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Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw Review

Circular saws like the Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw are best buddies for DIYers. They provide a way for DIYers to successfully accomplish their DIY projects with ease and convenience, quickness as well as with better results. While some circular saws are good when it comes to performance and excellent in convenience, caution must be observed when buying because there are also some models that lack the features that give good performance and convenience in a saw.
Milwaukee 6394-21
Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw Features

  • Exclusive tilt-lok main handle
  • Quik-Lok cord
  • Patented power assisted electric brake
  • Powerful 3.0-HP, 15-amp motor
  • aircraft aluminum shoe
  • Easy to reach depth and bevel adjustment knobs
  • Weighs 10.6-pounds
  • 7 1/4 inches blade diameter
  • 50 degree bevel capacity
  • right-side blade location
  • wrench and case

Performance and Convenience

There are circular saws that claim to be great performers for DIYers but do not really live up to the expectation of DIYers in terms of performance. The Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw is different because it can offer good performance through its powerful 3.0-HP, 15-amp motor as well as excellent blades. If a circular saw does not have the right motor, it is not powerful enough to easily slice into the material easily. And if the circular saw does not come with excellent blades, it is also impossible for that saw to slice through the material flawlessly and without side mess.

Milwaukee 6394-21 is also a convenient saw because of some of its features such as the tilt-lok main handle for easy handle adjustment, its Quik-Lok cord for easy job replacement as well as its electric brake for safety and instant stops once the job is done. Performance and convenience are two of the main things that consumers are looking for in a circular saw. Milwaukee 6394-21 is a proof that the company aims to provide consumers that type of saw they are looking for.

Advantages of Using Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw

  • It has nice power as it is powered by a 3.0-HP, 15-amp motor.
  • It comes with very nice depth and bevel adjustments wherein the depth adjuster is accurate and easy to use.
  • It comes with a tilt-lock feature that allows one to easily adjust the handle to the most comfortable position.
  • Its guide visibility is excellent because it is easy to read and stays clear of debris so one can only assure accurate cuts.
  • Its base is about 1/8″ thick solid aluminum which is not only nice and flat but also feels solid.
  • It is very comfortable to use because it has a light weight and smooth power, it has ergonomic design and adjustable handle.
  • Its light weight contributes to easy operation and handling.
  • It comes with a brake that stops the saw instantly when done.
  • It is a solid and well-built saw. It is good for heavy duty projects.
  • It has the ability to create a very clean cut so one is guaranteed that the results of the project are clean as well.
  • This saw comes with a rigid case that has blade storage for keeping the blades safe and keeping people away from accidents these blades may cause.

Disadvantages of Using Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw

  • While the base is nice and flat as well as solid, there is a drawback because one may run the risk of the base plate riding under the guide especially if one is using an inadequately clamped guide.
  • The cutting/rip fence is not sold along with the saw. This means that one needs to pay extra money for it. And when one does buy it, he or she would be disappointed because the rip fence does not slide onto saw far enough in to allow a 1\8 in. shave and when the fence is in all the way, it hits the blade guard.
  • Its dust blower seems to not work great because its sawdust expulsion still covers a person up.

Overall, in terms of the most basic features that a consumer is looking for in a circular saw, the Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw has most of them. Although there are a few disappointments and lacking features, this saw is still worth a try because of its performance and convenience.

Milwaukee 6394-21
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