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Samsung RS261MDPN Side-by-Side Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RS261MDPN side by side door refrigerator is designed to fit in with any kitchen décor with four different designs to choose from. It has more storage capacity and interior space than many traditional refrigerators; it is also designed to save energy.
Samsung RS261MDPN
Samsung RS261MDPN Features

  • 4 colors/styles available: Black Pearl, Real Stainless, Stainless Platinum, White Pearl
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • External digital display
  • Easily adjusted controls
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool
  • LED lighting
  • Side by Side doors
  • 26 cubic foot
  • Integrated Water and Ice
  • Door Alarm
  • Measures 35.75 inches wide by 69.88 inches high by 36.5 inches deep
  • One year warranty on parts
  • Five year warranty on Sealed system parts


The Samsung RS261MDPN refrigerator is a side by side two door refrigerator that offers more interior storage space without taking up more room in the kitchen. It comes in four different styles that offer buyers choices to match their kitchen décor. However some that have purchased this model have found that the materials are not very sturdy and that the interior sides of the refrigerator bend and can buckle when too much is put on one of the shelves in the refrigerator.

It also has a door alarm that sounds if the door is left open for too long. Some that have purchased this model have noted that the alarm could be louder as they have left the door open on accident and left the room without hearing it going off. A louder alarm may be needed but other users really enjoy the alarm feature and find it very helpful in warning them if the door is open. It was designed with keeping large amounts of food in the refrigerator as well as large dishes like platters, and casserole dishes; although the interior is larger the exterior remains the same size as a traditional refrigerator.


The power freeze and power cool features allow for buyers to drop the temperature by 10 degrees in each compartment in a matter of minutes. These features were designed with rapidly cooling or chilling drinks or ice cream quickly. Some users have issues keeping the temperature of their refrigerator at a manageable level. Occasionally they have noted that the fridge will freeze everything including items in the refrigerator section and then defrost or stop working when it overheats from the constant freezing this in turn has caused some users to find their food spoiled and their refrigerators broken. Other users have found that when they receive their refrigerators the freezer temperature is not set correctly and that if it is immediately adjusted that it works fine. Many have also noted that the freezer is very powerful and can get as low as -15 degrees on the lowest or highest bar setting (5). Some have also noted that it takes a while to figure out what setting works vest for your freezer as the temperature settings can have different power from unit to unit. It also features a water and ice dispenser and an LED control pad.

Water and Ice Dispenser

The ice dispenser works well but many users have found that since there is no way to get ice out of the bin it can be difficult or inconvenient to put ice into a larger container like a pitcher. Users have found that in order to put ice in a larger container they have to use a cup or small dish or bowl to put ice into and then transfer the ice into the larger container. Some have also found that when they get ice out of the dispenser that small to large chips of ice will fly from around the top of the glass and will hit the floor which causes puddles and can eventually cause floor damage if it happens frequently for a long period of time. Others have found that the ice dispenser gets jammed and that ice will not come out of the spout and that they have to remove the ice bin, empty it, and clean out any chunks of ice that may be stuck  in the bin or outlet and then replace the ice bucket.

Users have also noted that the Samsung RS261MDPN refrigerators ice dispenser is very noisy and that it can be heard even if they are in the other room, and that when switching from crushed to cubed ice the dispenser gets “stuck” on the crushed and will spew chunks of ice. The ice machine only produces a little amount of ice at a time. Some users have also found that the buttons are hard to press and that some force is needed in order to press the buttons; however others have had no issues with this so it may vary from unit to unit.


The Samsung RS261MDPN side by side two door refrigerator is designed to be energy efficient and has LED lighting and displays to help in that area. Many users like the way the LED display looks and that it can easily be seen in a darkened room, however they are finding that the interior of the fridge is poorly lit. Many users have found that the LED lighting in the refrigerator is not the greatest and if the refrigerator is full of food then the refrigerator is essential dark with no light. They have also noticed that the freezer is well lit even with a lot of food being stored in it.


  • Four different designs to choose from
  • Large interior
  • Small exterior
  • Door Alarm
  • Energy Efficient


  • Ice dispenser can spew ice
  • Hard to regulate the temperature
  • LED lights on the interior do not offer much light when there is food in the fridge
  • Have to push the buttons hard to make them work
  • Ice maker is very noisy
  • When on energy saver mode ice builds up around the freezer fan
  • Interior is made of poor materials and can bend or buckle when too much weight is placed on the shelves

Overall the Samsung RS261MDPN is a good refrigerator for the price but it does have some issues that can be resolved by following the instructions and owner manual. It has different designs to fit different kitchen décor.

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Samsung RS261MDPN
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