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Makita BPB180Z Cordless Portable Band Saw Review

Makita is among the world class manufacturers and producers of high end power tools. The company also offers a selection of engineering accessories and applies innovative leading edge of power gears that are lighter, stronger, easier and much powerful to use. US Makita is situated in California and they operate in a widespread distribution of the network through the United States and abroad.

Makita BPB180Z Cordless Portable Band Saw has 18 volts of lithium-ion that gives metal cut power to job sites. This BPB180Z of Makita torque engine and compact design has less weight in range cut applications in diverse metal materials. As a complete enthusiast for devices, when I first saw the tool online that claims portability, at first I was having a second thought. But in contrast, Makita BPB180Z 18V lithium-ion hand band saw sports a different kind of motor and sets speed dial, yet it’s very user friendly. Truth is, with its light weight design for improved ergonomic and secure rubber bumper, it is obvious that this tool became the most wanted of most users. This portable cordless band saw has fitted LED lights to help you work your task even in dim lights.

Makita BPB180Z Cordless Portable Band Saw
Makita BPB180Z Cordless Portable Band Saw Product Features:

  • Makita’s-integrated motor offers quicker cutting with six settings of the different speed dial from 275 ft per min – 530 ft per min
  • An ergonomic and compact design of 14.1 pounds, to lessen fatigue for the user
  • It includes features like LED lights which are built-in to light up your working area
  • Makita Lithium-Ions LXT battery
  • Energy rated Star 30 Min fast optimal charger makes 430 percent of total life span work having 2.5 times more cycles
  • 3 years warranty for the tools

Makita Motor Engineered Building for a Versatile Power

Makita Cordless Portable Band Saw feature built in high motor torque and size settings for different speed dials that offers no load pace from 275 ft per min – 530 ft per min to cut metals through UNI STRUT, channel, all thread, conduit, corrugated, square tubing, sheet metals and a lot more. Adjustable foot secures material and offers positive support to give accurate cuts.

Compact and Ergonomic Size Design

Makita BPB180Z Cordless Portable Band Saw weighs around 14.1 pounds and its battery is bought separately, a solid design containing a length of 20-5/8 inches plus an ergonomic form which fits similar to a glove intended for lessened fatigue for the operator. This convenient device is equipped too with integrated LED that lights up the job site for more effective work and rubber bumper, along with removable hooks.

Versatile Designs for Range of Application

Makita Cordless Portable Band Saw appliance is powered for a selection of metal cut works, and it is ideal for metal fabrications, electrical, HVAC, metal building, plumbing, and some pro contractors who necessitate the most excellent engineered cordless handy band saw. This Makita cordless convenient band saw unit is another sample of Makita innovation and world class engineering.

Warranty for Makita Cordless Portable Band Saw

Each Makita power tool is being backed up by the company’s three year warranty which covers repairs made in some materials used with defects and workmanship for up to 3 years starting from the purchased date. The Makita lithium ions and charger is also backed up with one year warranty. You can go to their site for more details about this.

Makita BPB180Z Cordless Portable Band Saw Pros and Cons:

Makita Band Saw has a selection of benefits for the users. By simply understanding its specs and features, you can constantly state that the unit is truly helpful. Below are a few advantages of using Makita BPB180Z.


  • Makita BPB180Z is durable. It usually last for a long period of time with durable features.
  • It has an affordable price and even ordinary users can avail to buy the product.
  • It is very user friendly. Extremely simple to operate and does not include extreme procedures.
  • Damage parts may easily be fixed since it has accessible parts in tool shops.
  • It brings excellent cutting works all the time
  • It has a lot of power
  • Safe to use
  • Excellent design
  • Good grip
  • Good blades


  • Most of the complaints heard from various users deal with the precise usage of the appliance. Just like other tools, you can distinguish the operation of this device by simply reading the manual. This manual contains simple-to-do instructions to help you run the unit.
  • It needs a hard case than a bag.
  • It has poor blades.

Makita BPB180Z ranks second in the list of leading band saw in the market these days. However, it is among the finest option for cordless band saw so far. It has immense power of a cordless tool unlike the corded one, yet it offers excellent features and quality. The life span of its battery is great and provides enduring power while using the Makita cordless device. Among the factors that most people like about the Makita BPB180Z reviews are the convenience of usage and its amazing design. Basically, you can bring this device anywhere when you need it.

Keep in mind that this cordless and handy saw are used in cutting anything particularly chunky materials. Among the most excellent cordless handy band saw tool is with Makita BP180Z. In addition to that, this tool is heavy duty and offers strokes for easy use. Makita Cordless Portable Band Saw tool is used to cut irregular shapes and has anti-slip features for durability. Makita BP180Z is compact, lightweight, and versatile. It’s durable and reasonably good. It has fast changed blade features and non slip clasp. It makes use of 18 volt motor charger.

Makita Cordless Portable Band Saw BP180Z is produced in such manner that it’s being resourceful. Not only precise and accurate cuts are obtained, but also it lessens the chance to injure the operator due to the protective features of the product. Because of this powerful tool, cutting was made easier and faster, it’s one cutting edge solution for cordless power tool devices from Makita series. It also has a lot of benefits that you’ll surely like.

You can buy the best deals for Makita BPB180Z Cordless and Portable band saw over the internet. Amazon sites have a listing of all Makita products to give you ease in your cutting needs. Online shopping too gives you the advantage of using promos through coupons and sales. You can find a lot these amazing Makita tools in the market these days. You can also utilize it in several projects and jobs. Cordless and handy band saw simply is a powerful device that you never thought will complete your job with ease.

Makita BPB180Z
$308.99 from Amazon

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