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Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System Review

The Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System offers the true robotic vacuuming for the busy consumer of today. This smart vacuum uses a laser guided system in order to vacuum room by room and avoid obstacles. It is easy to operate and can even be programmed for daily use. This vacuum was designed to make life more enjoyable by taking some of the workload off human hands.
Neato XV-12
Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System Features:

  • Base charger with power supply
  • 2 filters
  • Bagless
  • 6-foot boundary marker
  • User guide and quick start guide
  • Pet and allergy kit upgrade (optional)

The Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System was designed to get around obstacles (furniture, pets, trash bins, etc.) with its Room Positioning System. It allows the robot to map out the room and uses a laser to keep it from going into unwanted areas, while it methodically vacuums the space. If it is started from its charger base, it is designed to return to it when its battery runs low. After it is charged, it will return to the point from which it left off. It is bagless and will beep when its dust bin is in need of being emptied. It can be programmed for daily use and for use when no one is home. Its back wheels are capable of helping it get out of sticky situations.

This model comes with a filter, but it may be upgraded with the pet and allergy kit, which has a special filter and brush made to pick up even more hair, dander, and dust. It has a spot cleaning mode and house cleaning mode, and was meant to vacuum carpet and hard floors. On its website, this Neato model retails for $380, but savvy shoppers can find it for $300. How do those who have purchased this robotic vacuum system feel about its performance?  Customer feedback will reveal the in use pros and cons of this cleaning unit.

The Pros of the Neato XV-12:

  • It does a thorough vacuuming job. It makes pleasing vacuuming patterns. This vacuum can even pick up debris left behind by the main vacuum.
  • This makes a great in between vacuuming vacuum. The Neato XV-12 helps to increase the times between using the main vacuum. This unit is good for daily removal of pet or human hair from floors. This vacuum is best for dry messes and debris.
  • The rubber nubs, instead of bristles, pick up hair without it getting caught in the roller brush.
  • It returns to the charger when it needs charging and does return to the area it left from once it has been charged.
  • It can even navigate around dining room chairs. The surfaces under which it vacuums are thoroughly cleaned without having to move the piece of furniture. It avoids going/falling down stairs.
  • This vacuum cuts down on the amount of work that has to be put into cleaning a space. A space can remain cleaner with the addition of this robotic vacuum into the rotation.
  • This unit is best used in a space with carpeting, not just hard floors.
  • The bagless aspect is very convenient.

The Cons of the Neato XV-12:

  • There currently seem to be some design issues which cause it to stop working properly. It often has to be replaced with another unit.
  • It does not get debris in the corners or along edges of walls or furniture very well.
  • It can scuff furniture.
  • Some users have had difficulty with it not returning to the charger.
  • It does not “beep”when it happens to get stuck.
  • The batteries may not last a year, since the current design only allows for a certain amount of charging before they are no longer rechargeable.

Overall, this model of Neato robotic vacuum may have some kinks that need to be worked out. There are definitely some comments about having to have a unit repeatedly replaced. Fortunately, the Neato customer service does not seem to have a problem doing this, but it has been a tiresome cycle for the consumers who have had to participate in this broken-return-receive cycle. It is not certain whether or not some of the other issues upon which users have commented are a result of user error or defective unit. There are many Neato users who have experienced their robotic vacuum making its return to the charger, if it was started from the charger as stated in the manual. There are those who have stated not having that experience, yet it is unknown whether or not the unit was started from the charger.

The guide mentions that cords can be an issue with this unit, so that could be a deterent for some users. It is also not meant to replace ones traditional vacuum. The design of this Neato vacuum was meant to aid in the floor cleaning tasks, not yet to replace the need for human intervention. People who deal with pet and people shedding really enjoy having this unit to take care of that daily cleaning. There have been many satisfied users of this unit who really feel that this Neato has elevated the level of cleanliness in their spaces. There are others who are more satisfied with the reliability of the previous model of this Neato. There are others who use the Neato XV-12 in conjunction with another robotic vacuum and tradtional vacuum.

With what has been stated in reviews, potential buyers may want to wait until more of the kinks have been worked out of this Neato model before making a purchase. Those who do should take care to follow the instructions for best results. In the case of malfunction, some retailers have a 30-day refund policy. If that time frame has past, it seems that the people at Neato have little problem replacing the unit. Also knowing that this robotic vacuum is meant to alleviate some of the floor cleaning duties, but not to completely replace other forms of floor cleaning will lead to more satisfaction using the Neato.

Neato XV-12
$299.99 from Amazon

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