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Samsung RF217ACRS French Door Energy Star Refrigerator Review

Samsung has been a staple company in the production of home electronics and home appliances for decades. It would seem that as time has gone by, they have branched out into just about all of the things that you plug into the wall outlet.  Having not only a good, but an efficient refrigerator for your family is one of the most important things to consider when you plan to purchase appliances for your home.  You will need enough storage for your entire family plus some features that you will be satisfied with.  That is why doing your research before you buy is important to do when looking to buy appliances.
Samsung RF217AC 20 Cubic Foot French Door Energy Star Refrigerator
The Samsung RF217ACRS Refrigerator is no exception and once again, we find that they have done a good job with this appliance. This unit is a French door, stainless steel. With the freezer on the bottom, at 20 cubic feet the Samsung RF217ACRS is on the lower end of the scale when it comes to space that is and after reading several reviews.  The consensus is that it may be on the lower end of the scale over all as well. The reviews were pretty mixed but the majority of folks while loving the stainless steel, the French doors, and the freezer on the bottom agreed, that over all this refrigerator was for the money not the best buy as touted.

As reported, most people liked the stainless steel finish, and the EZ open freezer handle was and is a great touch. However that is where the features pretty much end as far as it goes, yes the shelves are adjustable but that is more common than not. Shelf height seemed to be an issue because even though you can adjust the shelves, there is not much you can do without removing a shelf to gain or arrange for any significant room. There are a ton of units and other brands that have done a much better with the interior design. For an example, fitting a gallon of milk into the door works pretty well but a lot of complaints have been made about not being able to put things like a pitcher of tea or anything of the like.

A lot of the reviewers had complaints about the icemaker of Samsung RF217ACRS. The biggest one being that when you open the door at times the cubes spill out into the bottom of the freezer or onto the floor. The icemaker comes down to far into the bucket and this may be why the cubes are knocked off. Another complaint is that there does not seem to be enough light or that it is too dim. However, one of the energy saving advents that they use is led light bulbs so it is a tradeoff.

Some reviewers have noticed that they have rust spots starting to show up on some of the machines but this does not seem to be a wide spread problem. The same goes for keeping the stainless clean as some found it pretty easy while others found it to be quite painful. Another issue that some are having is that there seems to be some seal problem that develop after time and there are many who have experienced water getting into the veggie drawer and freezing.

The Samsung RF217ACRS does get quite a variety when it comes to people talking about noise, everything from very noisy to pretty quiet have been a few mentioned. One person had experienced a very noisy compressor from the day it was plugged in and this unit actually failed after about eleven months or so. Samsung and the store where he got this unit were happy to replace it but once again, this unit and the customer experienced another failure. After many phone call through the call center and with the website this customer finally ended up with a different unit altogether.

After searching around in quite a few reviews, the following is some of the better ones, superb product with a modern look and feel. Good design, very energy efficient, sturdy and durable, most liked the LED lights. Well-made and very quiet, comfortable, and absolutely logical in its interior design. Huge freezer and no nonsense digital controls as well as priced right. So it would appear that there is quite a mixed bag so to speak when it comes to this particular refrigerator.

One of the things that people need to consider when looking to buy a new refrigerator is the simple truth that, size matters. So, if you are in the market there are many issues that need to be consider, life style is one of these. Just the way that you and your family buy groceries for example can make a difference. Do you buy on a weekly basis? Do you buy on a monthly basis and then pickup essentials once in a while. Does your family require a lot of liquids like juices, milk, and soda for example? This unit while have a pretty good freezer space does not stack up as well in the frig compartment area, so once again take a look at how it will work for you and yours.

The Samsung RF217ACRS French Door Energy Star Refrigerator features a Twin cooling system with power freeze and power cool options and settings. Tempered glass with spill proof shelves. As stated before these shelves are adjustable but only can be moved an inch or two so not sure if that is enough. LED lights for efficiency makes this unit pretty power friendly and most people are satisfied with that aspect.

It would appear that this refrigerator comes with the pretty standard 2 year appliance warranty so not many issues with that but I would mention that when dealing with the manufacturer there were a few complaints and some people did not seem to get a resolution to their problem. Therefore, I am not at all sure that this factor alone might be a concern if you have plans to purchase this product.

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