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Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw Review

The reciprocating saw is excellent among home improvements which can explore your own creativity. As a matter of fact, this kind of saw that cuts anything like fiberglass, stucco, hardwoods and metals. Additionally, it can accomplish push and pull motion of seeing in reciprocating activities. This can truly provide manageable work at the same time will run smoothly. It is also fortunate that among other companies, the Milwaukee produces quality products which truly a great advantage. Just imagine investing an item and devices that can last for a long time, isn’t it satisfying at all? Well, it is indeed worth every penny if you do purchase this unique class of machinery – Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw.
Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw
Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw Features

  • It has powerful motor mechanisms-12 Amp.
  • It provides fast and instant blade changes with QUIK-LOK™ clamp of the blade.
  • It has a counter balance mechanic which provides smoother operation.
  • This reciprocating saw can absorb high impact forces that caused by lock-up of the blade.
  • It provides utmost cutting control and has ¾” stroke length.

The Product’s Description

The Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw provides greater flexibility at the same time has strong durability. When you talk about power output, it has a 12-Amp power source in which the higher the amp rating the more powerful your machinery is. Aside from that, it has the fastest cutting speed that will finish your tasks on time. Additionally, the results are well guided, in fact, it produces a professional like results. In other words, your work is like that of a professional craftsman. On the other hand, when you talk about the blade, it works perfectly in which it runs rapidly as it can. The comfort it gives you when you are handling the device is excellent. This is because, it has counterbalance features that will make you cry easily. Of course, it has a locking mechanism wherein it will automatically change the blade. Additionally, it absorbs the penetrating force of impact and the grip area are well rounded.

The Use

As you all know, the reciprocating saw has a lot of uses. It can cut whatever materials you need for your projects. Apart from that, it makes your work easily manageable at the same time produces quality results. It’s like using a quality equipments in making an incredible project. Like for an instance, a professional craftsman perhaps, they all make great products out of their creativity. They create world class results because they have an amazing companion in their works. What this means is that the equipment they are using is of high standards. Just like using the Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw. This quality machinery can be used in different cutting methods in different materials. Like for example, when you do your plumbing works, you can use this incredible show in cutting large pieces of pipes in such a way that it will fit perfectly into your sink. Additionally, it can also be used in cutting hard metals in perfect cut edges. In other words, the results when you cut the metals are just like professionally made. It is indeed satisfying after all.

Important Precautions

When you are using the Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw, be considerate in using the right precautionary measures. This is very important when you are handling machines like this. Bear in mind that protection is very important because it may prevent you from acquiring accidents. All you need to observe is to protect your eyes with proper protecting devices such as goggles and proper eye protection. Additionally, protect your ears through a hearing protection in order to avoid the ear drum from damage. Aside from that, have proper working apparel and as much as possible do not wear any loose clothing to avoid entrapment in the reciprocating saw. Therefore, protect yourself as much as you can.

Pros and Cons of the Product

The reviews with regards to the product Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw might be very helpful to your readers. Why? This is because a product review provides enough information and background knowledge about the product. Below are the lists of pros and cons with regards to Milwaukee 6509-31 Reciprocating Saw.


  • It provides powerful motor functions that produces amazing results and outcomes.
  • It has a fast cutting option that can make your work run easily and smoothly.
  • It can cut a wide range of materials such as hardwoods, metals and other fiberglasses.
  • The quick changes of blade are amazing and very surprising.


  • Some customers find it heavy and bulky to carry.
  • The cord is longer.
  • It produces hot blades.

Therefore, as a whole, the product is highly recommended to all especially to those who oftentimes wants to work in their home improvements. Rest assured that the results are great and like of a professional work.

Milwaukee 6509-31
$142.51 from Amazon

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