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Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer Review

Nowadays, lots of people prefer to do the laundry themselves than bring it to a laundry shop to better protect their fabrics. With the continuous innovation, the traditional washing of clothes has been influenced greatly by the emergence of washing machines which saves you time and effort. So you don’t spend much of your time washing but spend it with your loved ones. The Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer is an amazing one. It comes with features that would provide for your washing needs. When it comes to our clothes, we become meticulous. We want stains and dirt totally removed while keeping the fabrics safe. This is what WF520ABP washer has to offer.
Samsung WF520ABP
Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer Features

  • Bigger capacity, 5.0. cu. ft
  • With Advanced Vibration Reduction Technology™ (VRT Plus™) for a smooth and quiet operation
  • Power foam system for tough dirts
  • Pure cycle system for a total clean
  • Deep steam cycle to boost cleaning performance
  • Diamond Drum™ technology to keep your fabrics safe
  • With wider door for easy loading and unloading of clothes
  • With 13 washing cycles
  • With Eco-cold wash cycle

Bigger Capacity

When looking for a washing machine, we would always look at the volume of laundry we do each day or week. The capacity of the machine and the volume of laundry you do is the basis in making a choice. The Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer at 5.0. cubic feet can accommodate larger volume of clothes to be washed. There’s more room for more washing load. The capacity would fit a king sized comforter and 2 dozens of bath towel in just a single load. The door of this washer is at least 20 percent larger than the usual washers. This means that you don’t have to stress out in loading and unloading all of your stuff in the washer.

Smart design

The 5.0. cu. Ft Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer has been well designed to fit your meticulous needs for your fabrics. We want our clothes to keep their usable condition so  this model introduces the 3D Advanced Vibration Reduction Technology which reduces noise. So even if you place this washer right next to your bedroom, you won’t be distracted by its noise. This technology helps smoothen the operation of the washer and guarantees less vibration and less noise. You can relax while you let the washer work. Also, WF520ABP has the Power cycle system which distributes detergent evenly on all clothes on the washer and removed deep-seated dirt while keeping utmost care for your clothes. The Pure cycle technology on the other hand makes sure that no water is left from the previous wash and that the hot water keeps undesirable odor from developing. Its deep steam cycle boosts washer performance by loosening dirt making it easy for you to do the finishing. Moreover, it has the Diamond Drum technology which promotes care for your fabrics. It keeps your clothes safe from snag and delivers gentle but effective washing type. There are depressions and water exits. Water exits holes are at least 30 percent smaller than conventional.

Advantages of using Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer

  • Quiet. This washer is amazing because of its Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) which promotes smooth and quiet operation.
  • Bigger capacity. The washer at 50 cubic feet can accommodate most of your laundry.
  • Wide door. It is easy to load or unload your clothes because of its wider door.
  • Multiple washing cycles. Allows you to select the best cycle for your fabrics and give it a total clean.
  • Steam wash. There is a steam wash option that will allow removal of deep seated stain.
  • This is an energy star rated washer and energy efficient.
  • Deep steam and diamond drum cycle to keep your clothes safe.

Disadvantages of using Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer

  • Door is not reversible
  • Due to noise reduction, there has been little focus on how to let you know that the machines have done a cycle.

Despite the drawbacks, the Samsung WF520ABP Front-Load Washer provides the perfect care and wash for your fabrics. The cons wouldn’t affect performance anyway.

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