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Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review

Learning to play the guitar can be challenging and fun but not everyone finds it to be what they are looking for, and spending a lot of money on a guitar that you may or may not use has the potential to be wasteful. That is why purchasing the Yamaha C40 beginners kit is great for those that are looking to learn to play the guitar but do not want to spend a large amount of money. The Yamaha C40 beginners’ kit comes with a full-sized guitar, a digital tuner, a padded gig bag, and a DVD. The full-sized guitar comes with a digital tuner which is helpful for those that have little or no experience in manually tuning a guitar. The digital tuner makes tuning your new guitar quick and easy. The padded gig bag is good for carrying and transporting your guitar around whether it is to go to guitar classes or if you are meeting up with others to play. The DVD is helpful as it teaches you the basics on how to tune and use your guitar starting with basic chords and then advancing from there. The Yamaha C40 is made from Indonesian mahogany on the back and sides and the top is constructed of spruce. The fingerboard is made of Javanese rosewood and has 19 frets. The Yamaha C40 beginners guitar kit also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar
The Yamaha C40 not only comes with a full-sized guitar that is easy to play and has a good tone but it also has a Guitar method book and chrome tuners that also comes along with the DVD, digital tuner, and padded gig bag. These guitar packages are affordable but offer a well-made product. The Yamaha C40 is a nylon string classical guitar that is full sized. Buying a guitar playing kit can sometime be more advantageous as you are buying all of the necessary components in one package rather than buying each item individually which can get pricey. A beginner’s kit is a more cost effective way to purchase a guitar kit.

Many consumers that have purchased the Yamaha C40 beginners kit have found several pros and cons to buying the kit. Many have noted that since it is a classical guitar the fret board is slightly wider than other acoustic or electric guitars. This means that if an individual is used to playing an acoustic or electric guitar it may take them awhile to feel comfortable with the Yamaha C40’s classical guitar feel, however if you are a beginner and have no previous guitar experience then you can probably adapt to the wider fret board quicker. The Yamaha C40 comes with three nylon strings and three metal strings and many have found that they wear like normal strings and that this also depends on how frequently you play your guitar. When the strings begin to resonate differently and it affects the playing and the sound then it is time to change them. A pro for the Yamaha C40 is that some users have noted that after extended use for many years the guitar still sounds and plays like it is new. Many individuals that have purchased this beginners kit also agree that the quality of the guitar is great and that is a beautifully made and structured guitar. Many are also glad to find that the guitar comes protected in its cushioned gig bag and that the electric tuner comes with batteries already in it. This makes getting started much easier, the guitar is already strung as well.

Other consumers agree that the Yamaha C40 has great sound quality and that it keeps its tuning for a long time with only minor tuning needed with use. This may vary though from guitar to guitar, as is to be expected, some may have tighter strings than others and the chrome tuners may not be the same quality from guitar to guitar. A pro for the guitar is that many agree not only that it has great sound quality but that it is also very easy to tune especially with the electric tuner. A con to the Yamaha C40 is that some users do not like how the frets have an unfinished look for the stain and around the tuning pegs which makes it less aesthetically pleasing. Other users agree that if you do not like the sound of feel of the nylon strings on your Yamaha C40 classical guitar that it is easy to buy and exchange the strings this may give the guitar a richer tone depending on the type of strings you buy. Another con that some consumers have noted is that although the guitar is advertised as having a limited warranty depending on where you buy it that may not be the case as Yamaha only allows warranties on their guitars if they are sold from certain dealers. If you are unsure if the company you are buying your Yamaha C40 classical guitar from is one of the companies that a warranty is included with than double check with Yamaha to make sure you will be getting a warranty or not. Many users find that they have no need for the warranty as the guitars are of good quality but again this is something that can vary from guitar to guitar.

Another con that some users have made note of is the quality of the gig bag. Many have noted that does not have a lot of padding and that you should be careful when storing or transporting your guitar in the case as it is not padded enough to prevent damage if the guitar is banged around a lot.

Many consumers that have purchased the Yamaha C40 classical guitar agree that for the price you are getting a guitar that has great sound quality and is easy to use. It also is easy to tune with the electric tuner that comes with the kit. They have also noted that once tuned the guitar stays in tune for extended periods of time. The qualities of the woods used to construct the guitars are another pro for many users. Some users do not like the quality of the gig bag as it is not padded enough and some also consider the finish of the fret board to be a con as it gives the guitar an unfinished look.

Yamaha C40
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