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Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, the benefit is yours with Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill. This is one drill which can perform superior functions. Looking at its appearance may not leave you with the idea that it can perform various operations. This is because it comes with a compact size. Actually, this poses its strength as its size brings a lot of benefit on the part of the user. There is a lot to know about the device before you could actually decide on buying one.
Makita BHP454
Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill Features

  • Variable 2 speed all metal transmission at 0-400 / 0-1, 700 RPM
  • Makita built 4 pole maximum torque motor
  • Compact design
  • Can handle concrete, wood or metal
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Light weight at 4.9 pounds
  • Only 9-9/16 inches in length
  • Shift lock drive system
  • 2 built in LED lights
  • Rugged tool belt clip
  • Energy Star rated
  • 30 minute optimum charging
  • Operates with the use of a Lithium Ion battery
  • Comes with a protective case

Ergonomic Design, Extreme Performance

It is noted that Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill comes in with a size that will fit just right on your hands. This drill can actually be seen as one of the smallest of its kind as it only extends up to 9 inches. You will be amazed of its weight too because it only has total of 4.9 pounds. Considering these figures may leave you the doubt if this drill can do heavy duty work but the truth is that it does.

It comes with a powerful motor with 4 pole maximum torque. This strong hold will enable the user to finish every task and every surface to tackle. In fact, it can stand the strong resistance of concrete and metal surfaces. Count the wood surfaces too.

An added advantage is that though the operations come to be performed for long hours, the device can just work to perform the task completely. The user will find it easy to complete the task too no matter how long it would be. This drill weighs a total of 4.9 pounds. This can be considered a plus since it comes to be lighter than its other competitors making it easy to perform the tasks that take a lot of time to finish. One can also work comfortably using the device. The handle per se is designed ergonomically to provide comfort to the users. Working for long hours will never really strain the hands of the user.

Makita has never taken its part in bringing users the convenience of its use. In fact, it has built in LED lights that are installed to illuminate the work area of the user. The user has nothing to worry about when it comes to the lighting conditions of the working area for it does have its very own lighting to make the operation a lot easier.

Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill comes to operate with the use of a battery. This makes it work flexibly in any working condition. You do not have to mind power outlets too because a 30 minute battery charging is enough to leave the battery full ready for any operation.

Advantages of using Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill

  • It comes with a powerful motor.
  • It can handle tough operations including drilling concrete and metal surfaces.
  • It has a stable torque that can finish every task in no time.
  • Charging time is just fast that it can leave the battery full in a matter of 30 minutes.
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle to provide comfort to the user when operation takes long hours to finish.
  • This comes in super lightweight at only 4.9 pounds. Using the device will not hurt the user’s arms that much.
  • Comes in cordless which mean that you do not have to deal with cords.
  • As long as the device has battery, it is sure to provide uninterrupted power to make sure that every task is done smoothly.
  • Compact design. A device that looks as small as this has all the features stuffed in.
  • There are LED lights supplying illumination for the work area. One can greatly work no matter what the lighting condition is.
  • It is Energy Star rated which means that it consumes just enough power for its operations. Save up on your electric bill as it comes to make use of lesser power. You have got to share with the environmental friendly deals too.
  • It has a tool belt clip which tucks the tools in place ready for use.
  • Comes with a warranty to support your needs should there be problems at hand.
  • Comes in a durable construction which extends the life of the device.
  • Creating holes by drilling can be done in a fast manner as it can work and reach up to 1700 rpm. No matter how strong the resistance is, this drill is sure to have it done in a fast paced manner.
  • Comes with a protective case that lets the device ready for storage.
  • The user is not affected by fluctuating power as it is never connected to a power outlet.

Disadvantages of using Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill

  • It runs in battery operated which demands the user to prepare a couple of batteries at hand to maintain its functions.
  • Buying extra battery will mean an added expense on the part of the user.

Makita is a trusted name in terms of industrial devices. Makita BHP454 Cordless Hammer Drill is one of its most boasted products which deliver performance effectively. Though it may have overwhelming features, it does not actually add up with its weight. This is truly a compact device which is smaller than other drills of its kind. It also weighs less which poses a difference. Making use of the product for longer hours would actually be of ease. There are still a lot to discover about this product and the only way to find out if it sits you best is to buy one. Rest assured you will get the value over your money.

Makita BHP454
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