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Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop Review

The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop is designed to be light weight and easy to use on carpets to do steam spot cleaning and to be used as a mop on hard floors. The three steam settings give users the option to clean and sanitize their hard floor surfaces. The steam pocket mop uses chemical-free and super-heated steam to clean and sanitize hard floor surfaces and to spot clean carpets. It has a swivel head that allows for it to be used in tight spaces and is easy to maneuver. The cleaning pads are two-sided which means instead of constantly having to switch out cleaning pads they can simply be turned over and continued to be used.

Shark S3601
Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop Features

  • 3 cleaning pads
  • Fast drying and deep cleaning steam pockets
  • Loosens, lifts, and locks dirt in
  • Pads are washable and reusable
  • 3 steams modes
  • Has dust setting, mop setting, and spot removal and scrub settings
  • Extra-large water tank
  • Does not need refilled as much and cleans more
  • Advanced carpet glider
  • Delivers steam deep into the carpet

The Shark S3601

The Shark S3601 is easy to use and many consumers agree that it cleans well and is not as bulky as other steam mops. It also does well in tight spaces and can easily be used to clean corners and tight spots. Many users have noted that it can be used to clean under the cabinets, the lip of the stove and refrigerator and that it also heats up quickly and that it is easy to assemble. They have also found that unlike other compact and light mops there is little to no sticky residue left behind after cleaning their floors. Cleaning with the steam pocket mop also reduces their mopping time by quite a bit; consumers have found that it may take a good cleaning or two before they have quicker mopping times. This is because the first couple of times they use the pocket mop they have found that they are cleaning up after their other older mops and that it takes a few goes before the floor is fully clean. However, after the initial cleaning or two, many have found that their mopping time is cut in half or more. Although the pocket mop is durable and can pick up a lot it is recommended that they sweep or vacuum the floors first and then use the pocket mop as it cannot pick up large chunks or dirt.

Two-Sided Pads

The two-sided pads are designed to be long lasting and reusable, they are also durable. Many that have used the Shark S3601 have found that they can actually clean a large area with one pad and that it can last for quite a while and then it is easy to clean them and reuse them. However, if the floors are extremely dirty and if they are cleaning a larger dirtier space than more than one pad may need to be used.

Water Tanks

The extra-large water tank is designed for optimizing the amount of cleaning time that the pocket mop can be used. Consumers have found that the water tank does hold a large amount of water and can last for a while when on scrub cycle and used over a larger area. The pocket mop cleans quickly and it also dries fast and can be walked on shortly after it has been cleaned and users have even noted that the floor is actually “squeaky clean” when they walk on it. One thing that users have noticed is that following the instructions for filling the water tanks is important because they are only supposed to use filtered or distilled water in the tank as hard water leaves a residue on the floor. The water tank opening is facing upwards which makes it easier to fill or empty compared to other steamers that has the tank openings located on the side of the mop. Many users also like that it produces its own steam and that they do not have use a pump or a handle to create the steam.


The pocket mop comes with three different steam settings and it warms up quickly meaning there is little wait time before it can be used. Many users have noticed that the steam is very hot and that it does not leave streaks, a residue on the floor, and that it also does not leave the mop wet. Many consumers also like that there is constant steam and that they do not have to worry about pumping the handle in order to get steam like other models. Some users have noticed however that although the pocket mop says that it can be used and is safe to use on hardwood floors that that may not be the case. Some users have reported that after continuously using the steam pocket mop on their hardwood floors that the wood becomes soft and can eventually be ruined and new flooring may be needed.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Heats up quickly
  • Cleans well
  • Chemical-free
  • 3 different steam settings
  • Two-sided pads are efficient and can be cleaning and reused
  • Water tank is large and can clean a large space
  • Easy to empty and fill water tank as the opening is on the top
  • Picks up and cleans dirt well
  • Constant steam
  • Steam is very hot and good for cleaning
  • Not sticky
  • Does not leave streaks


  • Have to go over the floor several times at first before it is properly cleaned
  • Have to vacuum and sweep before using the pocket mop
  • Steam can damage hardwood floors after continuous use as it softens the wood

Overall the Shark S3601 is a light weight and well-designed steam pocket mop and it can effectively be used to clean larger spaces because of the large tanks. It can be used on hard floors or to do spot steam cleanings on carpet. Vacuuming and sweeping is recommended before using the mop as is using only filtered and distilled water as hard water leaves a residue on the floor.

Shark S3601
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