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Samsung RFG297HDRS Foot French Door Energy Star Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RFG297HDRS refrigerator is and energy star refrigerator that is designed to be sleek, efficient, and to look good with different kitchen décor. It is also designed to have a large storage capacity and has more space inside without increasing the outside dimensions of the refrigerator itself.
Samsung RFG297HDRS
Samsung RFG297HDRS 29 Cubic Foot French Door Energy Star Refrigerator Features

  • Comes in three styles, black pearl, real stainless, and white pearl
  • 5 tempered glass spill proof shelves
  • Twin cooling plus system
  • Pantry with three level temperature controls
  • Measures 35 ¾ inches by 69 ¾ inches by 35 5/8 inches
  • French doors
  • Ice maker
  • Freezer located below refrigerator
  • External digital display and control
  • Power freeze and cool options
  • 29 cubic feet


The Samsung RFG297HDRS has 2 humidity controlled crispers, five tempered glass spill proof shelves, and two gallon bins in the right door. The left door has two gallon bins and one door bin, one dairy bin and cool select pantry. The cool select pantry comes with three level temperature controls and a pantry divider freezer that measures 8.7 cubic feet. It also has an easy open handle, surround air flow power freeze and power cool options, LED lighting, a door alarm, and water filter indicator. Some of the other features include a pizza pocket and ice dispenser.


Many consumers like the look and the size of the Samsung RFG297HDRS refrigerator and agree that is very roomy and can effectively hold copious amounts of foods and beverages. Customers also like the LED lights and displays which make it easy to control the temperature settings of the refrigerator and are easy to read and see.


With three different style choices many consumers that have purchased this refrigerator have been able to find one that best fits with their kitchen décor. However, as will most stainless steel appliances fingerprints and smudges show up very easily and it does require some maintenance cleaning to keep the smudging to a minimum. Some consumers have also noticed rust streaks on their stainless steel refrigerators but have found that they can easily be taken care of. Also it is important to note that the front of the fridge is stainless steel but the sides and the back are a different color and are glossy like traditional refrigerators.

Even though many consumers really like the size of the refrigerator some have found that it is almost too bit to fit into their cabinet frames that they have in their kitchens. Even after measuring they often are surprised by the size of the refrigerator.

Although many like the size and the style of the refrigerator some users have found that there are minor cons to the refrigerator. Consumers have noted that the fridge does not always hold the temperature that it has been set on and that it could be a flaw with the temperature sensors but can be fixed by a technician from the company. This issue can vary and may not be a problem for all of the refrigerators of this make and model. Other users have noted that the display temperature is often warmer than the actual temperature of the refrigerator or the freezer and it may be an issue with the sensors. By pressing the “power cool” or “power freeze” button for a few seconds consumers can adjust the temperature of their fridge and can hopefully help to alleviate or correct the temperature issues.

Consumers have noticed that even though the fridge has a large interior that the shelves on the insides of the door do not have the same depth as a traditional refrigerator does so items that may have fit previously in other refrigerators may not fit in the door of the Samsung RFG297HDRS refrigerator.

Some consumers do not like how the back of the refrigerator is flat and sealed off as it provides no space for the excess water lines to be stored, however some consumers have no issues with this and either coil the excess lines or leave the refrigerator out from the walls a bit.

Ice Maker

Some users have found that the ice maker is very loud and that it can actually be disruptive to the household because of the volume. Some users have suggested that because it is so loud that turning it off at night may be beneficially to their sleep. However many consumers have noted that the ice maker is actually very fast and that the ice is perfectly fine, and others have noted that it takes about an hour between ice making or when the ice drops into the bin and that is too long and does not create enough ice. Some users have also experienced some leaking or dripping from the water or ice spout but others have had no issues with their water spout or ice spout. It is suggested that following the recommendation of dumping the first 2 gallons of water and then dumping the first bucket of ice cubes will help lessen the likelihood of dripping.


  • Large interior
  • Relatively normal exterior size
  • LED lights and display are easy to see and operate, great for at night
  • Produces ice quickly
  • Doors are large but still lightweight
  • Exterior of the refrigerator is quality
  • Three different exterior décor available
  • Door alarm is useful



  • Almost too large to fit in some standard sized cabinet frames
  • Stainless Steel is not magnetized
  • Ice dispenser and machine are very loud
  • Takes an hour to produce new ice
  • No place for the excess water tubing as the back is flat and sealed
  • Stainless steel smudges easily
  • Water and ice spout can drip
  • Buzzing sound from back of refrigerator is common (loose screws)
  • Shelves on doors are not very deep
  • Rust streaks common on the stainless steel
  • Refrigerator compressor can be loud

Overall the Samsung RFG297HDRS French door refrigerator is a well-designed fridge with an exceptionally large interior. This Samsung fridge was designed to have a larger interior without increasing the exterior refrigerator footprint and with all kitchen décor in mind.

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