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Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner is design to be efficient and to be maneuverable. It is designed to hug the floor and sit flat against it and can easily be maneuvered under or around stationary objects. It is a versatile vacuum that can be used on carpets, smooth hard floors, on upholstery, ceilings and draperies. It has a long power cord that gives users a cleaning radius of 54 feet.
Miele S7210
Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • SwivelNeck technology
  • Extreme maneuverability
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Air Clean Filter
  • AirClean sealed system
  • Integrated dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Rotary dial speed control
  • Roller brush
  • Long Electrical cord
  • Electrobrush follows the contours of the floor
  • 7 year motor and casing warranties
  • 2 year warranty
  • 1,200 watt vortex motor
  • 2 motor system


The Miele S7210 has a spring loaded roller brush that is independently powered and is capable of lifting dirt, dust, and other debris from various flooring types. It is designed to follow the contour of the floor and have consistent and even suction throughout its use. It has an AirClean FilterBag and Air Clean Filter that helps to retain 99.9 percent of dirt, dust, and other allergens that may be lurking in homes. The vacuum has a rotary dial control that has four different power settings that allow for users to adjust the level of suction that they want and it also has three accessories, a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a crevice nozzle.


The SwivelNeck technology allows for individuals to have no problem maneuvering through their homes. It makes the vacuum easy to move around chair legs, furniture, and even under low furniture. The automatic height adjustment features allows for the spring loaded brush roller to automatically adjust to the different surfaces that it can be used on. This feature prevents the vacuum from losing any of the suction power when it is on or transitioning between different flooring.

It has a 12 foot integrated and flexible hose that allows for users to have a 54 feet cleaning radius and allows for users to get more cleaning done without running out of cord. The AirClean Sealed system has an auto-seal closing filter bag that captures dirt, dust, and allergens and keeps them locked in until it is cleaned. Other features of the Miele S7210 up right vacuum include a 4,800 RPM electrobrush motor and a motor protection indicator. It also has a FilterBage change indicator, an anti-tipping device, reinforced ergonomic handle, and a lightweight telescopic aluminum wand.


The vacuum is built to last for a long time but some have found that this makes it heavy, maybe heavier than the traditional vacuum, but many users are willing to have a sturdier and heavier vacuum that lasts a long time over a lightweight one that does not. Those that have purchased the Miele S7210 have found that it sucks up dirt efficiently and is a very effective vacuum and that it adjusts nicely to different types of flooring. Some users have found that filters are expensive and do not like that they have to change them frequently but that the filters make their homes smell nice. Many have also found that the vacuum for all of its sturdiness is quiet as well as easy to maneuver.

Other users have found that the hose on their vacuums does not attach firmly and that it falls out frequently when they are vacuuming. This could be a unit to unit issue and may not be the case for all of the vacuums. Many users have found that the rubber bumper and the beater bar make it easy to cut any strings or detangle any hair that gets caught in the vacuum and that the bags work extremely well at capturing pet hair and dust and that although they are costly they are easier than cleaning a dust bin. Because the Miele vacuum is designed with a small “nose” it can easily reach under and around tight spots and it also makes it easy to maneuver and it helps the vacuum to be flush with the carpet. Although the Miele vacuum is heavy it is very easy to maneuver and the 35 foot long cord makes it easy to clean without having to constantly unplug and relocate the vacuum. Another feature that many users enjoy is that the beater brush can be turned off so that only the suction is on which works well for softer or more delicate surfaces.

Many consumers have found that the vacuum is so powerful that they really have to pay attention to where and what they are vacuuming as they may suck up and jam their vacuum. Many have accidently vacuumed up shoe laces or strings, paper, magazines and other materials on accident simply because they got to close and the powerful vacuum sucked up the items which then resulted in a jam or a tangle. A con to this is that using the vacuum on area rugs can be risky especially if they have fringe also if they have snags on their carpets or loose carpeting it can create snags in the carpet.

Some have found that after a while the vacuum can get a clunking sound and it is often the result of dents or bending in the metal pieces. They have found that this is not necessarily from use wear but that it may be a manufacturing issue but that it can easily be fixed. Many users like that fact that they can control the amount of suction for their vacuum with the dial.

Pros of Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Great suction
  • Adjusts to different types of flooring
  • Long hose
  • Long cord
  • Great maneuverability
  • Reaches under low furniture

Cons of Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suction is strong enough to cause snags in loose carpets and rugs
  • Hose attachment can be loose
  • May develop a clunking noise from bent or dented metal pieces
  • Heavy

Overall the Miele S7210 standup vacuum is a great vacuum for the price and it has many features that users like.

Miele S7210
$429.00 from Amazon

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