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Weber 426001 Liquid-Propane Gas Grill Review

Life’s gotten simpler, and more and more people are relearning the pleasure of an outing with the family or friends instead of a day at the mall or the movies. On your next outing are you going to settle for poorly cooked food from a flimsy portable grill? Or something out of bucket? You don’t have to.

Take your Weber 426001 Q 300  portable gas grill along for premium grilling—at the beach, in the park, or camping in the woods. It seems the sturdy Q 300 is a go-anywhere grill that’s easy to set up and convenient to store—and it still delivers that awesome grilled food that you’ve learned to expect from a Weber stationary home grill.

The Technology Behind the Weber 426001 Q300 Gas Grill

According to the company, Weber has invested years in perfecting its gas grilling systems to ensure consistent, even heating on a sturdy heating surface that keeps good heat retention. Their precision-controlled burner systems allow you to select exact temperatures that stay consistent over the entire surface so that no grilling space is wasted.
Weber 426001 Q 300 Gas Grill
A Portable Grill that’s Built to Last

The cast aluminum cook box is durable and holds the heat efficiently while keeping care and maintenance to a minimum. Its thick construction will stand up to the heat for years of use.

The grilling grates are made from cast iron and enameled with porcelain to deliver a sturdy surface that distributes heat evenly retains heat over long periods. The porcelain allows for easy scouring and resistance to burning and sticking food. It also leaves superior sear marks.

The burner tubes are stainless steel and seamless. These two features prevent burn-throughs and the corrosion that most burner tubes suffer from the trace water that’s present in liquid propane and natural gas.

The Convenience of a Weber 426001 Q 300  with the Capability of a Standing Grill

You’ll get all the cooking power that you’d expect from a stationary full-sized grill. The unique domed shroud and barreled oven of the Weber Q series lets heat and air flow around the food as it cooks to give it that same superior roasting ability as any Weber grill.

Don’t worry about spending hours grilling small amounts at a time. The Weber 426001 Q 300 also compares to stationary grills in its cooking surface size.

Think you won’t have the convenience and work space of a stationary grill? The Weber 426001 Q 300 comes on a rolling cart that has 2 good-sized work surfaces plus hooks so you can keep your beer, condiments and BBQ tools all at arm’s reach. It’s got a built-in thermometer too, so you can keep an eye on the temps without opening the lid.

The features that make it portable.

The Weber 426001 Q 300 sits on a durable glass reinforced nylon frame that keeps it super-light for its size. The sturdy construction means it’ll stand up to jostling, lifting and the heavy use of a busy family on the go. The fold down work surfaces make it compact to store and simple to take with you. The large wheels on the cart make it easy to roll, even through gravel, wood chips, or on sand.


Max size assembled (lid open, work tables out): 30 x 50.2 x 55.5

Shipping size:35 x 30 x 25 inches.

Shipping weight: 85 pounds.


  • 1-touch ignition system.
  • Adequate cooking surface, with almost 400 square inches that heat to the edges.
  • Painted titanium color with black accents.
  • Sophisticated system to manage grease by channeling it away from the burners into a disposable, easy slide-out tray.
  • 21,700 BTUs to rapidly heat the grilling surface.

Suggested Accessories

Weber 6553 Premium Cover for Q 300.

Weber 6415 Aluminum Drip Pans (set of 10)

Weber Q 6512 warming rack.

Weber 6424 21-inch T Brush

Consumer Rating

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.


According to the reviewers of the product–Two-burner controls let you cook two different foods side by side at different temperatures. The cooking grate is sturdy enough to pack thick cuts onto the entire surface, and then the burners make sure that the foods at the edges cook and the center cook just as evenly. With its rapid heating system it’ll be ready to sear meats in under 10 minutes. It’s good looking enough to leave on display, but also portable enough to store away conveniently.

Cons: Consumer Comments

It would be nice if Weber could add their Flavorizer so that you could get that smoky flavor. It would also be great if the grill could be detached from the rolling cart so that you could use it as a table top model or get it into the trunk of a car.


Limited 5-year warranty.


You could expect to pay as much as $500 for the Weber 426001 Q 300, but always check with Amazon to see what special offers they’ve got going.

There’s a reason why Weber’s been the leader in outdoor grills for 60 years.

It appears that Weber has turned grilling into an art form. Weber 426001 Q 300 is one more quality grill that’s as easy to use and performs as well as stationary gas grills, but with the convenience of being simple to move and compact for storage. Forget about sacrificing good grilling for a day out. It’s all there with your Weber 426001 Q 300.

Weber 426001
$349.00 from Amazon

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