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Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw Review

This Rikon 10-325 deluxe band saw tool is produced to offer you choices for wood cutting and other non-ferrous material, high-quality RIKON Superior Band Saw gives cast iron and large working table, powerful 1.5 HP motor with 2 speeds, and a ball bearing blade guide. With comfortable feature like easy ejection blade tension, viewing windows, and dust port to aid with adjustable, this precision band saw includes long-lasting fence rip as well with re-sawing bar. This RIKON superior band saw tool is great option for different kinds of wood workers. Furniture makers prefer to use the huge re-sawing capacity, along with the cutting accuracy. Wood tuners would prefer the stability and solidity of large tables offering rough bowl blank. You could even use it with non-ferrous metal in low pace.
Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw
Powered with 1 ½ HP 1150 230V motor, the unit is prepared to be plugged into an outlet of 115 volts. Extremely strong steel frame keeps its accuracy. The dual bearing blade guide adds stability and lessens friction for long usage of its blade. Easy release level discharges blade tension as changing blade. The big casts iron table tilt for beveled cut includes heavy fence rip with built in scale and re-sawing pivot guides. This RIKON 10-325 band saw featured its 10 to 325 two parcels (1445 feet per min and 2850 ft per minute), 13 inch re-saw capability and strong 1 ½ HP power 110 by a 220V motor. It contains a blade tracking plus window tension that adds safety as you align the blade. Changing blades is simple with hinged blade guards that offer two access inches, there is no slanting to remove or install blades. It has an enclosed cabinet that is available for luggage compartment of added blades, along with the jigs.

Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw Product Features:

  • Fast-ejection blade tension
  • Two speed features: 1445 ft per minute and 2950 feet per minute
  • Pivoted blade guard having a view window
  • Huge work table measuring 16 x 21.5 inches
  • Dust port measuring 4 inches
  • This RIKON superior band saw tool contains 5 years product warranty

Made for Uniform, Stable and Smooth Performance

RIKON 10-325 Deluxe band saw tool is driven through 1 ½ HP power 110 by a 220V motor, which functions powerfully and smoothly. Plus, with 13 inch re-saw ability, this could simply re-saw slice veneers, lumber sizing and book match projects. Solid and firm cast iron and precision balanced wheels offers blade uniform operations, an edge face thrusts bearing that helps extend blades plus bearing life in improving the blade stability while cutting.

2 Speeds Designed for Various Cutting Applications

With 13 inches cutting ability and 2 speed settings, RIKON 10-325 band saw tool could be applied to a selection of applicants. The 1445 ft per minute settings are best for hard woods, few plastics and some non ferrous metal, at the same time the 2950 feet per min. The setting is best for other wood work applications.

Suitable Features that Increases Functionality

A huge, 16 inches by 21 ½ inches table gives lots of extra work space as you do your wood cutting operations. Also, you can simply lock and tilt the table in place with solid cast board trunnion. Comfortable tool storage beneath the unit offers you a location to store extra blades, tools and jigs.

Long Lasting and Variable Rip Fence

Integrated rip fence that is mounted on the left side or right side of its blades, and re-saw bars could be attached on it to assist the right blades wondering when you re-saw. You can simply correct its fence for any blade drift through easily turning its adjustment collar and the fence bolts.

Speedy Release Blade and Sight Windows for Simple Adjustment

It is simple to operate, adjust and assemble the RIKON 10-325 band saw with useful manuals, wheel modification tip sheet, and blade option guides. Inset window lets you check the focusing of a blade and tensions of it, thus you may keep the operation running accurately and smoothly. In addition, you can simply release its blade tension in changing wheels and when machines are off to aid increase the blade life.

Dust Port Maintains the Job Site Dirt Free

Its dust port that measures 4 inches aids to maintain the dust and debris out of sight if you attach the dust collection scheme to its port opening.

Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw Pros and Cons


  • Two speeds offer a mixture of cutting uses
  • Large working table that bends and locks in the right place
  • Edge faced push bearings that widen blades
  • Bearing existence plus getting better reliability
  • 13 inch re-saw capability
  • Hard-wearing rip fence that includes re-saw bar
  • Comes with 2 years limited warranty
  • 13-inches aptitude let you re-saw without the trouble of an array of materials.
  • Has a remarkable working table that includes tilt-and-lock capability and a working light.
  • Balanced 14-inch band saw tool and great rip fence offering you a precise cut.
  • Made for smooth, consistent and even performance.


  • The stock guide bearing is junk. They aren’t sealed and would swiftly get full up with the sawdust and wears out. You can change the entire bearings with high-class sealed bearings.
  • Top to bottom guide bearing assemblies are badly engineered. The side bearing won’t stay in its place when stiffened down and need lots of test and accuracy to acquire the right fit.
  • The underneath table back roller guide bearings does not come far forward in blades lesser than 5/8 inches thus the blade won’t ride on the bearing. It may cause a few banana cuts plus a skewed cut when the wood is pressed hard. In addition, it will simply make the blade dull since the teeth will be pushed back on its side bearing. This could lead to a severe problem and the main reason why some people knocked off with 2 stars.
  • Wheels weren’t coplanar stock thus you ought to make a few adjustments that is hard to do. It requires re-adjusting of the screws or nuts that grips the lower wheels on its place at the backside of the saw. An adjustment should be made just once.
  • The table isn’t square from the front to the backside, and needs unbolting on top and goes along with washers to the right. The built-in light is a complete waste. It is placed in a wrong position as it now casts shadows on work following it. Also, its arm is not sturdy enough to cling to thus it only falls down into the table.
Rikon 10-325
$949.99 from Amazon

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