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Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

The Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw is an attractive miter saw that usually comes in a dark red color which is why it looks sophisticated even if it looks simple. It weighs 65 pounds with a blade diameter of 12 inches. This tool is highly powerful and useful for a variety of applications so it is a highly convenient tool for professional projects. The package comes with a dust bag, a blade wrench and a Carbide Tipped Blade. It is also packed with a lot of amazing features that makes this tool simple but fully-featured.
Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw
Product Features

This Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw features:

  • A miter angle fine adjust with detent override for quickly adjusting non-square environment
  • A dual integral jobsite lights that illuminates the work piece and the cut line effectively so you can easily see the blade
  • An electronic soft start technology that ensures a smooth start when trying to operate this saw
  • A constant power technology feature that allows the saw to maintain a constant speed under load so powerful and fast cuts are maintained
  • An integral dust channel. This is an excellent feature that allows the saw to capture about 50-75% of the dust and debris, maximizing airflow and allowing wastes to flow through the back right into the waste container.
  • Oversized Single Lever Bevel Adjustment with (9) Positive Bevel Stops for easy and quick bevel operation as well as making adjustments fast and easy
  • Dual Horizontal Steel Rails with Three Large Linear Bearings. This feature makes the saw able to provide a smooth sliding action
  • A powerful 15.0 Amp, 3.3 Max HP Direct Drive Motor feature that is responsible for making the saw very powerful and perform better when it comes to cutting any kinds of wood

Customer Reviews

According to most users who are professionals in woodworking, the Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw is by far the best miter saw they have ever used. If you are a hobbyist that appreciates and enjoys well-built tools, you will definitely love this miter saw. You would be very impressed especially with the solid sliding action that is responsible for the creation of more precise cuts. It is all around sturdy especially when adjusting the bevel so there is no need for you to hold the weight of the saw up like most saws when you unlock the bevel. It is indeed solid and well balanced, which is a prerequisite for any kind of accurate work. It has a very sturdy handle with great button placement and a base that’s also very heavy and sturdy. Because of this saw’s amazing sturdiness, it will provide no deflection even when fully extended. So, if you are a hobbyist or a professional who values durability and sturdiness, you will find this a great saw for the price and would even accept its price without complaints because of guaranteed quality build.

If you are looking for great performance aside from durability and sturdiness, you will also not be disappointed with this saw because it may look simple but truly functional, which means it performs better. The blade that came with the saw was adequate and the saw cut smoothly and accurately so you won’t be paying for poor performance. Its 5 1/4″ tall fence effectively cuts wide crown molding in position with no problem. Its adjustable Dado cutting ability is also a neat feature as there is a little steel plate that swings to interfere with an adjustable screw to adjust the depth of cut. It also has an incredible cut capacity of 13 1/4″ for 3/4″ material so it’s no wonder it performs really well. It is a great piece of equipment because it is not only well-built but it also operates extremely smooth so it’s possible to work using this saw without being bothered by major complaints. This tool is also a great performer because it has truly useful features. This means that the features this tool is equipped with are not only present for the sake of incorporating a lot of features. Rather, these features are all useful and equipped to make this saw a ground-breaking addition to your tool collection.

If you are not only into quality and performance but also meticulous about your saw’s appearance, this Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw  is just perfect because it is an absolute thing of beauty in terms of its design, construction, and overall ease of use. It’s the most beautifully crafted and engineered of the bunch that is why some users call it a “masterpiece of a saw.”

However, when it comes to convenience in terms of weight, this is a little heavy, but its heaviness may be a good thing because it means it is more secure and no longer need clamps to lock the equipment in place. And even if this is a little heavy, it is lighter than expected and doesn’t feel so much like a ton as compared to other saws of its size. Also, in terms of convenience, it has easy to use controls and efficient layout so that using it is no hassle at all. This saw also comes with lights that help a lot when working on a dark area or during a dark and dreary day. The lights are truly helpful compared to the laser gimmicks of most miter saws out there.

Still in terns of convenience, this Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw also has padded handles on the side which make it easier to move as well as the adjustments work smoothly and easily. But the best part of this saw is its dust collection feature. It collects about 50% of the dust and leaves very little dust on the floor which is better than most miter saws out there.  Its digital angle readout with micro adjust works very well too wherein you have the option to choose between free mode and micro adjust mode. Because it is a highly powerful tool, it may be too high performing for home builders which is why it is mainly used for professional projects. Even with its minor gripes, it is still worthy to buy because this saw is a guaranteed long lasting saw. It is no wonder why Milwaukee tools are known as “tools for life”.

Milwaukee 6955-20
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