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The Best Multitool – Leatherman 830039 New Wave Review

Are you a handyman that needs a good pocket tool that can act as your jack-of-all-trades when you’ve got a quick emergency? Do you want something that is tough enough to stand up to a hard job, yet be flexible enough that it can fit into your pocket without any discomfort? If so, then the Leatherman 830039 New Wave multitool could be just what you’ve wanting to have in your toolbox! Made of 100% stainless steel and backed by a 25 year warranty, this tool offers you 17 ways to be productive on every job so you won’t always have to stop and look for your next tool.
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What Are the Features of the Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multitool?

Coming with a lanyard attachment, along with a leather and nylon sheath, it is the multiple functionality of this tool that is its primary feature. You’re going to get these specific tools with this one multitool:

  • 2 pliers, 2 knives, 2 files,
  • 2 drivers, a can opener, 2 double-ended bits, and
  • a saw, a ruler, a bottle opener, wire cutters, and scissors.

You’ll also receive several screw bits for this multitool so that it increases its versatility even more. How often have you had a Philips bit in your screwdriver only to find out that it was too small or too big to do the job? Then you go hunting around for the right bit and you end up wasting a lot of time, right? With the Leatherman 830039 multitool, you’ve got everything right there in a strong tool that will increase your flexibility.

It’s also a good tool to have when you’re out on a long hike, out camping, or even just spending a day out on the beach. Unlike other multitools, the Leatherman doesn’t let you open up all your blades at the same time. Your safety is protected with locking blades that come out just one at a time so you’ll always have the right tool for the right job.

As an added bonus, Leatherman has increased the squeezing load on this particular multitool so it can handle twice the amount of work with its pliers than in previous models. It has bronze bushings included with the design as well so that you can easily switch between blades if need be without putting one of your hands at risk.

How you access the interior tools of this Leatherman multitool is also really nice. All you’ve got to do is grip the handles and then rotate them open. Each of the tools is then designed with a nail nick so that you can just quickly pull them out. Although it isn’t included, the extra bit kit is well worth the investment as well because you’ll get nearly two dozen additional double-ended bits so that you can take on almost any job successfully.
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What Are the Advantages of the Leatherman 830039 Multitool?

The primary advantage that you’re going to receive with this tool is the rugged nature of how this tool has been built. If you’ve used multitools in the past, especially some of the cheaper ones on the market even today, then you know it is pretty possible to twist up the tool when there’s just a little extra torque that’s placed on the tool. The design of this tool, combined with the high grade stainless steel, resists that very well.

There’s also the weight of this tool to consider. When you start talking about 17 tools in one compact area, you’re typically talking about a very heavy unit! The Leatherman multitool, however, is surprisingly light for what it provides. There’s a good weight to it and the tool gives you a solid presence, but it won’t weigh you down or put holes in your pocket – unless you forget to put the knife blade away!

For many, the reason why a multitool is avoided is because they tend to dig into your hand when using them. Most aren’t designed for any sort of heavy lifting, so a tough job means the metal edges on the handles are going to bite you when you press inward onto the tool with your hand. This tool is still going to do that a little, but not nearly as badly as many of the other tools you’ll find at a lower price point.

If there was one place where the Leatherman multitool could be improved, it would be with the design of its ruler. They’ve placed the ruler on the inside of the unit instead of the outside of it, which means you’ve got to open up the entire tool just to use the ruler. The pliers tend to get in the way of the ruler as well, which means you’ve got to position your tool in such a way that the measurement can be successfully achieved.
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Is the Leatherman 830039 Multitool Right For You?

There’s not a doubt that this multitool is a useful item. Although there could be some slight improvements to the design, overall it is a durable, versatile tool that will help you with chores around the house or to prep your camp site for a night in the great outdoors. Instead of packing 17 tools to take with you on your next adventure, you may wish to consider taking the Leatherman multitool instead!

The pliers on this tool are incredibly easy to use and you can use the tool right out of the box. It’s stiff enough to work, but not so stiff that you can’t use the tool without breaking it in first. It would be nice if some of the outside blades were on the inside, but that doesn’t detract from the usefulness of this tool any. Add in the extra screwdriver bits that you can use with this tool and you’ll be ready for virtually any basic task that can be thrown this tool’s way!

Will the Leatherman 830039 New Wave Mutltitool replace the heavy duty tools in your toolbox for the toughest of jobs? No. It’s not designed for that! It is designed, however, to be an extremely functional and easy to use tool that will let you stop being surprised by jobs so that you can just get straight to work.

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