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Rockwell RK7315 Scroll Saw Review

The Rockwell RK7315 Scroll Saw is a very lightweight scroll saw. Although it is one of the most lightweight of scroll saws out there, it is also a good saw because of its great features such as its variable speed and the 0 to 45 beveling table. It is also a saw that features a 1.2 amp motor so it’s not hard to imagine how a lightweight saw can create excellent cuts what with such power. Even though this is a simple saw, it is elegant in design and the features are useful that it’s not impossible to be impressed as to how this saw performs well indeed.
Rockwell RK7315 Scroll Saw
Rockwell RK7315 Scroll Saw Features

  • Shipping Weight: 28.9 pounds
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Width: 15.70 inches
  • Height: 26 inches
  • Variable speed
  • 4/5” stroke
  • 0 to 45 beveling table
  • dust port and dust blower
  • 1.2 amp motor
  • no load speed of 500 to 1700 SPM
  • 16 inches throat depth
  • 2 1/2” cutting depth
  • blade guard
  • blade holder
  • Allen key
  • 1 x 15TPI and 1 x 18TPI blades

Motor Performance

This RK7315 Scroll Saw prides itself with its 1.2 amp motor because it is what makes this lightweight saw powerful. It can be powered up to a no load speed of1500 spm although a little vibration is expected already. The speed control feature of this saw is also amazing as it helps for tight inside cuts. In other words, the excellent motor performance of this saw produces great speed that overall contributes to creating precise cuts.

Cut Quality

The Rockwell RK7315 Scroll Saw features 2 blades of 15TPI and 18TPI and these blades are high performing blades that can produce excellent cut quality. They have cutting depths of 2 1/2” and throat depth of 16 inches so the blades can really go a long way when cutting wood. Aside from that, it also comes with 0 to 45 beveling table and 4/5” stroke wherein these features enable this saw to ensure clean accurate cuts or make more specialized cuts.

Convenience Feature

The RK7315 Scroll Saw is also a convenient saw because it features a shipping weight of 28.9 pounds so product weight is even lighter than that. This lightweight feature makes this saw very easy to carry around or transport from one place to another. In other words, the weight of this saw makes it very handy even though it is not that compact in size. This saw also comes with a change blade feature that allows users to easily change the blade of the saw. The blade changing feature is also very convenient as it is fairly simple to do, so in case the need to change blades arises, users are not going to have a hard time. More importantly, this saw also features a dust port and a dust blower which also contributes to convenience. The dust blower ensures that users can see the blade clearly as it cuts through wood and the dust port makes cleaning the working area easy as it collects all the dust so it can be disposed of easily.

Safety Feature

The dust port feature of the RK7315 is a guaranteed safety feature because it keeps dust away from the user’s face and nose. It automatically collects all the dust blown so it lessens the user’s risk of acquiring sickness due to inhaled dust. The dust blower feature is also a safety feature as it prevents accidents from occurring. Since dust is blown from the work piece, the blades can be seen clearly. This saw also comes with a blade guard and a blade holder to keep the blades locked in place and prevents accidents.

Pros and Cons of Rockwell RK7315 Scroll Saw

 The RK7315 is also reviewed by several users who have tried using this product already. According to these users, this product has its own pros and cons such as:


  • It has great speed that works good for 1/4″ to 3/4″ pine and 1/2 birch plywood.
  • It has a cutting depth that can be increased to 16″ by turning the blade perpendicular to the arm.
  • It is fairly simple to change blades.
  • It is a very budget-friendly saw as it comes with a very affordable price compared to other scroll saws.
  • It is very lightweight so it is easy to carry around.
  • With its lightweight body, it is very powerful what with the 1.2 amp motor it uses.
  • It has a speed control that allows you to make excellent cuts as well as give you control over the saw.
  • It has a variable speed that saves you time when working on any project.


  • The table only really tilts in one direction and this makes certain bevels more difficult. It may require you to reverse trace the pattern on the back and cut the material upside down.
  • The dust blower that’s supposed to be a safety and convenience feature is not really that excellent in function. In fact, it is non-functioning.
  • It is actually not that easy to change the blades and it is only easy to do so if you remove the cover on the right side.
  • The adjustable foot that holds down the stock while cutting is really flimsy and bends very easily.
  • It is a real vibrator. It vibrates especially at 1500 spm. With this, it affects the precise and clean cuts you are expecting to create with the saw.
  • The table insert doesn’t sit flush with the table as it goes about 1/32 inches below the table, which is really annoying.
  • The stop which holds the work piece keeps coming loose because of the vibration this saw produces so you’ll have to constantly adjust your work piece to keep everything in place.

Overall, the Rockwell RK7315 Scroll Saw is the best purchase you could ever make if you are on a tight budget. It is a scroll saw that’s priced right. You can save a lot of bucks and still get to create great results for your woodworking projects.

Rockwell RK7315 Shop Series
$129.98 from Amazon

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