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Samsung RF4289HARS French Door Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RF4289HARS refrigerator in one of the newest innovations by Samsung as they continue to make their mark in the appliance industry. Samsung has long been known for their electronics like televisions, video cassette recorders, and a myriad of home electronics products. Many people would, and have, always considered them a middle of the road company. As far as their product’s go they have always been priced in the middle and have kept that status as they have transitioned over to the appliance market. Now comes along the Samsung RF4289HARS Refrigerator and it is just a taste of what is to come as the computer age makes its way into this market. Gone are the days of the simple refrigerator, and these days, the advances just keep coming at break neck speed. This unit has all the bells and whistles that we have come to expect.
Samsung RF4289HARS
The Samsung RF4289HARS comes with the evermore popular French doors, front door ice maker and water dispenser, underneath freezer and that stainless steel finish that has become more and more popular. However, that is where this frig just gets started. Sandwiched in between the frig and the freezer is an extra drawer that can be set up anyway your little heart desires. With 4 temp settings and 4 separate compartments, this extra drawer is just one of the perks that come with this 28 cubic foot refrigerator.

Right above the door mounted ice maker is a built in LCD screen complete with special apps to keep your family organized and its quite the way to leave notes and such for your loved ones. You can even display photos from your Picasa library, your mobile phone or an SD card. Now how innovative is that. You can post and stay up to date with all of your family activities using Google calendar or access recipes by the hundreds from Epicurious. Not only that, you can get the up to date weather and news by the Weather Bug and Associated Press. Yes believe it or not The Samsung RF4289HARS comes with a brilliant Wi-Fi enabled, 8 inch LCD screen.

Another innovation that they have incorporated into this unit is superior ice production and storage. It comes with extra ice storage to help insure you that you will always have plenty of ice on hand for those parties that always seem to just get bigger. It would seem that they have finally got it figured out that one of those things people have been asking for is more ice please, and this frig delivers.

Of course the Samsung RF4289HARS comes with LED lighting for a soft light in all the little nooks and cranny’s of a frig not only for energy efficiency but also to keep the heat down that would normally be emitted from conventional bulbs.

Utilizing a twin cooling plus system, this unit keeps food fresher longer. Unlike most conventional refrigerators, this one separated airflow from the freezer and the refrigerator to keep things fresher. The refrigerator area will stay more humid and that will keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. Because of twin cooling system the humid air will stay out of the freezer and reduce freezer burn plus improve the quality of your frozen foods. They have also installed an alarm to let you know if there is a door ajar or one that has been left open for to long.

After reading all of the reviews and blogs about Samsung RF4289HARS French Door Refrigerator it would seem that this refrigerator like so many others has been getting some not so stellar reviews. One of the complaints is the tech support offered by Samsung. It would appear that they cannot seem to put people on the phone that can answer all of the questions about this unit. When it comes to operating the computer portion of the frig, the term, I do not know, seemed to be the most common answer and most people have been very disappointed. One of the problems that has arisen for almost everyone who has purchased this unit is that after you first plug the frig in within a day or two you have to unplug it and reboot the system. It seems that the computer controlled temperature control will not work properly when first plugged in. Now for most tech savvy people that’s not big deal but for others it is. One Person put a thermometer inside the frig and found out that when she set the temp on the display to 34 degrees the inside temp was anywhere from 46 to 55, when she talked to Samsung they seemed to think this was normal and that she could not use a normal thermometer like she did. Even after she used the power cool feature and had disabled the energy save it took a reboot of the system to finally fix the problem. That information came from other online users and not from Tech Support.

In addition there seems to be quite a few folks who when they first took a look at this unit thought that the middle draw idea was a good one but when you put food in it, it’s not very useful and quite hard to organize.

Overall I would have to rate this high tech refrigerator somewhere in the middle, not because it does not have all the bells and whistles but because as has been the problem with a lot of Samsung equipment, you just can’t seem to get the support that is required for such a high tech device. I should think that Samsung would want to deliver better customer support when you take into consideration how much this refrigerator costs and all of the troubles people are having with it. Most people however seemed to like this unit after they got things figured out and running like it was designed to.

Once again, if you can get the Samsung RF4289HARS at a decent price, I would recommend that you purchase the extended warranty for this one.

Samsung RF4289HARS
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