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Samsung RF217ACPN 20 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator Review

When choosing to purchase a new refrigerator these days there is always a lot to take into consideration. The look and internal arrangement are just a few of the things to take a look at.

So let’s take a look at the Samsung RF217ACPN french door refrigerator and see just what this frig has to offer and some of its features and review’s. It is always recommended that you firstly make sure that you are looking at units that will fit into the space you have. Things like color and size are always in play.
Samsung RF217ACPN 20 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator Review
With 20 cubic feet of space, the Samsung RF217ACPN is the perfect fit for those smaller spaces and boasts that it is three inches slimmer than its conventional counterparts are. In addition, at 33 inches wide it might just be what you are looking for.

This unit is Energy Star compliant which will assure you that you’re Samsung RF217ACPN is helping the environment and using less energy, plus saving you money at the same time. Energy Star is a joint program of the US Dept. of Energy and the EPA.

It comes with a digital display of the internal temperature for easy control.

Strategically placed, high efficiency LED lighting seems to brighten quite well so you can very easily find what you need quite quickly. Led is a cooler source of light, which equates to less space and less heat. This feature makes the frig more energy efficient that the conventional and traditional bulb lighting.

The Samsung RF217ACPN uses a Twin Cooling system, which contains two evaporators to independently control the temperature of the upper and lower units. This maintains proper humidity levels and prevents odor transfers between the compartments. So let’s take a look at some of the reviews about this model. One person who needed a narrow counter-depth fridge within his price range and this one seemed to be the only option. The look of the platinum finish is fantastic and the smear factor is fantastic. It does not show a smudge and looked better than the stainless steel model.

The gripes so far are pretty small ones. It is a small frig at 20 cubic feet but the shelf adjustments only adjust an inch or so and that is a small problem. The shelves in the door are small which really diminishes its capacity without removing one. There is also a recurring theme about the noise it makes even when people do not hook up the icemaker.

One of the customer reviews that I found disturbing is this one as it pertains to dealing with the factory about an issue that seem to be a common theme for these refrigerators . The customer wrote: This unit has great size and very nice functions with lots of space inside. After a year we began noticing that water was draining into the vegetable drawer and the bottom of the frig. This seems to be quite an issue by the way. They called Samsung and were told they were willing to send the parts to fix it. The customer would have to foot the bill for the labor. This did not set to well with this customer as he, after some digging, came to the conclusion that it was a manufacturer problem. They gave him a number for one certified technician and when asked for more than one number the response from the agent was that they only assign one technician at a time. This person was merely trying to do some shopping around as he was going to have to pay the labor charge. He also recommended that anyone who purchases this unit should give consideration to buying the extended warranty. This problem has been well documented in online forums and customer reviews. Another consumer wrote;

The biggest complaint I have about my Samsung RF217ACPN 20 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator is the noises that it makes. I wonder if there is something wrong with my unit or if it is a normal thing. It seems to work fine but it makes several different mechanical and electrical noises. I do not have the ice maker hooked up so that is not the reason for the noises we are hearing One noise sounds like a fan hitting metal and lasts for a few second about every few minutes. The other noises I hear are normal frig noises and it is really pretty silent. It just breaks that silence with some periodic loud noises. One would wonder if this might be a sign that something is wrong with the unit. But other than the noises I seriously love this refrigerator and I lucked out big time that the only frig that would fit was also affordable and looks great.

So in summary of this unit most people are in live with the Titanium finish. As far as the space of this frig, there seems to be a mixed review on that one. The noise factor seems to indicate some problems but a lot of people find the unit is pretty quiet overall. There is a lot of chatter around the water leak issue and there has been a lot of complaining done back to the factory. A lot of frustration has been expressed about the customer relations and just how they are handling the complaints. So in an overall rating of the Samsung RF217ACPN I would place it in the lower half and would surely recommend the purchase of the extended warranty if you did decode to purchase this particular model.

For the consumer I should think that customer satisfaction would be much higher on their list and maybe they might take the time to read what people are saying about the product they are putting out there. If your customers are willing to write about you and your product then it would be in the company’s best interest to address their concerns. When it comes to issues like leaking water, I should think that most would agree that water and electricity do not mix well and should be addressed.

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