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Samsung RFG297HDRS French Door Refrigerator Review

There are so many things to consider when you find yourself in the market for a new refrigerator these days. Size, color, manufacturer, warranty used to be just about all we had to worry about. With some of the refrigerators on the market today, things can get much more complicated. Now we have these computer driven models with French doors, ice makers and water dispensers, not to mention most freezers are now on the bottom. Take the new Samsung RFG297HDRS French Door Refrigerator as an example. Wow talk about technology at its best. This unit will do almost everything but cook your food for you. Therefore, what kind of features does one look for in a frig these days, well the Samsung RFG297HDRS has almost too many to write about. One would have to almost go to school to learn all the bells and whistles this thing has. So let us see if we can figure out a few of them for you.
Samsung RFG297HDRS French Door Refrigerator
With the twin cooling plus system you will find that this frig keeps your food fresher, longer. Unlike most conventional refrigerators this unit separates airflow from the frig and the freezer to help improve freshness. Another advantage of this is that the refrigerator area stays more humid keeping fruits and your vegetables a lot fresher. In addition, because they are separated humid air stays out of your freezer thereby reducing freezer burn and improving the quality of frozen food.

The Samsung RFG297HDRS has a very attractive design and large capacity. By bringing innovation to both design and storage, Samsung continues to strive for excellence. When it comes to kitchen decor, Samsung designed units are very sleek and stylish. The enhanced storage capacity offers more space on the inside while the outside has the same dimensions as most conventional units. This equates to more room to hold those favorite drinks and those pesky leftovers. In addition, what comes standard on most Samsung refrigerators these days is LED lighting. The Samsung RFG297HDRS has the best in class LED lighting system and gently lights every nook and cranny. Moreover, the LED lighting system provides soft lighting and because it emits less heat, it makes for a more energy efficient unit that traditional lighting.

In addition to these features, it comes with a full drawer length pantry. This drawer comes with its own adjustable temp control for your specific food storage needs. The temperature options include Quick cool, Thaw, and soft freeze, plus cool mode. Another feature is an expanded ice storage to ensure that you have enough ice on hand.

So let’s see what the customers who have purchased the Samsung RFG297HDRS French Door Refrigerator have to say about this. One of the problems that keeps coming up with Samsung units is that when you first get them home they seem to have problems with the temperature control. In most of these case if they are unplugged it will reset the on board computer and this seems to correct that problem. Although the ice maker is very fast and efficient it seems to make quite a noise when it releases the ice so watch out for that one.  Of all the complaints I have reviewed this one seemed to be the most annoying to the customers. Another customer had bought all new Samsung appliances for his home and after about 2 years or so, he started having problems with the freezer section. The technician that came out said that it was a common problem with Samsung and replaced the gasket. In addition to that he had to replace most of the lights in the unit and the bill came to 600 plus dollars. Of course, the Refrigerator was just out of warranty so when we spoke to the manufacturer their reply was that we should have bought the extended warranty. This has been a theme with the customer service department at Samsung and I am not sure just why that is. You would think that spending anywhere from 2000 to 4000 dollars on a refrigerator, the least they could do is have a department that actually services the customer.

On the bright side, most of the reviews I have read about this Refrigerator are pretty good ones and that makes this model stand out from other Samsung models. So the Samsung RFG297HDRS, seems to be a pretty good choice if you have your heart set on Samsung. Nevertheless, like always please take the time to do the research and by all means purchase the extended warranty.

Here is one last review I would like to pass on; Awesome fridge in every way – aesthetics both inside and out, LED lighting is especially cool, storage features, door operation (both fridge and freezer), water and ice operation, everything. I did notice one reviewer had trouble with temp control, not an issue for me. Another mentioned buying the warranty; this is my second unit like this and never had a problem. Now, you might ask why I had to buy 2 … had to downsize due to move across country into a house that already had a fridge… moved again, wouldn’t you know, no fridge! So, loved the first one so much, bought another one. Now “that’s” a testimony.

Only one small complaint and that is that the ice maker makes a few too many chips in my cubed ice. This one is not near as bad as my first, so they at least they have improved, but it is still a nuisance to have to hold my fingers over the top of the glass and dump the little pieces out occasionally. Not a deal breaker by any means, but thought it worth mentioning.

So there you have it folks as it turns out this Samsung RFG297HDRS has quite a few more positive reviews than bad ones, so over all I think that it would be a pretty decent refrigerator if your looking for a large one that is.

Samsung RFG297HDRS
$2,299.00 from Amazon

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