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Samsung SMH1816S Over The Range Microwave Review

The Samsung SMH1816S Over The Range Microwave offers the convenience of fast cooking in a space saving, sleek, stainless steel design, which could be a compliment to many kitchens, in practicality and appearance.
Samsung SMH1816S
Samsung SMH1816S Over The Range Microwave Features

  • 1,100 Watts
  • 10 levels of cooking
  • 400 CFM exhaust fan with 4 speeds
  • Dimensions 29-7/8″ W x 16-15/16″ H x 17-5/16″ D
  • 1.8 cu. ft. Interior with Halogen light
  • Sensor cook technology
  • On/off glass turntable
  • Settings are one-touch
  • Range top light
  • Energy conserving Eco mode
  • Clock plus timer
  • Removable filter

The Samsung SMH1816S Over The Range Microwave was built to deliver powerful cooking and modern, industrial style to enhance any kitchen and aid in the making of edibles and beverages.  Its spacious interior can hold a wide range of microwave safe containers. With 1,100 watts of power tailored by 10 levels of cooking and combined with the on/off glass turntable, this unit is designed to offer flexible cooking while efficiently making use of space.

Cooking, defrosting and reheating are all possible and easily done, courtesy of the one touch settings on the Samsung SMH1816S microwave. There is even an energy saving Eco mode. The sensor cook technology provides accurate cooking with 12 sensor options. The 4-speed fan and removable filter can help to vent odors, fumes and smoke when cooking on or in the range. The lighting under this unit can be used to illuminate a cook top. The clock/timer helps to inform of the time of day and can also be set to insure a smooth cooking process.

What customers have to say about the Samsung SMH1816S Over The Range Microwave is the most enlightening source of information. Just what are the some of the pros and cons of cooking with this unit?

The Pros:

  • This is a great looking microwave. The look of it really works well with the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.
  • It was really easy to mount this microwave. This unit took only 20 minutes to install.
  • Quiet exhaust fan.
  • The interior is large.
  • Easy to use.
  • The melt/soften cooking level is great.
  • Great replacement. Fits well into retro space which needs unusual clearance.
  • Cooks evenly.
  • Works great as a recent purchase.

The Cons:

  • The materials are flimsy. The construction is shoddy. The door started sagging after 30 days.
  • It stopped working after 6 months. It stopped working after a year. It stopped working right after the warranty expired. It started displaying “se error.”  The commonly displayed “se error” is a now a known error with Samsung and if it happens after the warranty expires, it will cost any amount from $99-$140 to have the Samsung microwave technician come look at it. The replacement part runs about $75. The “se error” is related to steam from boiling thing on the cooktop underneath the over the range microwave. Many customers have reported this issue.
  • Once it started malfunctioning, sometimes unplugging it and plugging it back in brought it back to life. As the problem persisted, how long it would work became random and it would not always revive it. Many customers have reported this issue.
  • The trouble shooting suggestions given by the Samsung support team did not work.
  • Sometimes it sounds like this microwave is working, but it has stopped cooking and is simply making noise and displaying light.
  • The light is too dim in this unit.
  • The sound of the timer is too soft for it to be useful.
  • Sometimes it turns on by itself.
  • Removing the keyboard panel and messing about with the wiring sometimes helps with the “se error” issue.
  • It takes 45 seconds to 2 minutes for food to even get warm on the higher cook settings.
  • If this microwave works for a year without issue, it is a lucky break.
  • It works great until it does not.
  • If the right channels are gone through, there may be a one time warranty extension to cover the known “se error” if it occurs after the warranty.

Overall, the Samsung SMH1816S Over The Range Microwave does not seem to reflect the standard that Samsung sets with its phones. Many customers have been turned off from buying Samsung appliances at all after their experiences with this unit. Even after reading the reviews on this microwave, there are those who have still decided to make that purchase. At least, some of the wiser consumers made the decision to purchase this microwave from a retailer who offers a longer warranty with an option to extend that. That way, if this microwave performs the way that it has for most people, then hopefully the consumers will not have to essentially buy this unit twice.

Even though this microwave looks good, in some instances the materials with which it is made easily crumple or do not hold their shape. Boiling things on the stove top seems to lead to the commonly known “se error,” which results in a keypad malfunction. As this is an over the range unit, this is a manufacturing issue that should definitely be addressed. Samsung does not seem to be under that impression and will not take the repair costs on itself, if the warranty has expired. For whatever reason, this attractive unit does not appear to be a quality unit. Depending on the retailer, this microwave can be purchased for around $265. The retailer that offers the 3-year warranty with the extension option sells this microwave for a reduced price of $315.

The look of stainless steel in a kitchen can be very fetching, and that is what first draws people to this microwave. High quality is what keeps people returning to a manufacturer. Unfortunately, it does not look like a positive consumer review is a common occurrence for those who have had the Samsung SMH1816S Over The Range Microwave for 12-18 months. It seems to be commonplace that those customers are in the market for a replacement unit, which is not made by Samsung.

Samsung SMH1816S
$259.00 from Amazon

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