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Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator Review

Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator is one large capacity refrigerator you have always wanted. Sizing at 28.5 x 35.8 x 69.6 inches, this one is really fit to accommodate all the foods in your house plus the left overs you have accumulated. Drinks for your party can all be accommodated by this refrigerator too. It also embodies exceptional features that each consumer should note.
Samsung RFG237AARS
Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator Features

  • Twin Cooling System keeping food fresh
  • Cool tight doors
  • 23 cu ft storage capacity
  • External filtered water and ice dispenser
  • Energy Star certified
  • External digital display and control with blue LED display
  • Cool Select Pantry Drawer
  • Contour doors and smooth finish
  • With water filter
  • Filter indicator
  • 2-minute door alarm
  • Fast chill and fast freeze through the Power Freeze and Power Cool features
  • Accessible for kids with its EZ- Open handle adjusted  for their height
  • Attractive design

Front liner in Refrigerator Technology

The fact that it is made by a trusted brand Samsung is enough to give the consumer the idea that this is indeed a refrigerator that can be trusted. Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator is just one of the fridges to watch for from this family.

At first glance, this refrigerator is designed for excellence. The smooth finish it comes to have does not only stand for modernity but also serves to make it much easier to clean the surface. Cleaning its surface is as easy as just wiping it clean.

One of its noted and most valuable features is its twin cooling system. This system is responsible in making your food fresh. It does makes use of two way system of cooling air, one for the freezer and the other one for the fridge. It maintains temperature and humidity that makes sure that the foods inside will maintain its freshness.

Probably one of the reasons why it has the power to maintain freshness of food is the fact that the fridge doors are cool tight. It means that there is no way that the temperature inside the fridge will be affected by the external environment.

More about being modern equipment is its digital display panels. This panel gives the user the idea of the current temperature inside the device. Also, it alerts the user should there be a need for the water filters to be changed. The user mainly has the idea of what is happening inside the fridge without opening it. This same panel lets also the user control the water and ice dispenser that the fridge comes to have.

At 23 cu ft, this refrigerator can house huge number of foods. Inside the fridge lie drawers that are huge enough to keep food in place. The storage space also facilitates fair flow to maintain the freshness of food. It has four available levels of temperature to serve the needs of the user namely Quick
Cool, Thaw and Soft Freeze, Chill
Mode, and Cool Mode options. Aside from this, Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator has the ability to perform power chill and power freeze functions. If you badly need a certain food frozen or chilled, you can do so easily. The fridge will work its might to reach the temperature that you demand.

Advantages of using Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator

  • It has enough storage space to house all your food, left overs and beverages.
  • It has modern design that will surely fit your modern home.
  • Kids would benefit more on its EZ open handle that is designed to match kids’ height to give them the convenience of opening the refrigerator.
  • It has 4 available temperature options.
  • If you need to have a certain food chilled or frozen, the refrigerator can do so at a fast phase.
  • Temperature is sure not to escape out of the fridge since it has cool tight doors.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator is easy because of its glossy finish making it easier to wipe off unnecessary stains.
  • Energy Star certified which means that though it performs various impressive functions it still has the ability to conserve energy.
  • Clean and ready to drink water is surely on your way as the fridge has its own water filter.
  • The user will be able to note the temperature that the refrigerator is currently in because of the blue LED display located at the refrigerator’s door.
  • Foods especially vegetables and fruits will surely maintain its freshness as the refrigerator can maintain a humidity and temperature that will surely bring such.
  • It has built in alarm which alerts the user when the fridge is left open.
  • Innovations are inclined to both design and storage.
  • Shelves are not made up of cheap plastics but instead are made up of durable ones.

Disadvantages of using Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator

  • This is no refrigerator for houses with small spaces. Obviously, this refrigerator will take a lot of space.
  • It comes with water filters that you need to replace at least twice a year. This is an added expense.
  • LCD panel lights may lose its power.
  • Though it has been Energy Star certified, energy use is elevated as the user makes use of the power freeze feature. Remember that as the device works more to reach a certain temperature for a short while, more energy is used.
  • Once the ice maker accumulates ice at its back, its fan will cause the device to create annoying noise.

Samsung has never failed to bring consumers all the value they could get out of their money. Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Refrigerator is just one of their products bringing nothing but convenience in the lives of people. It is built for huge storage and may not be the fridge right for homes with small spaces. But if you have got the access to wide space that can house this enormous refrigerator, start counting the benefits you could ever get. There is no time to wait so now is the right time to buy ths refrigerator so you can start experiencing the Samsung way.

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