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Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar Review

The Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar is definitely not a guitar for beginners. In fact, this instrument is for seasoned musicians and collectors. The often, $2100 – $3000 price tag should make that crystal clear. Its back and sides are made from East Indian Rosewood. The top is of Sitka Spruce. This dreadnought guitar has a simple aesthetic design, so does its sound capability match up with its high dollar, price tag? Well, the reviews are mainly 5 star on this acoustic guitar.
Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar
It helps to have some idea of what playing style the designers of this Martin D28, had in mind. That would seem to be the main cause for the rare disappointment with this guitar. According to one, in depth review, this guitar was apparently designed for strummed accompaniment. Someone expecting it to have the playing range of a solo acoustic guitar would be disappointed with its performance. Reviews have noted a change in the Martin D28 of now versus the vintage models. Still, this one seems to have the same hallmarks of longevity and Martin sound. The ones of the past were made with Brazillian Rosewood and Adirondack Red Spruce. The current D28 uses solid spruce bracing instead of the scalloped bracing of the past. Regardless, it seems that those who examine this guitar find that the craftsmanship is solidly Martin.

At least one reviewer picked up the Martin D28 at friend’s house, without noticing what type of guitar it was. It seemed that this was not the guitar for that musician. The reviewer felt that this guitar was flimsy without much resonance. Once the Martin discovery was made, the review felt this dreadnought was resting on it laurels and not on actually quality. In fact, the reviewer suggested that those in the market to buy a guitar, should do so blindfolded (as he basically did) to make sure that the brand did not sway the decision. It does give one something to think about. Now, this is a rare 3 star review of this product. Is it that the others are swayed by the reputation of a Martin guitar, or are they like one reviewer with a D28 from 1975, who can usually recognize when a Martin D28 is being played?

The Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar was born for bluegrass, but soft rock, country and folk artists are quite at home with this bit of intrumental artistry. This is not a guitar to let folks play willy-nilly. It needs to be out of the humidity as much as possible, since the solid wood used to create this guitar does get along well with moisture. A fine, protective case is a must and a guitar stand. Who throws around an instrument, which is $2100 on sale? As with all of the Martin line, the value remains on the D28. This is because it holds up quite well, over the years. There are those who purchased this Martin D28, after playing several guitars in this price range and nothing sounded like a Martin, but a Martin. This is definitely not a guitar to be purchased without playing. That will be the best way to determine if it is the right guitar for task at hand. Well, task in this instance means strumming beautiful tunes, but the meaning should be clear.

The Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar has been said to play better than more costly guitars of its class. Well, those who love a Martin will say that it is a guitar, which is in a class by itself. This is a guitar which is meant to be passed down. It holds up over time, with the proper care. Musicians have labeled it as a dear friend. It seems unlikely that most of the people who purchase the D28, have been hoodwinked by the Martin label. Still, the idea that the one reviewer had of playing blindfolded, then having the store clerk or a friend take down the ratings about each guitar and reading the notes afteward, is not a bad one. It is certainly best to take every precaution when making a purchase of this calibur. Even though the Martin D28 is simple in its visual design, it does have the option for a sunburst design, at an additional price. The endpiece and inlays are boltaron, some in black and some in white. The tuning machines are chrome encased. The fingerboard is solid black Ebony. The nut is of bone and the neck is low profile. The bells and whistles are not in the looks of this guitar, but in the construction.

One of the 4 star reviews spoke of the Martin D28 leaning toward the lower register as far as sound quality goes. Well, that is its design. Some who have purchased this guitar, have had some customer service issues. Wow, that seems unexpected for such a quality instrument. Still, that was no knock against the guitar itself. With the 5 star ratings, the con tends to be the price. That makes sense. It is a hefty chunk of someone’s budget. Overall, those who made this purchase have no regrets. The Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar has been described as a fine wine, that it gets better with age. Is that part of the design itself or the playing prowess of the guitarist? Supposedly, it is a bit of both.

The Martin D28 has been lauded as bringing joy to the guitarist and the audience. This is what a fine instrument is meant to do. This guitar was designed to take the focus off of the look of the guitar and put it squarely on the sound. Those who own this simple beauty, like it that way. There are some who would not mind a tad more flash, but it would seem that this guitar is not designed for that need. This is for the musician, who needs a quality strummer, which will become vintage one day. This is what the Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar is meant to do, and most accounts say that it succeeds.

Martin D28
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