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Whirlpool AP51030K HEPA Air Purifier Review

The Whirlpool AP51030K air purifier is one of four HEPA air purifiers offered by Whirlpools. It is designed to cover from 200 to 500 square feet making it useful for small to medium sized rooms. The HEPA filter traps around 99.97% of particles which rids spaces of irritants such as pollens, dust particles, mold spores, ragweed, and pet dander allergens. The Whirlpool AP51030K HEPA Air Purifier also features an odor absorbent carbon pre-filter that removes smoke, chemical traces, and other unpleasant odors from the space.
Whirlpool AP51030K HEPA Air Purifier
The Whirlpool AP51030K features the true HEPA filter and four different fan speeds as well as an electronic pushbutton control panel. It also has a carbon filter and is used for allergens, odors, chemicals, better general air quality and can be used by individuals that have asthma. The Whirlpool AP51030K also has a filter replacement indicator and has been certified under the Energy Star program. A pro to purchasing a Whirlpool AP51030K air purifier is that it is 40% more efficient than other air purifiers and uses less energy as well as being portable and lightweight. The Whirlpool AP51030K has three filtering stages the pre-filter, carbon filter, and the true HEPA filter. The grill on the front of the purifier acts as a pre-filter that captures larger particles before they enter the unit. If larger particles do find a way into the purifier they are caught by the carbon filter which is also responsible for eliminating any odors. The true HEPA filters are what capture all of the allergens, dander, mites, pollen, and other irritants.

As with any product there are pros and cons that come with purchasing a Whirlpool AP51030K HEPA Air Purifier. Some users have noticed that the air purifier emits a large amount of heat which if the unit is placed in a smaller sized room than it almost acts as a heater for that room as well. A pro is that many have said that for the price and the quality it is a very good air purifier and is easy to use with the electronic controls and four different fan speeds. It is also quiet for the size of the air purifier. The noise level does increase with the settings as you turn up the fan speed the noise also will increase. It is also a larger sized air purifier which may cause concern if it is going into a smaller space. However the air is sucked in through the front grill and displaced through the top of the unit making it easy to push up against a wall to be less obtrusive.

The air purifier also comes with an indicator that shows where the filter is in terms of its filter life. When the filter needs to be changed the light on the unit will indicate so and a new filter can be put in to replace the old. The air purifier also comes with a 5 year warranty. Many users report noticing that the air quality in their homes has improved after a couple of months and that the air smalls fresher and cleaner, they also notice less dust particles in the air of their homes.

With the air being blown out of the top of the air purifier some users have noticed that this can cause some discomfort. The discomfort is caused from the stiff breeze that the unit creates even on a low setting. This breeze bounces off of the ceiling and onto the individuals that are using the air purifier this in turn can cause discomfort because of the draft that it produces. It can also cause dry eyes from the cool air that is hitting the individuals. Many have found that by running the product during the day and shutting it off at night it can help alleviate some of these discomforts. If you purchase the Whirlpool AP51030K then you should consider that the unit does produce a breeze as the air is being pushed out of the purifier and that it may cause the air in your home to be cool and can cause dry eyes. In contrast some users have noted that they did not experience any draftiness or dry eyes when using the air purifier and that the height of your ceilings and layout of your rooms may have an impact on how much of the airflow you actually experience. Many users have noted that the Whirlpool AP51030K works well and that it has helped with asthma and general morning stuffiness and that it is quiet enough for them to sleep with the filter on.

Many that have purchased the Whirlpool AP51030K have noted that it is cost effective as it does not use very much energy to run and that the true HEPA air filters do not need to be changed very often. It is important to note that the pre-filter cannot be washed and also that a con to the air purifier is that it does not come with a timer. If you wish to run it only certain times of the day or night then you have to manual turn it off or on.

Others that have purchased the Whirlpool AP51030K have noticed that although it is recommended that the pre-filter be changed every 3 months that it does not necessarily need to be changed that often depending on how often you use it. The regular filter is supposed to be changed once a year however as with the pre-filter this may vary based on how often the unit is used as well as how much allergens and irritants it is taking in.

If you are interested in buying an air purifier than the Whirlpool AP51030K could be the one for you. It is important to consider all of your options and to do your research before purchasing an item. The Whirlpool AP51030K HEPA Air Purifier has many pros and cons some of which include that it is quiet when set on lower settings but gets louder as you turn the fan speed up. The filters do not necessarily need to be changed as often as it is suggested; the unit is also lightweight and easy to move. However, it may not be as visual pleasing as some would hope. And finally the amount of air that is produced by the unit may be disrupted and uncomfortable to some individuals.

Whirlpool AP51030K
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