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Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Review

Why spend extra money on juice when you could make your own at home? Juice fasting has become a popular method of weight loss and the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center has the tools to help you create fantastic creations from fruits and vegetables in no time at all. It’s a masticating juice extractor that works with a commercial quality motor to work continuously through tough jobs without heating up like similar juicers tend to do. It’s easy to clean as well, a definite bonus when you’re juicing every day!
Omega J8004
The Features of the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center

The primary feature that is great to use with this Omega juicer is the dual-stage juicing that you can perform with it. It operates at a lower speed than other juicers, which means you won’t get the icky foam that can sometimes form on top of your juice. The lower speeds prevent clogging as well, which means you get a lot of juice and very dry pulp from literally any fruit or vegetable that you wish to juice.

There’s also these features to consider:

  • it has a plastic auger, but it is made by GE and is their Ultem model, which means it is much stronger than your average generic auger;
  • it is strong enough to extract juice from even wheatgrass, which means you keep the maximum amount of nutrition in the juice; and
  • it produces a final product that can be stored for up to 3 days, something many other juicers can’t give you.

This machine is perfect for juice fasting, but the applications are endless. You could make a tomato soup. You can make protein drinks. It’s strong enough for you to make almond milk from scratch if you want! It is a very versatile, useful tool to have around.

The Advantages of the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center

How could a juicer be improved upon so that it could provide a household with more flexibility? The makers of this Omega juicer must have asked themselves that question because you’ll also get pasta nozzles to help you make homemade dough for noodles or breadsticks and it also converts into a food processor so you can make your own salsa, guacamole, or other items that require mincing.

There’s also these advantages to consider as well:

  • it is extremely easy to clean and can be taken apart by hand, usually only needing a quick rinse or a light scrub after every use;
  • it is an extremely quiet machine that will let you create your own organic juices if you wish; and
  • detoxing is super simple thanks to this machine’s ability to process greens like kale or spinach.

The one disadvantage with this machine is that you can’t actually use the pulp it produces, at least initially anyway. The auger tends to shave a bit of itself off during the first runs of the machine and this leaves little plastic bits in with your pulp. The juicing screen is also a little fragile in comparison to other models of juicers and it may break, especially with harder vegetables being juiced.

The Omega J8004 Nutrition Center overall, however, as the goods to deliver a quality result for a fair, competitive price. It will quickly pay for itself in most circumstances and is something that you’ll enjoy having in your home.

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