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Milwaukee 6370-21 Metal Cutting Circular Saw Review

The Milwaukee 6370-21 has a lot to offer if you are in the market of circular saw. The superior design of this saw makes it a cut above the rest. The advanced technology that Milwaukee employs in the make of the blade that comes with is a sure money saver. You may be wondering, what makes this Circular Saw great?  Imagine a blade that has an amazing revolution of 3700 per minute, powered by a 13amp (1-3/4 max HP motor. The Milwaukee 6370 delivers a fast and efficient cut that is second to none, as it is delivers a cooler cut than most circular saws on the market today.
Milwaukee 6370-21
Milwaukee 6370-21 13 Amp 8-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw Features:

  • Dry-cut technology provides faster, cleaner, more affordable metal cutting
  • Durable blade shield with integral chiptank deflects/collects hot chips and sparks
  • Plunge lever for fast, effective plunge cuts
  • Exclusive quick-release shield latch for fast waste disposal and blade changes
  • Full two-year warranty

What makes a saw a saw is literally it blade. Its blade features cement infused teeth can literally rip through the thickest, toughest metals. It is so strong that a 10 gauge sheets and 1/4 inch steel plates can easily be glided through like butter with Milwaukee 6370. Even on 3/4 inch steel plates the 6370 stands tall, and if proper cutting techniques are employed, the machine will slice through these thick plates as well. This particular model will definitely not break your bank, and with the money that it will save you in the long run, it is well worth it. So to put things on a mathematical point of view, the 6370 lowers your price per cut from 60 cents to around 20 cents, so every time you put it to use, you save money. Compare to a standard abrasive wheel, this new blade lasts 25 times longer.

For you not loose target, the new 6370 features a set of on-board sight-line and blade point-of-entry indicators along with a slot in the saw’s shoe for a rip fence. This basically means that you are literally on the right track.

In addition, according to the manufacturer, this model is the first and only corded metal cutting saw to feature a lower guard retraction lever. The locations of the levers are strategically positioned in such a way the both hands are firmly on the saw throughout the cut.

If you are planning to own this particular model, make sure to do have a high expectation. This model features a magnesium blade shield that efficiently collects the refuse metal shavings. It delivers cooler cut, thus no more wild sparks flying through the air to distract you as you cut.  So forget the showers of hot metal chips and sparks that were once an aerial threat on metal construction jobsites. This cool feature is a sure fire perk that will definitely please anyone who has worked with a metal cutting saw. A cooler cut also means that there is minimal burring, and virtually no post cut finishing doing. In other words, less work to do, thus making us all a happy camper.

On top of all of these, the whole packaging of this product comes with an impact resistant carrying case to provide protection against sudden drops along the road, which in a way extends that lifespan of the tool itself.

As far as the quality and price is concerned, the Milwaukee 6370-21 13 Amp 8-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw is definitely a winner. If you have to do some serious metal cutting then you should definitely purchase this circular saw.  Aside from being a money saver, this saw is a certified workhorse.

The actual cost of this equipment, on the other hand, varies depending on its dealers. Its usual rate is $335 with no shipment charges. And the manufacturer also gives full two years warranty services for its defective parts, for customer’s protection off course.

In conclusion, this circular saw is undoubtedly a best buy. It’s a dual purpose cutter, used for cutting both metal and wood, comes with a circular metal cutting blade, blade wrench and metal cutting carbide tipped blade for easy and effective function, a carrying case for easy transportation and storage, built from durable materials needed for long-lasting services, affordable compared to other and produced by a reputable and trusted company.

Milwaukee 6370-21
$424.99 from Amazon

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