, it could be tempting to learn using a slimmer or a smaller acoustic guitar however it will be better when a regular shaped and sized guitar is used. A regular sized instrument will help the learner get used to using a standard guitar.
  • The Yamaha F325 comes with its own guitar case, a digital tuner, extra guitar strings, DVD lessons and picks which is ideal for first time guitar players. The case will protect the guitar as you transport it while all the accessories will save you time and money.

Disadvantages of using the Yamaha F325

  • There are only a few isolated cases of the Yamaha F325 having dents, marks and imperfections when received via delivery. Most of these cases were regarding an unreliable vendor; it is therefore important to purchase musical instruments, especially acoustic guitars from reliable vendors especially from online vendors.
  • The sound of the Yamaha F325 is full and rich however it is still incomparable to most acoustic guitar brands like Fender and Martins which belong in the high end or high priced guitars. But then the Yamaha is more into helping beginners and those who would like to use reliable guitar for practice or for recreation.

Overall, the Yamaha F325 Folk Acoustic Guitar is a folk acoustic guitar that will provide a well-rounded basis for learning the basic points of playing the guitar like finger placement, finger movement, different scales, plucking, strumming and tuning the guitar. With a regular-sized guitar an aspiring guitarist will also learn how to hold, how to play while sitting or standing and of course how to play with attitude. Yes there are slimmer and lighter guitars that can be used by beginners but a regular –sized and weight guitar is far better to help new guitar players learn. The price is also unbeatable since it costs only a fraction of the price of a high end acoustic guitar.

Yamaha F325
$151.96 from Amazon

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