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Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 Gas Grill Review

Millions of people all across world will at one point cook a meal on an outdoor grill. Many of those will no doubt cook their food on a gas grill versus a charcoal type grill. Now, there are several manufacturers of outdoor grills with Weber being the most popular. They have been manufacturing both charcoal and gas grills for many years.

The idea of spending long hours slaving in a hot kitchen in the middle of summer hardly appeals to many people. That is what has led to popularity of backyard kitchens and many of the remodeling shows on television usually include one in their outdoor remodels.

Whether you chose a small portable model or the super deluxe multiple burner cart model you will always get the best Weber has to offer. They use only the best and highest quality materials and they stand behind their workmanship.
Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 Gas Grill
Weber Genesis s-330 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill

The Weber Genesis S-330 Gas Grill represents the top-of-the-line in outdoor cooking. All cast aluminum cookbox and shroud keeps all the components that make up cooking system safe and secure. There are several parts that make up cooking system; three stainless steel burners, main and elevated grates, Flavorizer bars and grease control system.

The matching stainless steel cart with double doors gives you easy access to where the propane bottle is stored and the remainder of the grease control system. The cart also features four large locking casters which makes it easier to move it around your patio in case of inclement weather.

The cart also serves a dual purpose; it is where the 20 lb. liquid propane tank is stored and where you will find the pan that collects the drippings while you are grilling the meat. Having the tank underneath the cookbox puts it in the perfect location for hooking it up to the gas inlet to the burners.

Also having the drip pan directly underneath the grill helps to channel the grease and other gunk so it does not end up all over ground or messing up your deck or patio. Instead, when the pan is full you just toss it away and put a new disposable pan in its place.

What makes it so special?

I have had several grills through the years from small portable propane models, to large charcoal models and for the most part they are all the same. However, that has changed for me, the Weber Genesis S series gas grills have changed my opinion and the S-330 in particular, is not just your average grill.

The S-330 gas grill features three stainless steel burners situated so that you can create heating zones that can evenly distribute the heat around the food, that way it cooks more evenly and thoroughly.

Another unique feature of this grill are what Weber calls Flavorizer Bars. That is a fancy name for grease and juice deflector. They are situated over the burners to prevent the drippings from flashing and causing unwanted and uncontrolled flame ups. The reason they are called flavorizer bars is because Weber discovered that before the excess grease and juice are caught at the bottom of the grill and channeled below in the drip, some of the juices vaporizes and turn into steam.  The steam and smoke mix together and help to add extra flavor to the food.

Knobs, buttons and things!

I know we all wish a gas grill would be as easy to use as a charcoal grill; just open the lid , pour in a pile of charcoal, pour lighter fluid and light a match. Unfortunately, there is a lot more involved with a gas grill. Lets start with the three burner control knobs that stick out the front of the grill. These are are pretty simple to use, you turn them and the amount of gas increases or decreases. The next thing we have a push button and that is used to ignite the gas being released from across the burner rod.

The last smaller knob on the front of the grill is for a special feature on the Genesis S-330 called a Sear Station. It is separate burner (10,000 BTU’s) which is designed to lock in the juices during cooking.

Weber included a shroud mounted temperature gauge and it really comes in handy for those times when you need to cook the meat over a longer period time and at a certain temperature. This makes it much easier to be able to monitor the temperature and if need be, you can reduce the burner levels.

Weber has put a lot of time and energy into this and all of the gas and charcoal grills they make. They have used not but best materials in order to ensure that your grill last and lasts for many years.

Key Features

  • 38,000 BTU triple stainless steel burner cooking system
  • Searing burner and side mounted multipurpose burner
  • Stainless Steel 507 square inch cooking area  (130 square inch elevated grate)
  • Sturdy all metal cabinet with locking casters


  • Single push button ignitor for quick starts
  • Convenient grease collection system with disposable trays
  • Large cooking surface and extra large shroud cover
  • Side burner, perfect for preparing sauces for the meal


  • It is huge
  • Assembly takes two people (for safety)

My Final Thoughts

This is the largest grill that I have ever seen and probably will ever own. Having a large family like ours makes it a necessity to have a lot of cooking area and that is what the Weber Genesis S-330 Gas Grill offers.

Living in a part of the country that has a steady breeze, the push button ignitor is a huge plus in my book. It means I don’t have to go through a box full of wood matches trying to light the burners.

There is so much to say about this fantastic grill that I could just ramble on and on. The fact is that you cannot go wrong if you take a look at it for yourself. I believe that once you see it for yourself you will have to have one for yourself.

Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330
$949.00 from Amazon

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