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Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner Review

Air Filter Quality and Air Cleaning Capacity

The Winix WAC5500 air cleaner is the right type of air purifier that can secure a large-sized room. Its efficient True HEPA Air Cleaner filter is the most advanced in filtration technology that will capture the smallest micro organism as well as pollen, smoke, hair, dander and all the other common threats to clean and fresh indoor air. Room odors are not a problem with superior Odor Control Carbon Pre-filter that will take care of embarrassing and persistent room odor. Winix WAC5500 also features PlasmaWave technology filters that will zap pollutants and all sorts of allergens that find themselves inside the home. Your family stays protected for years thanks to efficient air filtration technology.
Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner
Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner Features

  • Measures 16.3 x 8.5 x 21.7 in, weighs 15.7 pounds
  • With unique three stage cleaning technology (Carbon pre-filter stage, True HEPA filter stage and PlasmaWave Technology.
  • Conforms to CADR for recommended room size at 350 sq ft  room rating
  • Automatic adjustment that does the filter setting according to the threat detected.
  • Uses long term Long Life True HEPA filtration with the ability to trap even as small as 0.3 Microns
  • Uses Odor Control Carbon Pre-filter
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Uses a new technology called PlasmaWave to efficiently reduce pollution
  • Comes with a remote control

Air Quality Sensors

Winix WAC5500 has unique Air Quality Sensors that will automatically monitor the quality of your indoor room air. At the initial sign of a threat, will efficiently remove potentially harmful airborne microbes and particles by automatically adjusting its settings. You can literally set this air filter and forget it as it constantly monitors and purifies room air.

Filter Features

The Winix WAC5500 has several filter layers that will efficiently clean room air. Dirty room air passes through the initial layer of Carbon Pre –Filter that will capture chemical vapors and room odors created by persistent factors like cigarette smoke, cooking and perfume. This initial filter layer will also help extend the life of the True HEPA filter that is located in the middle of the filter layers. The True HEPA filter on the other hand is a washable, long – life filter that can capture almost 100% of all harmful particles and impurities in the air even as minute as 0.3 microns. True HEPA filters are also more economical since it is washable and lasts 3x more than regular filters. With the initial carbon filter layer, dust and minute particles will never clog and ruin the expensive HEPA filter layer adding more years of protecting your home.

High Tech Features

The Winix WAC5500 has state of the art PlasmaWave Technology that works by creating positive and negative ions. These combine with natural water vapor to form hydroxyls. These traps viruses, bacteria, chemical vapors, unpleasant odors and harmful gases found at home; the natural chemical component of these particles are broken to turn them into water vapor and into non threatening air molecules. PlasmaWave Technology is said to resemble nature’s way of cleaning the atmosphere; this feature is currently the most updated in air purifier systems anywhere.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star is the mark of excellence when it comes to appliance efficiency which means you will save money by choosing an Energy Star qualified product like Winix WAC5500. Save more than what you can get out of a regular air purifier; this appliance can clean the air of a large room saving you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Ease of Use

The Winix WAC5500 is very easy to use; it comes with a remote control that can activate air purifier settings even when you are on the other side of a large room. You can activate Smart Sensor features that automatically adjust filtration systems according to the threat detected by the sensor through the convenient remote control.


The Winix WAC5500 has a robust design that will definitely outlast all other air purifiers. It does not look sleek however it looks like a durable and efficient household appliance. The controls are all located conveniently on the top part of the air purified with the air intake and output visible and totally unobstructed.

Pros and Cons of the Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner


  • The only air purifier with efficient three stage air cleaning features that means your home will be better protected by any kind of harmful threat.
  • You will enjoy more savings as you use the Winix WAC5500 with its washable True HEPA filter which lasts more times than regular but expensive HEPA filters.
  • This air filter is built for efficient use which can purify air of a fairly large room compared to air purifiers three times more expensive with a much lower room capacity.
  • Air Quality Sensors also make the Winix WAC5500 a winning choice. No more worrying if your air purifier works; this automatic setting will maintain air quality without any additional settings. Convenient remote control also allows easy adjustments and access to power saving features.
  • Efficient PlasmaWave Technology protects your family more with a scientific process that will turn harmful particles in the air to non threatening gasses. Your family will always be protected with an efficient air filtration system that will outlast all other models and brands.


  • Although the Winix WAC5500 has several great points and features, some consumers find the machine a bit noisy, especially on full speed, than usual air purifiers. The humming sound however makes great white noise but could be annoying when you are trying to concentrate.
  • The Winix WAC5500 is very efficient but has been reported to be less efficient when taking care of dust and large air particles.

The Winix WAC5500 HEPA Air Cleaner is a truly remarkable air purifier machine and would be a great addition to your home to protect your family from allergens. With its impressive air filter layers, there could be no other machine with the same features at this affordable price range.

Winix WAC5500
$199.00 from Amazon

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