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Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Review

The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is an award-winning instrument made of Wild Cherry, Cedar and Rosewood. The design of this guitar was made to deliver a precise tone between mellow and bright, for years of enjoyable music making.

Seagull S6 Original
Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Features

  • Solid Cedar top
  • Laminated Wild Cherry back and sides
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Silverleaf Maple neck
  • Tusq nut and compensated saddle
  • Truss rod is double-action
  • Pressure tested top
  • Tapered headstock
  • Semi-gloss lacquered finish

The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is part of an award-winning series of instruments which utilize Wild Cherry for a unique sound. The shorter scale of the Silverleaf Maple neck makes playing easier on the fingers. The specific alignment of the machine heads along the tapered headstock, facilitate fast and lasting tuning. The Tusq nut and compensated saddle improve the instrument’s intonation. The performance of this North American made guitar can best be described by those musicians who have actually played it. So what are the pros and cons of this acoustic guitar?

The Pros of the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

  • This instrument helps musicians grow, yet they do not outgrow this guitar. Most are looking forward to this instrument becoming a prized possession.
  • The construction is fabulous. The construction is high quality. The materials used are durable and beautiful. This guitar is durable enough to last for several years with daily practice, many gigs, and more than a few drops with no need to repair it.
  • It sounds better with age. The sound holds up against some full solid bodied guitars, which are more expensive. With the right strings and setup, it does not even sound like the sides and back are laminated. The sound projection is great. The sound really resonates through the entire guitar. Even slight strumming produces an enveloping sound. A minor truss rod adjustment worked to make the notes sound clear. The solid Cedar top produces a sound that has more flavor than a solid Spruce top.
  • The finish is very attractive. This guitar is understated, yet pleasing to the eye.
  • The Seagull S6 can often be found for around $400 and it is worth every penny. Those who own this would gladly pay double for it if they had to. Some musicians who have been playing the guitar for over two decades and have played many fine guitars, rank it second to a Martin standard, and this guitar costs significantly less. This is a soul soothing instrument.
  • This instrument was made in Canada.
  • It is way comfortable to play. An over four decades owner of one particular guitar picked this one up as a second guitar and finds it easier to play than the long standing instrument. This guitar is actually fun to play. It has a great feel.  The design of the neck faciliates easy set up. Most people are able to play this instrument enjoyably right out of the box.
  • It makes a great second guitar. It makes a great guitar for songwriting. It is a good guitar for a beginner. This guitar rates high as a more than satisfactory result for a decades long search for the right instrument. Other guitarists recommend this instrument to guitarists of any level. It has been rated as a purchase which can be made with no regrets.
  • This guitar has a modern sound even though it has the traditional dreadnought body.
  • The Seagull S6 really holds a tune. The design of the head really does work to keep this instrument holding a tune.
  • This guitar is versatile. It can “really take over the stage, or sing a lullaby…”  It can be used for jam sessions, small venues, recording, and practicing. It makes a great travel guitar.
  • The customer reviews that led people to buy this guitar were not wrong.

The Cons of the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

  • It is not a flashy guitar.
  • The attention to the braces detail on this instrument may not be as precise or finished out as in other guitars in this price range.
  • It does not come with a case.

Overall, out of the over a hundred customer reviews on one site, this Seagull Original Acoustic Guitar has a 4.9 star rating. On another site, this guitar has over 60 reviews and all but two of them are 5-star. The lower two reviews are 4-star. It does not seem to matter whether this guitar is used by a beginner or a long time guitarist. There is pretty much nothing but raving about this instrument. The discussion about the value for the price indicates that there is no wrong move other than not buying this guitar. Many of those who own this would have no problem paying more for this instrument because that is just how high the quality of this instrument is.

For many musicians, the fact that this finely crafted instrument was made in North America is a draw. It has its own unique sound. Some people may be taken aback by it at first. It has a more traditional body shape, but the sound that comes out of it is different largely because of the type of wood that is used in this Seagull series. The fact that the sides and back are laminated really does not seem to come across in the sound of this instrument.

What is repeatedly stated is that this guitar has a full sound. A rich, encompassing sound. Musicians who primarily play other instruments have become enamored with this guitar. Old pros have added this to their collections and rated with or right below well-known guitars that cost 2-4 times as much as this offering from Seagull does. It would seem that these Canadian craftspeople really know their way around designing and constructing an this type of instrument. It is hard to dispute the high quality of the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar, based on consumer feedback.

Seagull S6 Original
$399.99 from Amazon

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