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Samsung RSG257AARS 24 Cubic Foot Side by Side Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator with two doors is designed to have more interior space without increase the exterior footprint of the refrigerator. It has several features that many consumers enjoy like the spill proof shelves, the LED exterior display panel, the interior LED lights, and the different sizes of the shelves and compartments. With three different design choices consumers can easily find one that fits with their kitchen décor. Many consumers like the stainless steel design and like that it can be easily cleaned. However, with all stainless steel it smudges easily and scratches show up as well, but the finish is nice and looks good. Many like the size and shape of this refrigerator because it fits flush against their counters and does not stick out to far from the wall.
Samsung RSG257AARS
Samsung RSG257AARS Features:

  • Three styles: Black, Real Stainless, White Pearl
  • Total Capacity of 24 cubic feet
  • External water and ice dispenser
  • Water filter
  • Twin cooling plus system
  • Power Freeze and Cool
  • Spill proof tempered glass shelves
  • Gallon door bins
  • Door alarm
  • Concealed hinges
  • LED display color (blue)
  • Air Flow
  • Refrigerator capacity is 15.2 cubic feet
  • 4 glass shelves
  • 3 door bins
  • Dairy compartment
  • Egg container
  • LED interior lighting
  • Wine Rack
  • Freezer Capacity is 9.3 cubic feet

Spill Proof Shelves

The Samsung RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator features spill proof tempered glass shelves that help prevent spills from dripping and leaking throughout the rest of the refrigerator. The shelves have a small lip on the edges that catch any fluids or liquids that may have spilled on the shelves. The small lip prevents the spill from leaking down the back of the refrigerator and from spilling of the edge onto other shelves.

Although the shelves are spill proof some consumers have noted that there are not a lot of options for adjusting the shelves. The limited adjustment capabilities of the shelves somewhat limits what can be placed in the refrigerator, making it difficult to place larger dishes or large amounts of foods in the fridge. Consumers have also found that the crisper drawers only pull out half-way which limits the access of the compartments. Others have found that if they lift the bins and crisper drawers out they have more access to them, but then the bins are more likely to fall out.

Ice and Water Dispenser

It also has a built in ice machine and an ice and water dispenser. The exterior blue LED lights allow for the control panel to be seen in low light or no light. The ice dispenser also has a water filter. Consumers that have purchased this Samsung model like how the icemaker is on the freezer door instead of taking up space on a shelf. This gives the freezer more storage room and allows for users to store more food in it. Those that have bought the Samsung RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator have found that the ice maker is very slow and if they entertain more than four to six people that they do not have enough ice to go around and that the ice maker will not produce enough for that many people and does not refill quick enough either. Others have found that the ice maker does not work when they get their refrigerators but this is likely a unit to unit issue and may not be an issue that is common with this refrigerator model.

Refrigerator and Freezer

The refrigerator is located on the right hand side and has a capacity of 15.2 cubic feet and has four tempered glass shelves, 1 gallon door bin, a dairy compartment, and egg container, and wine rack. The freezer is located on the left hand side and has a 9.3 cubic foot capacity with a built in automatic icemaker, it has 4 shelves and 3 clear tilting door bins. The interior of the refrigerator and freezer are lit by LED lights which many consumers like better than the bulbs used in older models. Users agree that the new LED lights work much better but they also do not get as hot as other bulbs. A common complaint on LED lights on the interior of the fridge and freezer are that the bulbs are not as bright as other bulbs and if there is a large amount of food in the refrigerator it is hard to see into it. Consumers have also noticed that the refrigerator does not have the depth that other models do, and that it is slightly shallower than other models but makes up for it in a better interior design. Users have also found that the refrigerator is quieter than other models.

Many that have purchased the Samsung RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator have found that the temperature regulation is much better in this model than in other Samsung models. They are also impressed by the freezer as it can get quiet cold at around -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Some users have found that the temperature on the inside of the refrigerator and the freezer and the external display do not always match and there is often a 2 to 4 degree difference in the temperature displayed and the actual temperature. Some that have purchased this Samsung model have had issues with keeping the temperature constant in the fridge and have found that the temperature would continue to rise about 10 degrees. They also noticed that the inside temperature differed from the door panel temperature by about 20 degrees.


  • Three different designs
  • Spill proof selves
  • Built-in icemaker and water dispenser
  • Icemaker is built into the door which does not take up shelf space
  • LED interior lights are stylish and light the fridge well
  • LED exterior panel is easy to see and read


  • Some think it is too shallow
  • Shelves have limited adjustability
  • Compartments and Crispers do not open all the way
  • Hard to regulate temperatures

Overall the Samsung RSG257AARS side by side refrigerator is a good fridge for the price and has many features that consumers enjoy.

Samsung RSG257AARS
$2,069.10 from Amazon

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