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The GoPro HERO3+ Review: The Best Sports Action Camera Ever?

Do you love taking action shots while out on your bike or skiing down a hill? Would you love to have a versatile camera that can even let you get some amazing shots underwater up to 40 meters? The GoPro HERO3+ takes everything that’s good about this line of cameras and makes it even better! With the Black Edition, which is the best edition, the housing of the camera is 20% lighter than in other editions, and the battery life is up to 30% better as well. All of this comes together to create an amazing camera that will take the crispest, sharpest images for a pure video experience!
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What Are the Features of the GoPro HERO3+?

The primary feature that stands out with this camera is the image processor. It’s been improved on this model so that it can processes images two times faster, which is what leads to the rich immersive video footage that can be created. It works with multiple mounts that come standard with the camera too so that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your epic adventures!

There are also this great features that comes with this GoPro camera:

  • it offers a 12 MP image sensor so that you get double the low light performance for night videos and underwater opportunities you might have;
  • the GoPro supports mSD cards up to 64 GB in size so your video length won’t have to be extremely limited;
  • there is built-in WiFi and the camera supports WiFi remotely through the GoPro app so you can always be productive; and
  • you’ve got ports for optional accessories, such as a 3.5mm adaptor, a composite A/V adapter, and a mini USB port.

There’s also the ultra wide angle lens with which the GoPro HERO3+ is equipped. The sharper glass lens gives you a powerful new perspective with the world’s largest wide angle on a camera of this type, giving you an authentic view of the adventures you’re having or the sights you want it to see. Combined with the fact that this camera is so much lighter than other GoPro models and you can almost mount this camera anywhere!
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Then there’s the actual quality of the video to consider with this camera as well. The GoPro HERO3+ offers a number of video modes that will help provide you with the professional footage that you need. The slow motion playback on the camera is fluid and smooth, while there is also the option to enable an ultra high resolution for your footage that gives  you a cinema quality video capture.

When these features are all put together, it is easy to see why the GoPro is one of the leading sports and action cameras that is available on the market today.

What Are the Advantages of Using the GoPro HERO3+?

The real advantage that comes with this particular camera is the improvement in the audio pickups that it has. If you’ve used other GoPro cameras in the past, then you know how difficult it can be sometimes to get a good high speed video thanks to the wind noises that the camera would pick up. The HERO3+ offers a better noise reduction feature than previous models and it keeps most high wind situations from being too overpowering so the audio stays fairly clear.

There’s also the advantage of being able to use the GoPro app on your mobile phone in conjunction with the camera itself. This lets you be able to see a preview of the images in a more traditional type of point and shoot setting so you can get a feel of what the light levels and colors are going to be before beginning. This lets you also then tweak the settings of the camera if needed so that you’ll get the crisp images that you really want.

As for any issues that there might be with this camera, there is an issue that some users might have with the focus point on it. The GoPro HERO3+ offers the wide angle lens with a good up close vantage point, but that stops at a distance of about 4 feet. This isn’t necessarily a manufacturer’s issue with the camera, although having a focus set on infinity would improve the the image just a bit at a distance. If that were done, however, the physics of the wide angle lens would be ruined and that would eliminate the advantage that this camera has.

The battery life could also be an issue for some users. When using the WiFi mode on a fairly continuous basis, there’s no way you’re going to reach the full potential of usage time that is listed by GoPro as being possible. On heavy WiFi use, it can easily be under an hour of time that you’ll be using this camera. If you’re looking for a point and shoot option, having a second or even a third battery on hand will help you out a lot.
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Is the GoPro HERO3+ the Right Camera For You?

If you enjoy being in the outdoors and you want an awesome way to record your memories, then this is definitely the camera for you. It offers a lot of handy features and gives you a couple of tremendous advantages that just cannot be ignored. In return, you’ll get some fantastic shots that are up close and personal of your adventures!

If you’re looking for a camera that is more about landscapes, architecture, or exploring what the horizon has to offer, this isn’t going to be the camera for you. You’ll want something that doesn’t have the wide angle lens that GoPro HERO3+ has in this instance.

Otherwise you’re going to find that the video quality of this camera is a lot better than you’d expect, the versatility of the camera is incredible, and it can even stand up to a drop or two if you’re not flying down a trail on your mountain bike at 30mph. Although there are a couple of issues some users may find with this camera, overall it is an outstanding piece of technology and well worth the price you’ll pay for it.

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