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Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor Review

Makita has been living its aim to be one of the most trusted brands when it comes to new technology in the field of industrial equipment. It has come up with a new wave of equipment in the form of Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor Review. How does this new type of air compressor differ with other products produced with the same brand?
Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor
Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor Features

  • Folding handle
  • Rugged wheels
  • Storage compartment
  • Air hose wrap
  • 13.8 amps start up boost

Big Bore Compressor

Makita has this signature big bore tanks and piston to deliver maximum amount of air compression to operate heavy equipment. The size makes it possible to deliver strong pressure that you will highly need for a quick and better performance.


A visible difference of Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor and other Makita products is the portable features it comes with. The air compressor works with a handle for easy transport while on the job site. This device comes in wheels too so you do not have to carry the burden of this 88 pounds machine. On its sides, you will see hooks where you can hang tools that you are using on the job. It also contains different storage compartments to accommodate hand tools – a perfect addition to a rather heavy duty machine.

Easy Storage

One might ask, how can 29” x19” x19.50” air compressor fit for safe keeping? You just have not seen one of the special features of the air compressor. The handle that you will find helpful in transferring the machine might appear bulky but this is where the magic comes in. It is actually foldable making it easy for you to store the machine in any space available.

A Strong Boost to Start Working

Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor has prowess that is helpful in maintaining the extended life of the product. It does start up with a powerful 13.8 amps and 1800 watts to start with. This is enough power to heat up the machine without having to jeopardize its life. A pressure which is not compatible with the tank and the whole system can shoot down the power source and can even damage the machine. But with MAC5200, this is unlikely to happen given the specifications.

Noise Control

Makita has been working well enough to maintain its name. A good point of having to protect its credibility is that they have been striving to polish the operations of their products. Today, they have been working for a variety of industrial equipment with the capacity to maintain reduced noise level. Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor has been a part of the new system making it possible for the machine to work without having to mind the sound it creates. It has been a mark of heavy duty industrial equipment to produce noise while working. Why do you have to be patient hearing these machines when you have got a perfect partner that does not create sound at all? This system is possible because of the fact that it carries a big bore system and a 5 gallon tank which is enough to get rid of the noisy sounds.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor is run with an oil lubricated pump. This is said to maintain the performance of the machine. You may think that oil does harm to the machine since it does leave residues. But, the system of the air compressor is built with a filter to get rid of the occurrence of such incident.

Pros of Using Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

The use of the product brings you a lot of advantages. These things just define the real deal you will get out of buying a MAC5200.


  • Powerful energy start up for up 13.8 amps
  • A 5 gallon tank perfect to facilitate a powerful compression with reduced noise levels.
  • Engineered in a roll cage built to withstand harsh environment in the jobsite. This is also enough protection to enclose the whole thing while you are on the job where possible exposure to harsh things such as pointed industrial devices might come in contact with the machine.
  • Efficient energy use. Energy drawn from the source is used to bring out the best functions out of the machine.
  • Runs in an oil lubricated pump to hasten cooling down process and extend machine life.
  • Easy to handle. It runs in wheels making the process of transferring it from a place to another easy. Plus, it does have a handle that you can use to push the machine to anywhere work may require.
  • Easy to store. The handles shrouding the machine comes in foldable that you can easily fold when you do safe keeping.
  • Air hose wrap to maintain a tidy look on the machine’s appearance.
  • It comes with storage packets where you can put all the items you are to choose onsite. As you perform your task, you are expected to bring with you not only the air compression unit but also the equipment it will handle like those hand tools. Why not carry the burden when you can just put it inside the machine’s storage sites? This is especially great when you got a lot to handle.
  • It is made by a trusted brand Makita. This alone assures you that the device will last for long because of its durable make.
  • You do not have to run a lot of work in maintaining the machine because its oil lubricated system makes it stand the tests of time for years. An added bonus because you do not have to invest on another machine.

Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor is a great addition to Makita’s family of highly developed products. This is of great use in industrial sites where this machine comes in very handy. As it is armed with handle and wheels, transferring the machine and making use of it is such a plus. Durability of the machine is also a pro. It is indeed a great tool to have all the tasks done with ease.

Makita MAC5200
$349.00 from Amazon

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