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Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar Review

When it comes to acoustic guitars many would argue whether a slim type guitar sounds better rather than a conventional one. But when you have heard the play of a Seagull guitar you would probably take slim type guitars in a totally new light. Slim is in with the Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar, its slim 1.72”nut width is comparable to the original Seagull Grand which is one of the most popular Seagull guitars to be made however the S6 provides a solid sound even with its tapered width. You still get the same rich notes and the impressive sound with the S6 in a noticeably slimmer body.

An acoustic guitar with a lighter weight and a thinner body is an ideal way to learn for entry level players; being able to handle a slim Seagull S6 will be your passport to larger acoustic designs as well as guitars that are specially made for stage performances. Children will also love the idea of handling a smaller and slimmer guitar as opposed to playing a bulky instrument.
Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar
Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar Features

  • Weighs 6.1 pounds
  • With a 1.72” nut width
  • Back and sides are made from wild cherry wood
  • With a solid cedar top
  • The neck is made of silver-leaf maple
  • The fingerboard and bridge is made of rosewood
  • With fully compensated saddle and tusq nuts
  •  With cream binding and genuine lacquer finish
  • With select pressure tested top
  • With a double action truss rod
  • Comes with a tapered headstock
  • Made in North America

The Seagull finish

What’s similar between all Seagull guitar models is the way guitars are expertly made. All Seagull acoustic guitars are made from specially selected wood like cedar, wild cherry, silver-leaf maple and rosewood. All of these are readily available in North America where Seagull guitars are finely crafted and expertly designed. Wood is selected, cut and prepared into an acoustic guitar and then polished and given a natural shine; this makes this brand last more than other acoustic guitar brands. Genuine lacquer finish allows the wood to breathe and this in turn improves the rich sound of every Seagull guitar in time.

Advantages of using the Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar

  • The Seagull S6 looks better than any slim type acoustic guitar. This is basically due to several reasons; for one the finish is intricately applied on every Seagull brand guitar since does not just make the guitar more appealing but also makes the guitar sound better. The unique genuine lacquer finish allows the wood to breathe and expand through the years you use the instrument; therefore the more you use it the more it will sound better.
  • The craftsmanship in this guitar is easily seen in every inch of the instrument; it is not just a guitar that was hurriedly made but instead all the parts and the body of the guitar was crafted and set-up using timeless precision and care. Each Seagull guitar therefore means that you own a well-made and finely crafted product.
  • This is a guitar that won’t be comparable to high end guitars like a Taylor or a Martins but the sound is exactly what you expect out of a rich acoustic instrument. It is definitely a level entry guitar that could help improve the talent and the skill of a novice player; it is also an ideal acoustic guitar if you are shopping for a guitar for a child or a teen. The weight and the width makes it easier to handle and equally easy to play.
  • The Seagull S6 has a narrower fingerboard compared to a large acoustic guitar which makes it easier to practice especially when you are not that good yet in finger techniques. The narrow fingerboard allows you to screech from one end to another and still retain a solid sound; the bridge is also slightly smaller but still looks strong and durable.
  • The finish is remarkable and even when it is filled with finger marks, you can easily remove them with a clean and dry cloth. You must follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to take care of this guitar as well as any other acoustic guitar; you will technically extend the life of your guitar when you care and maintain it the right way.
  • Finally, this guitar is affordable compared to other level-entry guitars and this advantage is what won most musicians and trainee musicians to choose the Seagull S6. It is less than $400 online and when you shop at Amazon.com; your purchase qualifies for free Super Saver Shipping.

Disadvantages of using the Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar

  • As mentioned, the Seagull S6 may be an ideal acoustic guitar but the sound would still be inferior to a Martins or a Taylor acoustic.
  • This guitar lacks a built-in tuner which is present in some simple acoustic/electric guitars like a Boulder Creek. Having a tuner will reduce your worries about tuning your guitar hours before practice or a performance.
  • There are no guitar cases or additional accessories that come with your purchase. Technically you will need to purchase these from a reputable supplier so that you can carry your Seagull S6 wherever you want to go.

Overall, the Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar is an ideal guitar for a beginner and for anyone who wishes to improve his fingering techniques and positioning before a performance or a recital. This guitar has a rich and full-bodied sound but of course is incomparable to the sound of classic Taylors and Martins guitars.

The things missing in this guitar like a tuner, a guitar case and other accessories are certainly a must for efficient playing and you need to purchase these from a reliable supplier to maintain quality guitar playing.

If you are looking for a low priced alternative to high end guitars or if you are still saving for a high end one but just can’t wait to play and perform them the Seagull S6 is the acoustic guitar for you. It is affordable, available online and the accessories are also available anywhere.

Seagull S6
$399.00 from Amazon

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