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Samsung RS265TDRS Side by Side Energy Star Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RS265TDRS 26 Cubic Foot Side by Side Energy Star Refrigerator offers streamlined style and storage for kitchen’s of today. With three finish options, any kitchen can be enhanced while perishables are kept fresh with this appliance from Samsung.

Samsung RS265TDRS
Samsung RS265TDRS Side by Side Energy Star Refrigerator Features

  • 26 cu. ft. Capacity: 15.8 cu. ft. Refrigerator capacity, 9.7 cu. ft. Freezer capacity
  • Filtered water and ice dispenser on door front (filter included)
  • Automatic ice maker integrated
  • Water filter indicator
  • Twin Cooling Plus System®
  • Cooling and freezing power options
  • 4 Spill resistant shelves of tempered glass in refrigerator; 5 glass shelves in freezer
  • 2 Gallon-sized door bins in refrigerator
  • 2 Clear door bins in refrigerator, 3 clear tilting bins in freezer
  • Hidden hinges
  • Door alarm (2-minute)
  • Seperate refrigerator and freezer airflow
  • Blue LED display
  • LED internal lights in refrigerator and freezer
  • Energy Star rated
  • Dimensions: 35-3/4″ (W) x 69-7/8″ (H) x 36-1/2″ (D)
  • Finish options: Real stainless/ Black pearl/ White pearl

The Samsung RS265TDRS was designed to keep perishables at optimum temperatures in both the refrigerator and freezer, thanks to separate airflow of the Twin Cooling System. The air flows out from many outlets along each shelf area to deliver and maintain the desired refrigerator temperature. The LED display on the door front provides information on interior temperatures, water filter status, and operates ice and water dispenser. This unit boasts large amounts of ice production for parties and daily use. There are also a variety of door bins and shelving for organization of quite an array of perishables. Bright, LED lighting makes it easy to locate foods and beverages in either side of this side by side unit. All of this has been put together in an Energy Star rated package, which is highly pleasing to the eye and easier on the wallet. How do those who own this appliance from Samsung feel about its performance level?

The Pros of the Samsung RS265TDRS:

  • It is gorgeous. This unit is quite a treat for the eyes. This Samsung refrigerator really enhances the look of a kitchen.
  • The interior lighting in very bright.
  • The quick cool or freeze setting is very useful.
  • There is an extremely useful child lock on the ice and water dispenser.
  • It keeps perishables properly cool.
  • This unit has a lot of space. The clear drawers are a plus. The refrigerator door bins work well for gallon containers.
  • The retail price on this appliance is great.

The Cons of the Samsung RS265TDRS:

  • The ice maker makes all sorts of loud noise. The ice maker does not produce enough ice. The ice maker freezes over and often requires defrosting. The ice maker repeatedly breaks. The loud noises associated with the ice maker and at times compressor are known issues without a fix.
  • The ice dispenser shoots ice all over the floor. The ice dispenser does not make the type of ice that has been selected. The placement of the dispenser and temperature control panel can cause accidental turn ons and food spoiling temperatures to be set.
  • The nozzle angle on the water dispenser does not work well for larger containers. The nozzle angle on the water dispenser causes water to spill all over the floor.
  • The shelves do not allow for much adjustment. Gallon sized containers (milk or) and taller containers (2 liter bottles) do not fit well on the shelves, thus limiting the number of these that one may have in the refrigerator at a time.
  • The placement of the interior lights can cause their illumination to be blocked by the items in the refrigerator.
  • The fridge often needs repairs.
  • This appliance stops working after a year or two.
  • Most of the positive reviews come from brand new owners of the Samsung RS265TDRS.

Overall, it would seem that this side by side from Samsung may be a part of the growing kitchen appliance pitfall, for which this company is becoming known. Upon close inspection of the customer reviews, those who have had this refrigerator for shorter periods of time (6 months or less) tend to be the ones to give the very positive reviews. This offering from Samsung is so attractive that many people make this purchase. The price for the look of this refrigerator, as well as the amount of storage space, make it a hard unit to bypass. The proposed cooling features of this appliance also add to the appeal, and when this unit works, it does seem to work fairly well.

There are subjective factors such as amount of ice produced and storage options, but those are not really the issues that have people up in arms. This unit seems to require a fair bit of repair and after a short period of time (for a major appliance) it seems to stop keeping foods cold. The temperature readout has been known to be faulty and more than one customer at the over a year mark has noted that this refrigerator has ceased to function properly. The freezing over ice maker and dispenser often come into play with this. The noise level from this part of the unit has been described by many as very loud.

Even some of the more positive ratings have mentioned issues with the ice maker on the Samsung RS265TDRS. So even though on the Samsung site, most of the reviews are 5-star, the majority of these are from brand new owners of this appliance. If one wants to risk purchasing this 26 cu. ft. refrigerator, then it would be best to find out what types of warranties are available and to purchase every version and extension. This is by all accounts a beautiful appliance, but as one review mentioned, its no good if it does not refrigerate. It would seem that research is best before making this purchase.

Samsung RS265TDRS
$1,399.00 from Amazon

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