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Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

When one hears of Martin guitars, it is normal for them to think highly of those guitars because Martin is a known quality brand of guitar. The Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar for instance, is a guitar that is able to capture the attention of most musicians and learners because of its rich overall quality.
Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Features

  • D-14 Fret platform/body design
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top
  • Multiple Black/White Boltaron with Red Fiber Rosette
  • Frame ”X-1” top bracing pattern
  • 2-1/8” Fingerboard width at 12th fret
  • mahogany-pattern HPL back and sides
  • mortise and tennon neck joint
  • Fishman Sonitone electronics

Rich Overall Quality

Musicians and guitar players always make it a point to buy a guitar that has rich overall quality. It is not only the sound that matters to them but its craftsmanship as well. The Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar is praised for its rich overall quality and that means that from sound to craftsmanship, there is little to criticize about this guitar.

The design of this Martin guitar is eye-catching not because of its beauty or elegance, but also because of its quality-looking appearance. It comes with a D-14 Fret platform and surrounded with mahogany-pattern HPL back and sides as well as a mortise and tennon neck joint. But aside from the appearance, the quality of the sound this guitar produces is also different from other guitars because it has a rich tone produced whether it is plugged in or not.

There are some guitars that only sound loud and rich when plugged in but this guitar is unique because of this ability. The sound quality of a guitar is not only a plus for the ear of those who listen but a plus in that it gives inspiration to learners. This is why, a guitar with rich overall quality is a must.

Pros of Using the Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • This guitar is super easy and fun to play with.
  • It has a well-balanced sound as it’s so resonant and loud. The tone’s got a sweetness and evenness from bass thru midrange and treble.
  • This guitar’s got plenty of acoustic sustain and resonance, particularly in the mids and highs.
  • Even if it has only a piezo saddle pickup, it sounds full and rich when plugged in. There are no booms and no harsh mids or highs.
  • The action of this guitar is truly Martin quality.
  • It sounds great already when used acoustically but it also sound even better plugged in.
  • It is a nice-looking guitar with solid spruce top that opens nicely. The looks are also clean because the volume and tone knobs are inside the sound hole.
  • It stays in tune for good. There is even no need for one to keep tuning this guitar. It stays in tune better than any other guitar.
  • It comes with a decent pick-up. Even if it is not that incredible, pickup is already good enough especially as it is combined with a good playability.
  • This guitar feels solid to hold even if most parts are HPL. It is also comfortable to hold in the hands and able to take the stress away from guitar playing.
  • It also looks quality. Even if it comes with HPL sides and back, the fact that it does not come with any sloppy workmanship like excess glue, pieces not fitting together perfectly, etc. is what makes this guitar look good, well designed and constructed.

Cons of Using the Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

  • One drawback with this guitar is the fact that it’s not made of real wood all around. Its sides and back are made of HPL or laminate which means synthetic materials. Even the fretboard is made of fake wood and this has the tendency to tear up the fingers.

Overall, the Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar is one of the best guitar options for both beginners and serious guitar players who value sound quality more than the fact that the guitar is made of synthetic materials. In fact, for a guitar that’s not even made of real wood, this is worth a try considering its many pros regarding sound quality.

Martin DX1AE
$549.00 from Amazon

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