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Samsung WF331ANW Front Load Washer Review

The Samsung WF331ANW is a heavy-duty front loading washing machine that is big enough for a medium-sized to a huge family. Its 4.3 cubic capacity drum allows you to wash clothes as you protect them as well. Load up white clothes and use the controls to specifically provide the ideal setting; you may also place the setting according to how dirty or how soiled your laundry is.
Samsung WF331ANW
Samsung WF331ANW Features

  • Weighs 230 pounds and measures 31 x 27 x 38 inches
  • 4.3 cubic feet capacity
  • Front loading electric washing machine
  • Color white with chrome door trim
  • With an LED display
  • With Eco Cold Wash standard wash cycle
  • With 11 wash cycles
  • Will wash wool, delicates and other types of cloth
  • With built-in sanitizing features
  • With spinning and rinse + spin features
  • With quick wash features
  • Uses Vibration Reduction Technology which means it is whisper quiet
  • Spins with speeds of up to 1200 revolutions per minute
  • With 4 spin speeds and 4 temperature levels
  • With 4 dispenser trays for prewash, main water, softener dispenser and bleach dispenser.
  • Uses deep steam to boost the washer’s performance; dirt get loosened up to save time, effort and water to wash clothes well.
  • With PureCycle that ensures eco-friendly clothes cleaning
  • With a Diamond Drum feature that reduces snags and pulls on clothes and thus preserves your clothes even when they are washed frequently
  • With Child Lock features
  • Energy Star qualified

The Samsung WF331ANW is fit for large loads of laundry as well as laundry with different settings for temperature and for colorfast materials as well. You can wash, rinse, spin, sanitize and dry clothes at one sitting.

The need to find the most appropriate washer and dryer is very important in any family since clothes have become more expensive these days. Investing in high quality clothes is basically investing also in an efficient washer/dryer since clothes need to be maintained in the right way. The Samsung WF331ANW is ideal for homes and also for small businesses that needs an efficient washer/dryer model like a restaurant, a bed and breakfast and so on.

Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung has been the brand of superior household appliances and electronic and computer equipment. When it comes to washers and washing machines, nothing compares to Samsung technology in providing the best washers and washer dryer combination units. The Samsung WF331ANW could be the next washer and dryer model that you are looking for you and your family.

Advantages of using a Samsung WF331ANW

  • It has a large tub capacity which means you can save time, money and water from washing clothes. You may schedule your wash or laundry day once a week or every other two days with this large and efficient washer. A large tub also offers flexibility since you can wash large materials like bedding, comforters and curtains instead of hiring laundry service. The Samsung WF331ANW has a large and a Diamond Drum that can take care of all types of material even lace curtains and delicate bedding.
  • You don’t just clean your clothes with this Samsung washing machine but you also protect and prolong their life as well. With the variety of washing settings as well as the Diamond Drum feature you will reduce snags and pulls that are common in conventional washing machine drums.
  • The efficient sanitizing features of this washing machine makes it an ideal model to be used in clinics, hospitals and also at home where bedding and linens are expected to be clean and sanitized to make them thoroughly clean. Sanitizing clothes is also ideal for homes or families with infants or new-borns since babies have delicate skin and have underdeveloped immune systems that can resist illness.
  • This washing machine is very quiet for a front loading unit with a large tub. You can hardly tell that it is working unless you check. Loud and extremely vibrating washing machines can cause serious hearing problems and units that vibrate too much may also lead to moving delicate parts inside the washer as well. Samsung’s Vibration Technology is definitely heaven sent for families and homes that need peace and quiet.
  • The machine has 4 convenient dispenser trays which are ideal in preparing clothes for a fully automatic wash. You simply place all the products that you will use on each of the dispenser trays and just place your settings; you will never need to wait for each cycle to get done to add bleach or fabric softener during the last rinse. This machine does this for you.
  • The child lock feature is definitely a plus; considering that this is a front loading washing machine, a small child can easily open the door and enter the unit without anyone knowing. There should also be a child lock feature placed on the controls as well.

Disadvantages of using a Samsung WF331ANW

  • As far as disadvantages were concerned, a few had load balancing issues with this washer and there were isolated cases of control panels not working and unable to handle large loads. However, most of these cases were already escalated to the manufacturer and were either replaced or covered by warranty

Overall, the Samsung WF331ANW Front Load Washer is an ideal investment for a family who needs an efficient washer, dryer, spinner and sanitizer. It will not just make clothes clean but will also ensure that clothes are protected against snags which are common in regular washing machines. Having to deal with minimal noise is very important in any washing machine unit since this is one of the noisiest home appliances by far. You will get cleaning done fast and efficiently and with the less noise and vibration compared to conventional washing machines. Having a child lock features are also perfect however there should also be similar features installed on the machine’s control panels as well.

Although there were minimal complaints about some of the machine’s parts, most complaints were still covered by the machine’s warranty and were dealt with right away.

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