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Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven Review

The Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven is a convenient toaster oven that can cook 6 pieces of toasts at the same time or a 12 inch pizza. The toaster oven may look small for its size but it actually has a large space to cook and bake meals. With its LCD timer and touch controls, you can cook through bake, convection-bake, broil, toast and pizza.

The Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven also features several accessories that will make cooking a breeze. You may use an oven rack or baking pan to cook efficiently; drips, bits of food and crumbs are not an issue with its removable crumb tray. You will certainly enjoy cooking and baking with the Waring TCO650.
Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven
Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven Features

  • Measures 18 x 22.5 x 12.5 inches and weighs 22 pounds
  • With 1500 watts of cooking and toasting power
  • Can hold 6 toasts and a 12 inch pizza
  • With convection features that allow heat to remain constant inside the oven
  • Has settings like bake, convection-bake, broil, toast and pizza
  • Has a digital 60 –minute timer on a clear LCD display
  • Temperature control and setting touchpad
  • Comes with an oven rack, baking pan and a removable crumb tray
  • With an automatic shut off feature that will power off when not in use
  • Exterior has cool-touch features
  • Has a limited 5-year motor warranty

Heating Features

This toaster oven can bake and convection-bake with the use of its unique convection features. Heat is circulated inside the oven in an efficient manner and this cooks food more efficiently and thoroughly. You will never eat half cooker or overdone foods when you cook with the Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven. Settings of this toaster oven are very efficient in cooking foods that you can only cook in an industrial sized oven. Imagine baking and making pizza with the power of 1500 watts. You can even cook different types of foods other than bread, pizza and toast with its many program cooking settings.

Ease of Use

The Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven is a small but terrible kitchen helper; it’s great for baking, convection cooking, broiling and pizza making but it’s also very easy to clean and maintain. The interior may be cleaned through removing the crumb tray as well as wiping the insides with a damp cloth. The exterior is made of an easy to clean surface or finish that will resist staining and odor. You can use this toaster oven again and again without worrying about wearing the oven’s beautiful finish. The attachments and accessories may be removed and cleaned by hand or popped in a dishwasher.

You use this toaster oven by just placing the food that you want to cook in the spacious interior, close the door and set the timer or the cooking program setting that you wish to use. You will be able to see how long your food is in the oven and be able to monitor how your food is doing inside. Open the door after the timer is over. Remove the crumb tray to clean the insides from food particles and food drippings. The toaster oven automatically shuts itself off when it is not being used for a period of time saving you money compared to placing the unit on standby mode.


The Waring TCO650 is designed for the no-fuss cook. It has a very simple design with no frills or no stylish edge. A large window to observe how the food is doing is ideal for cooking anything inside a toaster oven. The controls are accessible from the side of the oven with just a simple touch of the panel.

This toaster oven may look plain but it has a powerful motor that can perform really well. The design is simple so it can fit any type of kitchen and kitchen décor. It can match all other kitchen cooking appliances on your kitchen counter.

Pros and Cons of the Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven


  • The Waring TCO650 is a powerful toaster oven that will outperform other expensive oven toasters in the market. Its huge capacity interior and its durable motor will make cooking faster and more efficient. The results are flavorful foods and well cooked meals.
  • The Waring TCO650 has a simple design that can make cooking easier. It has easy to use accessories like drip trays, pizza trays, baking trays and wire shelves that will help you cook like a pro. You can purchase additional accessories for your Waring TCO650 from their official site.
  • The Waring TCO650 has easy to use features and program settings that will make cooking easier. Even a novice cook will find this appliance easy to use. The 5 settings are all the cooking settings that you will ever need to cook and convection cook; with convection cooking, food comes out evenly cooked and with its rich and natural flavors intact.
  • The toaster ovens LCD timer display is very convenient in cooking different types of foods to ensure that every recipe is made perfect.
  • This toaster oven is very easy to use and convenient to clean. All you need is to dump the contents of the crumb tray and wash the tray and the interiors clean.
  • The price of the Waring TCO650 is not so bad considering it is just below $84.00. All the features of this toaster oven are worth it considering all these increases the oven’s versatility and ease of use.


  • The Waring TCO650 works perfectly but it lacks safety features that will make the kitchen appliance safe for a family with kids. Its shut off feature will work after several hours but may not be enough to provide safety when the unit is working.

The Waring TCO650 Toaster Oven is an ideal inexpensive addition to your kitchen cooking appliance. But its lack of safety features makes it inappropriate for families with children or pets. Overall, this toaster oven may be a practical kitchen cooking appliance choice.

Waring TCO650
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