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Power Smart DB7651 24-Inch Snow Thrower Review

The Power Smart DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower may look like your typical snow thrower  and lawn mower, but it is different because of its more powerful and wonderful features. This product is probably one of the most powerful and smartest snow throwing equipments ever invented because its design and features are well-thought of even with its simple appearance. It may be gas powered but it is also kind of high tech because of its electric start feature. Aside from the electric start feature, you will also be impressed with its design because it not only looks awesome but also feels comfortable to use.
Power Smart DB7651 24-Inch Snow Thrower
Power Smart DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower Features

  • Powerful 208cc LCT 4 cycle professional snow engine
  • Electric start
  • drive speed and direction control panel
  • remote chute direction control
  • 24 inches clearing width
  • 20 inches clearing depth
  • Dimension: 35.8 x 27.6 x 28.7 inches
  • Weight: 195.8 pounds


The DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower is truly a powerful machine because it features a powerful 208cc LCT 4 cycle professional snow engine. This is responsible for this machine’s ability to take down snow from any lawn no matter how thick or wet they are.


The Power Smart DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower definitely performs very well. It features 24 inches clearing width and 20 inches clearing depth. These features ensure that snow would be cleared out from your lawn the way you want it to be cleared out and your lawn will look exactly the way you want it to look during winter.


The main highlight of the Power Smart DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower is its electric start feature. This is a very convenient feature as it allows users to start the machine easily and use it right away.


The DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower is also a machine that’s easy to manipulate aside from being easy to start. This machine features a control panel and this is the feature that allows users to control the speed and the direction of the machine while hitting the snow. It gives users more control over the machine and over the result of your snow-throwing task.


The DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower features a very simple yet sophisticated design. It usually comes in red color and is topped with all the right controls and features that make this machine easy to operate and use.

The Pros and Cons of the Power Smart DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower

Since the Power Smart DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower is a powerful and smart machine when dealing with thick snows on the lawn, it gained several reviews from customers who have owned one already. According to them, here are the important pros and cons you need to know about this product.


  • It is very easy to use. Even if it is your first time to own a snow thrower, you can learn how to use it in a jiffy.
  • It has a lot of power that is needed to clear away the snow from any driveway or lawn.
  • The price is just right so you’d be getting good value for your money and save a lot of bucks.
  • The assembly instructions are OK and the company even provided a video to assemble it on Youtube for the assistance of the customers.
  • Once assembled, it started first try both with and without the starter, which makes it a truly convenient machine. It takes only about 20-30 minutes to get it set up. This means you can really get started right away and you won’t be wasting your whole time trying to assemble this machine.
  • It runs nice and strong so you can really feel that it is performing very well as well as it is sturdy and won’t bug down on you while operating it.
  • The impeller and components spin nicely and do look menacing.
  • It is self propelled, has 6 speeds, takes in 16 inches, and has a good throwing distance.
  • The rest of the machine is rock solid. You can trust that while throwing snow, no problems will suddenly arise as well as you can also be sure that the machine would last a lifetime.
  • The machine is built very well. This is the reasons for its complete durability. It is made of durable and reliable parts from its body down to its components.
  • It is a guaranteed space-saver. It has a dimension of 35.8 x 27.6 x 28.7 inches. It is not big enough to take up a lot of space in the storage.


  • The snow director did not fit. You’ll have to carve the plastic to fit which is not very convenient.
  • Attaching the control cables required some muscle to get them tight. It could take your time if you are not strong enough.
  • There is no exact explanation as to how much oil to add so figuring out how much oil it takes is such a struggle.
  • There is no built-in light for this machine as well as there is no wiring included, so even if this machine has an alternator, it is impossible to add a light to it.
  • The stickers do not seem to stick very well. They could easily be wiped out after rough and wet use.
  • The chute assembly is very cheap feeling and it may require further improvements, although other components of the machine feel sturdy.
  • The dipstick is VERY hard to read because of its cross-hatch pattern. You won’t be able to see it easily with no power and no lights.
  • There is no engine manual, so you’ll have to research the internet for the other manuals to get proper starting procedures and maintenance.
  • With its weight, 195.8 pounds; it is not very lightweight. It can be inconvenient to transfer this machine from one place to another.

Overall, the Power Smart DB7651 24 inch Snow Thrower is still a machine with a price that is hard to beat and since it is also a good product, you can be sure you will never regret your purchase even if with some minor issues.

Power Smart DB7651
$569.00 from Amazon

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