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Milwaukee 2601-22 18-Volt Li-ion Compact Drill Review

As small as it can be but the Milwaukee 2601-22 has a durable motor that can deal with minor to moderate drilling work. Its two-speed metal gear box as well as compact motor will provide uninterrupted drilling and fastening especially with its Lithium ion batteries. These batteries will easily charge, in just a matter of 30 minutes you will be able to use it in full power. When you purchase this Milwaukee drill, you will already have 2 sets of batteries so you can use the drill as one battery is being charged.
Milwaukee 2601-22
Milwaukee 2601-22 Features

  •  Weighs only 4 pounds and measures 7 ¾ inches in length
  • 18-volt cordless compact drill
  • Compact motor delivers 400 inch/pound of torque
  • With a heavy –duty 2-speed gear box
  • With speeds of 0 – 350 rpm in low setting and 0 – 1,400 on high setting
  • ½ inch and 3-jaw ratcheting Yukiwa chuck; comes with a plastic sleeve
  • With a built-in LEDs
  • Charges easily and will be full in just 30-minutes
  • With a 5-year warranty
  • Your purchase comes with 2 18-volt Lithium-ion batteries, 30-minute battery charger and a plastic carrying case

Lightweight drill

Being lightweight at 4 pounds makes this drill one of the most popular hand held drills. This makes it easier to work with just any surface and in any angle plus you won’t need to worry about hurting your hands or your wrists since the handle is ergonomically designed to prevent any pains and strains.

Small features counts

Even the smallest features of this power tool counts like the bright LED light as well as its very durable ratcheting chuck. The chuck also has a plastic sleeve to keep it from slipping and moving as you do your work. Without these very simple features you will never accomplish more work and eve increase your productivity.

Milwaukee drills

Milwaukee has been a part of so many industries and jobsites because of reliable and practical power tool products and industrial equipment. The Milwaukee 2601-22 is a part of the Lithium-ion tool line of the brand and it will surely be an ideal addition to your power tool collection whether you are a homeowner, woodworker or contractor.

Advantages of using the Milwaukee 2601-22

  • The Milwaukee 2601-22 has a durable ratcheting chuck and will never move unnecessarily with the plastic sleeve cover that it has. The tool can easily tackle most projects that you make at home like wood, aluminium, plastic and soft metal; it will fasten screws and will be able to handle complimenting attachments with ease so you can finish your projects as soon as you can. It may also be worthy of being used on jobsites since it is lightweight and is very easy to handle. The ergonomic grip will also allow you to use it for extended periods of time without hurting your wrist, arms and hands.
  • You will be able to work in unbelievable angles and brightness since it has a bright and helpful LED light. Its lightweight design and easy to grip handle will also work even when you are fastening upside down!

Disadvantages of using the Milwaukee 2601-22

  • One of the most common complaints was that this drill could barely keep up with tough jobsite work and that it is only for home or hobby use. The motor may be strong and the features very cool but it is limited to be used at home as well as for woodworking hobbyists.
  • Some who have bought the unit were displeased that most of their batteries failed within several uses. Most have noticed less power even after the recommended charge was over.

Overall, the Milwaukee 2601-22 is an ideal compact power drill to use at home and for woodworking hobbies. It may have a strong motor but not strong enough for very tough jobsite work.

The batteries of the Milwaukee 2601-22 works perfectly during the initial weeks of purchase but will soon take longer to charge. After completing the recommended charging time on the unit, the drill was not efficient in performing work afterwards. And although battery performance may depend on several reasons; the diminished battery power was easily noticed as it took time to drill on surfaces that it did before.

Milwaukee 2601-22
$184.40 from Amazon

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