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Takamine G Series GS330S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review

So you have been playing the guitar for a while and feel like it is time for a new guitar but you are unsure of which guitar to buy and how well it will work for you. In your online search you find the Takamine G Series GS330S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar and think that it might just be the guitar for you but you are still unsure. The best way to decide if a guitar or any item is the best that you can get for the price you want to spend is to read the reviews and weigh the pros and cons that other consumers have found. By looking at the information provided by those that have actually used the product you can make an educated decision and hopefully save yourself some time and money by avoiding a product that may not be the best. The following review of the Takamine GS330S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar will not only give you some basic information on the product but it will also highlight some of the pros and cons that consumers have noticed about this product.
Takamine G Series GS330S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
The guitar is constructed from several different types of wood. The top of the guitar is made from solid cedar and has a lighter more natural finish, the sides and back are nato and have a slightly darker finish, and the fingerboard Rosewood. The Takamine GS330S is considered an acoustic guitar for those that play as a hobby or play professionally. The body shape of the guitar is dreadnought. The guitar also features dual action adjustable tension rod that helps the guitar to maintain its tuning even in a changing environment. The total weight of the guitar is 9 pounds.

There are many pros as well as some cons that consumers have noted about the Takamine GS330S acoustic guitar. Some of the pros are that this particular model of the G-series seems to rank better than other Takamine G-series guitars. Many consumers have noticed that the quality of the wood used to construct the guitar is very good and that they finish and texture of the wood no only feels nice but it is also aesthetically pleasing to most users. Many individuals that have played this guitar agree that it is very easy to play and is smooth as well as being easy on the fingers. Others have noted that the sound of the guitar is quite good and that tuning the guitar is easy. Other users have noted that it is quieter or mellower sounding guitar, which could be a pro or con depending on what you want to use the guitar for. Some consumers have noted that the bass is very quiet or nonexistent which again depending on what you would like to use it for it could either be a pro or a con. Although some have expressed that the sound is mellower some have noted how well the guitar projects and also that the balance of the overall guitar is very good making the guitar more playable. Because of the type of wood that the Takamine GS330S is constructed of many have noticed that it has a very unique sound because of the way the wood vibrates when played. It has also been noted that this guitar would be good for playing with a female singer as it is a lighter and softer tone.

So there are many pros to the Takamine GS330S but with all products there are also cons. To begin with as mentioned above the lack of bass and the softer tone of the guitar could be con it all depends on what your expectations are for the guitar what you plan to use it for. Another common complaint about the Takamine G Series GS330S is that the wood scratches and dents easily because cedar is such a soft wood. Many users have noticed that the wood will dent from your fingernail with just a little pressure. The guitar does scratch and sustain damage very easily so this is something to consider when you are looking to purchase the guitar. Something else to consider is buying a guitar case to help protect the soft wood. Another con, for some, is that it does not have a pick guard. Some will find this annoying however you can purchase a new pick guard for low prices. Some have found that using a tie on guitar strap works the best as putting on other types of guitar straps can cause the wood to crack if you apply too much pressure. This could also vary from guitar to guitar as well as with personal preference. The guitar not only does not have a pick guard but it also does not have inlays this is because it is part of the “natural” G-series and most hard neck acoustic guitars do not have pick guards. These features may be seen as pros or cons depending on who is purchasing the guitar.

As with any product there are pros and cons to the Takamine GS330S. Many that have purchased the Takamine G Series GS330S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar really enjoy the guitar and have found that the tone is unique to this type and brand of guitar. The unique tone is the result of the types of wood used to construct the guitar. Many like the tone and the softness of the tone but some have found it too light or high toned, a way to fix that is to have different strings put in as this can help lower the tone of the guitar. Many users have made note of the fact that the cedar wood is very soft and scratches very easily, it also dents easily just from pressing on it with your fingers. Some have also noticed that if you press too hard while putting the guitar strap on you could potentially crack the back of the guitar. Looking at the pros and cons before you purchase an item can help you decide if you should indeed purchase that item.

Takamine GS330S
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