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Weber 586002 Liquid-Propane Gas Grill Review

Apparently discerning grill chefs like you that also like to get out of the backyard. You know you won’t settle for a flimsy portable grill that destroys more foods than it cooks. It takes a Weber 586002 Q 320 for premium grilling—anywhere you want to take it, from the beach to the rooftop. The durable Q 320 is light and rolls easily for max portability, and performs like what you’d expect from a Weber.

The Technology Behind the Weber 586002 Q 320 Gas Grill

As the company claims, Weber has perfected its gas grilling systems over the years. The Q 320 comes through with its consistent cooking and a serious grill rack that holds in the heat. The Q 320 adds to that with its two burners with separate controls. The burners are fine-tuned for even the slightest adjustments in temperatures for side by side cooking.
Weber 586002 Liquid-Propane Gas Grill
The Weber 586002 Q 320–a Portable Grill that’s Built to Last

The cast aluminum cook box is not only going to hold up against rust, it’s going to trap and hold in all that heat without giving in to it. It’s not going to cave in to either the heat or the elements, so you can count on enjoying this grill for years.

The 2 cast iron grilling grates are porcelain-enameled. They’re heavy enough to hold a lot of heat and take a lot of banging around. The porcelain keeps them easy to clean and resists burning and sticking to food. As a bonus you’ll get those “wows” you’ve been looking through with the awesome sear marks they leave.

How many times have your old grill’s burn tubes corroded out? Not with these. They’re made of stainless steel without seams.

What makes the Weber 586002 Portable.

Seemingly the Weber 586002 Q 320 comes with a glass reinforced nylon frame that stands up to hard but doesn’t weigh it down. The fold down work tables keep it compact and easy to store or take with you. The large wheels  make the cart easy to roll over any surface.

The quality construction means it’ll stand up to everyday use and things like getting lifted and dropped off a pickup bed or shoved in the back of a minivan crammed with camping gear.


Max size assembled (lid open, work tables out): 30 x 50.2 x 55.5

Shipping size:35 x 30 x 25 inches.

Shipping weight: 86 pounds.

Top Features

  • Powerful 21,700 BTUs per-hour with evenly distributed grill heat and max heat circulation through its unique domed shroud design.
  • A generous 393 square inches of fully usable grilling surface and an added 69 inch warming rack.
  • A durable rolling cart that comes with a built-in thermometer, two fold-down work tables and 6 tool hooks.
  • Simple ignition lighting and infinite heat control.
  • A light in the handle that illuminates when the lid is raised.
  • Easy grease removal and cleanup with the pull out tray and disposable aluminum liner. The angled tray keeps grease away from the burner tubes to prevent grease flare ups.

Suggested Accessories

  • Weber 6553 Premium Cover for Q 300.
  • Weber 6415 Aluminum Drip Pans (set of 10)
  • Weber Q 6512 warming rack.
  • Weber 6424 21-inch T Brush

Consumer Rating

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.


According to the reviewers the two grates are easier to lift out and fit in a sink to clean them easily. Makes it easier to clean. They’re really sturdy and hold heat well. The cart’s got some safety features, like a lock for the propane tank that keeps it really stable. The curved shape of the oven and lid are not just cool looking, they max out heat circulation so you can cook virtually anything from thick steaks to soft fish fillets to asparagus.


The cart has wheels on only one side, and the side without wheels doesn’t have handles for lifting it. It seems like they should add handles to the work table on that side, or somehow incorporate them into the table.


Limited 5-year warranty.


The Weber 586002Q 320 is relatively affordable for what it offers. Check with Amazon—you never know what special offers or discounts will pop up.

You take your grilling seriously so why not take it with you? It appears that you can do this with the Q 320 and get the awesome foods you’ve been cooking up in your backyard.

People have been trusting Weber grills since 1952, and you can too. The Weber 586002Q 320 is the compromise between portability and excellence that you’ve been looking for.

Weber 586002
$379.00 from Amazon

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