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Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator Review

When looking for a refrigerator that could accommodate all your budgeted foods and beverages for a week, probably what you have actually been looking for so long is the Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator. This model of French door refrigerator is equipped with features and advantages that every customer would ever want to experience all throughout the year.
Samsung RF267AERS
Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator Features

  • LED lighting
  • Cool select pantry (Temperature control)
  • Twin cooling system
  • 26 cu. ft. refrigerator capacity
  • Surrounded by air flow
  • Gallon door bins
  • 8.1 cu. ft. freezer capacity
  • Contour doors
  • Blue display color
  • Humidity controlled crispers
  • Concealed hinges
  • Spill proof shelves
  • Door alarm (2 minutes)

Unique Design

Samsung RF267AERS has a very unique design that causes to make its users comfortable. When compared to other French door refrigerator models, Samsung RF267AERS is spacious. You can able to access on its full-width because of its available two doors. If you wish to store larger items such as cake, pizza or water melon, it will not be hard for you to fit them inside the appliance because you can open its two doors. Another thing is you do not need to crouch when storing or removing foods because its compartments are at the eye level. Through this, it will be easy for you to check on your stored foods. You can consume foods that may expire soon or remove from it those foods that are already spoiled.

Combination of a Side-by-Side and Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator can be called an all in one kind of refrigerator. It has the combination of side by side as well as bottom freezer refrigerator. This kind of combination in a model of refrigerator is what customers are ever wishing to have. This tandem features bring out the best in this kind of French door refrigerator.

Advantages of Using Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator

  • It does not require you wide space to accommodate in your kitchen. This kind of French door has double doors which you only need to swing out in order to access the full-width refrigerated area. In addition, this appliance allows you to store larger items easily.
  • Crouching is minimized when opening your French door refrigerator because the lower area of it is taken up by lesser used freezer.
  • The price of this French door refrigerator model fits to the convenience it can offer you. There will never come in a point of your life wherein you will regret of buying this product.
  • Its double door is an advantage because opening on the side of the freezer is minimized. Therefore, electricity bill is somehow reduced.
  • It has a spacious freezer compartment. This allows you to choose whether you choose to have the pull out type of drawer or the swinging type of door.
  • The freezer compartment being at the bottom is also spacious and you can choose whether you prefer the pull out drawer type of freezer or the swinging door type. The swinging door type of refrigerator is more spacious as compared to the pull out drawer type.

Disadvantages of Using Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator

  • Its expensive price can be a disadvantage to other people. People who are below average may not afford to buy this model of French door refrigerator. Therefore, only those who have money can enjoy using this model.
  • Since Samsung RF267AERS offers great value to its target customers, it easily gets run out of supply. Meaning, there can be a number of possibilities wherein customers will need to wait until the model is available in the market place. In other words, even if one is able to afford to purchase this highly stylish and user-friendly French door refrigerator, they still need to wait until the desired color is already available.

In conclusion, having Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator in your homes is such a great advantage. Its features are really innovative. These are the features what every home owner is looking for. A number of advantages can be savoured. Even though there are disadvantages, they do not outweigh its advantages.

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