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The First Years Indigo Stroller Review

The sun is beautifully shining, it’s a Sunday morning, you’ve got a weekend off and your baby is in a good mood for a stroll. These are the types of days when The First Years Indigo Stroller could really come good in hand. To make much of the perfect day for a long walk at the park, you need a really cool and comfortable stroller to make your baby bonding more fun and interesting. Good thing is that there is a great market offer for you, you just got to grab it and sunny skies wait.
The First Years Indigo Stroller
Your baby is growing up so fast, he seems to be gaining weight from day to day and you need something that could carry this hefty kid. It’s a great thing that First Years Indigo designed its strollers to hold or carry as much as 50 pounds. It has a dimension of 33 x 20 x 9.9 inches. It’s a very appropriate measurement that spells perfect. This will certainly keep your kid cool and comfy all throughout the walk.

You were born precautious and careful. Now that you are a parent, you care so much about the safety of your delicate child and you worry so much of his safety that you opt for products that offer optimum care and protection. Well, you don’t have to worry no more. First Years Indigo has 5 point baby harness to keep that cute kid in place plus secure locks to make sure everything is tightly protected plus front and rear brakes are there to support you all the way.

The thing that you want more than anything else is to keep your baby in a warm, snug and comfy place away from any harm. The The First Years Indigo Stroller has a durable comfy and adjustable leg rest to avoid those sore feet and legs hanging in the air for too long. It also has a very soft garment and foam based seat to keep your baby in a cuddly and fluffy rest.

It’s not so easy to take care of children. In fact it is a bit neck breaking and sometimes it pays to have something that helps you do the work easier than usual. While keeping your baby happy and comfy, you yourself want to feel a little comfort as well. Then, celebrate because you don’t have to stress so much anymore. Strolling and going for a walk is not as tiring as before with this product. It has taller adjustable handle height to adjust to your preferences. It is also a one hand fold. This saves you from crouching to fold up the thing. It saves effort and time all at the same time.

The problem with strollers is that instead of having a mom baby or daddy baby bonding, it becomes just an ordinary walk. You as a parent worry about this. This stroller is now designed to have a reversible seat. It’s a good thing because you can make the seat face you as you stroll. You and baby could have more interaction time facing each other while strolling at the park.

With the heat brought by summer, it’s a little harsh for the young one to receive this much heat from the sun. You don’t want your baby to get sun burned. Do you? This product comes with an adjustable and removable canopy to make your young one enjoy the stroll without having to be exposed to too much sun. Shade is always good for babies with very delicate skin.

We cannot definitely go out without the goodies, diapers and other necessities. It is a must to bring these things. It helps to have a storage for these things that is why The First Years Indigo Stroller has an upper storage console and a large underneath storage for you to store your things even your wallets, purses and a re-touch kit. You don’t want to look messy the whole day.

You’ll love the The First Years Indigo Stroller even more because it has large front wheels that make it easy for you to push and glide over most surfaces without any effort. One best thing more is the universal attachment for use with most infant car seats.

For a price of $152.99, you can save up to as much as $27. This one is surely a keeper. Get your wallets ready for this one.

The First Years Indigo
$152.99 from Amazon

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