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Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower Review

The Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower is a product of one of the most trusted and renowned brands of electric and power equipments; Toro. Toro has already made a name in the electrical equipment industry because of good quality and performance. This product features a very convenient way to throw snow because of its convenient and adjustable handle as well as its lightweight feature. Most consumers rave about this product in most of the reviews made about it. It has impressive quality and fantastic performance as well as nice features that are very common in Toro products.
Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower
Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower Features

  • Snow-throwing capacity: 300 pounds per minute
  • clearing width of 12 inches
  • snow cut depth up to 6 inches per pass
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • streamlined auger drive system
  • 7.5 amp motor
  • cord lock system
  • telescoping handle
  • full two-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 15 by 12 by 52 inches


The Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower features a series-wound 7.5 amp motor and this is responsible for its high torque at lower speeds. It also features a clearing width of 12 inches and a snow cut depth up to 6 inches per pass so consumers are assured that they can clean off their walkways fast and requiring less passing time. This machine also features a streamlined auger drive system and this feature uses a single rotor with two curved blades, making this machine a truly reliable and high performing machine for moving snow quickly and effectively.

Ease of use and Comfort

The Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower features a very unique handle that is not found in any other electric snow throwers out there. It features telescoping handle that can be adjusted to the right height and angle the users prefer.


The Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower features a very reliable cord lock system that keeps the extension cord locked in place. This feature ensures that accidents can be prevented due to the extension cord. This feature can also eliminate other problems that could occur due to electric products. It also makes the use of this machine convenient.


The Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower weighs only 13 pounds as well as it comes with a measurement of 15 by 12 by 52 inches only. It is lightweight and compact which is another factor that makes the use of this machine very convenient.

The Pros and Cons of the Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower

  • It is a good machine that’s perfect for a decent size walkway.
  • It clears the snow with ease and it will last forever. It takes the snow right down to the ground and even gets the hard compacted snow from where the cars enter the garage without a problem.
  • It easily cleans the drawbridge, walkways, entry, and in front of the garage without having to use extra shovel.
  • It has excellent throwing distance. The snow is propelled a good 25 feet and easily clears deck railings.
  • This device is pre-assembled, easily carried, easy to use, fast, quiet, and very user friendly. You won’t have a problem setting it up and operating it.
  • It is a very fast machine, and you can easily change the length of the shaft so you do not have to bend over.
  • The blade is plastic but seems very durable that it can run into some small objects, plant edges, and small rocks without acquiring any signs of wearing out.
  • It is guaranteed very easy to use, even with crusty snow or over 6 inches.
  • It works best in wetter snow. The snow that is heavy to lift and push with a traditional shovel is easily lifted and thrown by thus machine unlike other machines that are only good for dry snows.
  • It also works well in drier snow. If it cuts through wetter snow easily, it could cut through dry snow very easily as well.
  • This is a kid friendly product. Even the kids won’t have any problem holding both buttons and cleaning the sidewalk.
  • It is a great and surprisingly solid, device.
  • It does a great job on decks, even for raised decks and porches. It also does a fair job of cleaning down to the concrete.
  • It is very light to carry and maneuver so it is good for the older generation as well as for those who want to save their backs from back pain.
  • The instructions are very simple.
  • It does a good job on flat surfaces.
  • It performs very well.
  • It is very simple to operate. Just plug it in and it’s ready to go.


  • It only works fairly well on small driveways, but if you’ve got a large driveway, this is not powerful enough.
  • This model is a great one for just snow, but it’s not durable enough for heavy slush, ice, deep snow, or large areas like driveways.
  • It is not a substitute for a snowblower.
  • It seems that this is designed for shorter people because the handle gets a little wobbly when it is fully extended. Even with the bolt, it is still a little flimsy.
  • It only works well on flat surfaces but is a little awkward on steps.
  • The Toro Power Shovel does not have a directional snow chute so it seems to throw snow everywhere, making it nearly impossible to “plan” how to shovel and not throw snow where you have just been.
  • The throw distance may be pretty high but it makes difficult to avoid the neighbor’s driveway, etc. It is also a problem in any kind of windy condition as it results in you being covered in snow.
  • There are NO WHEELS, so using this machine requires you to push the weight of this shovel.
  • The power CORD TWISTS as you move back and forth.

Overall, the Toro 38361 Electric Snow Thrower is still one of the most helpful tools to have ever been placed on the market. This is a very ideal machine for those who do not like a heavy weight machine for use on a decent driveway.

Toro 38361
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