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Samsung WF330ANW High Efficiency Front-Load Washer Review

The first thing that you will notice with the Samsung WF330ANW is that the unit is totally stylish. The finish is a soft white color plus the accents are chrome. Ideal for stylish homes. But don’t let the glamor and style of this Samsung washing machine fool you; there is more to it than looks. It has features that will enhance the way you do laundry and of course make you enjoy life more instead of doing laundry.

Considering the Samsung WF330ANW convenient features, it is one of the few washing machines that ensure the quality of clothes and fabric and not just getting rid of dirt or basically washing and drying clothes. From the pre-set wash cycles that are tailor made for your type of load, these ensure that your clothes come out of the washer clean, dry, sanitized and are totally protected.
Samsung WF330ANW
Samsung WF330ANW Features

  • Weighs 242 pounds and measures 31 x 27 x 38 inches
  • 3.7 cubic feet capacity
  • Front loading washing machine
  • With keypad and dial controls plus LED display
  • With a built-in water heater
  • With safe locking door
  • Drum is made of durable stainless steel
  • With specialty pre-set wash cycles like Bulky/Large, Delicate, Extra Rinse, Hand Wash, Perm Press, Sanitize, Speed Wash and Wool Settings
  • With automatic temperature controls
  • With end of cycle signal
  • With Time Delay wash
  • Comes with 4 temperature settings
  • With three tray dispensers for bleach, detergent and fabric softener
  • Comes in white and blue colors
  • Energy Star certified
  • With 1 year parts warranty, 1 year labor warranty, 2 years drum warranty and 10 years motor warranty

Samsung Quality

Nothing is better than placing your trust in a product that is made by a brand that you know will provide utmost quality. Samsung has been behind different home appliances, electronic equipment, audio and video equipment and computing devices; therefore a washing machine that bears the Samsung name will surely be appreciated by more and more consumers; Samsung WF330ANW will be an ideal washer and dryer unit for you and your family.

Advantages of using the Samsung WF330ANW

  • The outer material of the washing machine is made of durable and efficient material which means that you can use it year after year and will never rust, warp or move no matter what. It is one of the most durable outer materials used in a machine and combined with a safe locking door; you get a perfect washing machine choice for a medium to a small family.
  • Efficient features like the time delay and end of cycle signal allows you to do other chores and activities as you wait for the wash to finish. It is not long though that your wash is over and you will be able to finish your laundry without compensating on the cleaning and washing features.
  • The Samsung WF330ANW auto temperature controls will sanitize your laundry in the best temperature as possible and you can easily set this with just a simple touch of a button. A washer with a built-in sanitizer will help provide fresh and very clean clothes for any size family; you need sterile clothes for infants, for adults who take care of the sick and for people who work in health institutions and medical offices. You can greatly reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses with the use of a clothes sanitizer.
  • With the built-in dispenser trays you can immediately place the cleaning products that you wish to use, load up your machine and just place the settings that you need. The dispenser trays will reduce costly mistakes like placing bleach in colored clothes or adding fabric softeners to baby’s clothes or in children. There are kids that are totally allergic to the smell and feel of fabric softeners as well as other perfumes used to improve the scent of clothes.
  • The tub or the washer has a large capacity which is ideal for washing huge loads, large linens, curtains and comforters. A large tub will save you time and money in paying for so much water to be used to fill a large tub several times just to finish your wash. A large tub is also an efficient way to totally clean small delicate items.
  • The machine is very quiet and even when there is no anti vibration and anti-noise features that were offered, the result is an efficient and quiet machine.
  • The stainless steel drum is ideal for families who frequently use the washing machine since stainless parts do not rust and will withstand the rigors of daily or weekly washing. You can do the laundry even twice or thrice a week without the worry of your drum getting rusty or noisy.

Disadvantages of using the Samsung WF330ANW

  • One of the most obvious disadvantages of the Samsung WF330ANW is that it lacks a child lock feature. This feature ensures that the washing machine is totally safe even when there are small kids who live in the home.
  • The cleaning or washing cycles of this washing machine are longer than most top loading washing machines so technically it takes a bit longer to wash clothes. This however may be improved when you explore other settings to complete your wash.
  • Another disadvantage is that it has a fewer temperature settings and tray dispensers compared to other machines of the same capacity and features.

Overall, the Samsung WF330ANW is a washing machine that will be an ideal addition to any large or medium scale family because of its large tub or capacity. It also has features that can improve your laundry quality as well as your laundry capacity. This machine also uses less water which makes it an ideal way to clean clothes and at the same time save water.

The price may be too expensive at $999.00 but some consumers say that this is an adequate price to pay for quality that you can never simply find in any regular or conventional washing machine model.

Samsung WF330ANW
$999.00 from Amazon

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